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Marathon: Istoria is a single-player RPG scenario set in the Marathon universe and designed for the Aleph One engine. It pushes the engine to its limits by using advanced character progression, combat, and storytelling.

Customize your character by choosing from seven different player classes, each with their own unique active and passive abilities. Decide which conventional weapons you want to specialize in, and make use of a brand new arsenal of spells. Explore Istoria while discovering its secrets and how you fit in the world through a combination of terminals and communicating with the recently deceased. Istoria features an original soundtrack by Jon Irons.

Notes for version 1.0:
  • Initial release.

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Screenshot titled "It's a long line to the NEFXpo event, and you have to yell and shove to get around it."

In this new NEFX scenario shell for Marathon Aleph One, you're a pedestrian trying to get past a crowd of other pedestrians to get to the exit, in part by yelling and shoving. But no one can die, so be patient, persevering, and careful about where, when, and how you shove and yell.

Notes for version 2023-10-16:

Today I added one new map for Marathon: BOBJam, "How Originary Understandings Get Re-Reached". This can be downloaded individually or with other maps or the scenario itself at the provided link.

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A zip file version of the old 3D Examples from the early days of Aleph One. Includes a plugin containing 3D models of columns and lights, and two maps for trying it out. Files originally created by "binhqx", and still available in .sit form here

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An incomplete scenario that was the prequel to Marathon: Dave (mainly known as Dave demo).

Please read the text document that comes with.

Notes for version 1.0:

1.0 - First time being released to the public besides the other versions for TBCROnline.

This requires the shapes and sounds from MPiD beta. I put them in the download so you'll already have them on hand if you didn't already have them.

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NEFX Mods 2023-11-25

Adminn_1 on 11/26/2023

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Thank you for playing NEFX Marathon Modifications. Among these are scripts and physics either for multiplayer, single player, or both. More may be added over time in future versions, so look out.

What do these do?

"Aperture in Tank Myopia"

This means you cannot turn or look up or down, but are always facing straight ahead as you move. See how you kill each other with this ridiculous shared handicap!

"Armagolem Hellspell Worldstakes"

This mod meant mainly for netplay makes all your weapons shoot out bouncing simulacrum BOBs that hone in on your target. Note that (1) the firing patterns of your weapons are the same, meaning that you can use your fists to summon simulacrums even if you're out of ammo, faster-firing weapons will yield simulacrums at a faster rate, shotguns will shoot them out in clusters, etc. Note also that these simulacrums will not function exactly like the normal ones and may explode sooner than wanted, but their bouncing means that you can get them across chasms depending on the location and angle that you shoot them at. It's your armies against your opponents'!

"As the Dream Seeps Into and Dissolves You"

This turns all textures into landscape ones.

"Betrothing to the Forgotten Root of Potentiate"

This means you are permanently equipped with only a single pistol with unlimited ammunition and no way to dual-wield. This can make for some very interesting net games as you all learn to make do with what is probably the least-used multiplayer fighting option in Marathon history, even below fists. You will become a better player this way and make laughs along the way.

"Binary Switch Runs of Destiny"

You start out with unlimited ammo for all weapons, but you can only use whatever weapon you run over.

"Bringing All Back to the Raw Cult"

This script "flattens" levels into something reminiscent of Wolfenstein 3D (albeit less blocky). Specifically, it makes all floor heights 0, all ceiling heights 1, and all platform heights 0. It also makes all liquids in the level into rapid floors conveyors like you've come to know in NEFX maps. This can make for a new, interesting, and funny multiplayer experience, but may render many singleplayer levels unbeatable, mainly due to issues with platforms.


No one can turn, so you're stuck facing forward the whole time.

"Chains of Counteradaptation"

This mod is mainly meant for netplay and you will have to turn on Aliens for it to work. It turns all monster classes into identical large column scenery objects that move around. They can't hurt you and you can't hurt them, but they sure can get in the way of players, so watch out and use that to your advantage to trap your enemies.

"Chainsnipe Celebration Infinite Crafter"

This makes it so all your weapons shoot a different kind of scenery that flies across and sticks where it lands on the wall. Different firing modes shoot different scenery too. This can be good if you want to decorate a place, and especially if you want to have a more relaxing and funny game with other players.

"Collidescoop Summoner"

Meant mainly for multiplayer deathmatch, this turns every polygon into a teleporter. Teleporters in maps generally default to the same location, so this is a way to gather all players together into one spot to duke it out with each other in close quarters all at once. Try this in an 8-player game for total hilarity. Note that in some maps the teleporter will just take you out of the level.

"Current Prison & the Myriad Deceit"

All items are mines in this one, so the way to win is to avoid them and try to rack up points against your enemies with your fist or pistol. Good luck!

"Forcefielder Global Gambit"

This mod is mainly intended for netplay and you will need to turn on Aliens for it to work. It replaces all monster classes with identical large column scenery objects that don't move. You can't hurt them and they can't hurt you -- they can't even move -- but they sure can get in players' way, so be on the lookout and use that to your advantage to trap your enemies.

"Funneled Spatial Remembrance"

This kills and taunts you if you try to save, recharge, access a terminal, or activate the automap. This is the real "Adminn_1's Challenge" to help you train for maximum Vidmaster runs!

"Global Omnilode Onus - The Wire"

This is a multiplayer game mode in which whoever collects the most items wins. Each item you pick up gives you one point. An interesting thing about this is that items tend to respawn en masse after a player dies, meaning it further helps not only to kill others but also yourself!

"Motherlode Overquench"

Everyone gets all weapons and ammunition from the start. There's probably already a script like this out there, but I figured I'd put one with the other NEFX ones too.

"Obscura in the Celestial Gaze"

All players are always stuck looking up at a 30-degree angle, so you have to somehow get under your enemy to hit them.

"Play Pretexts to New Awareness"

This modifies the fists to drop infinite bouncing bombs that detonate upon settling, modifies grenades to be landmines, and modifies the rocket launcher to fire more explosives in a faster and honing fashion (albeit with one shot per clip).

"Precarious Keeping of the Sigil Code Keys"

You spawn with all weapons, but lose them every time you run over their ammo.

"Realization Through Ensnarement"

In tribute to known historical NEFX practice and reference thereof by many Marathon community members, this script-and-physics combo randomly generates columns that block your way in a level. You can easily adjust the number of columns you want (enemy players) to deal with in the script. The columns are actually Tiny Pfhor that were modded to look and behave like columns -- stationary, completely idle, and not damaged by anything.

"Shapers Transforming Placemeaning By Piece"

This makes it so all your weapons spawn a different kind of scenery right in front of you. Different firing modes shoot different scenery too. This can be good if you want to decorate a place, and especially if you want to have a more relaxing and funny game with other players.

“Spectrallax of Dooming Possibility”

This makes all weapons work under liquid as they would above liquid and makes all monsters fly. This is good for net maps taking place mostly or entirely under liquid such as NEFX will later produce, where you can basically have “flying” deathmatches or survivalmatches, and thus helps to expand the combat possibilities of Marathon.

"Stalactice-Bound Freefinders"

Meant mainly for netplay, this makes every map entirely underwater and equips every player with an SMG with unlimited ammo. See how much more open-ended and freaky maps get when you can swim everywhere!

"The False Promise of Conditioned Currency"

Don't step on items or you'll lose points. It's up to you whether the points you'll get from killing your enemy with the supplies you pick up will offset the cost of picking up the supplies.

“The Full Rounding of Age-Old Collective Drives”

Since the pistols and fists don’t really find use in net games most of the time except for self-challenging purposes, this disables both and replaces them with a fusion pistol of unlimited shots (technically 12,241 per the seeming allowed maximum on ShapeFusion, but you’ll surely die before you run out) -- a "starting blaster" if you will, reminiscent of games like Quake II or Unreal I. See how threatening the invinciwimpsi are now!

"The New Paradigm When the Upper Crust is Removed"

You know how players in netgames usually go right to the shotguns and rocket launcher? Well, this script removes those exact weapons so that everyone has to rely on everything else to get their kills.

"Timeframes Decision Nodes"

This starts all players off with full 3-layer shields, but the shields go down at recharger speed until they reach 0 and you blow up. Make your time and resources count!

"Through the Oblvision"

Meant mainly for multiplayer deathmatch, this makes any map you launch completely underwater with a fairly strong current in one direction. Naturally you will incline towards this direction and move faster if you move with the current, whereas you will move slower if going against the current. See how this changes the way a map and deathmatch flows (heh).

"Victory of Absurdist Balance By Inwardness"

This starts you immediately with a never-ending shield charge, and you will die if you reach full triple-bar (purple) shields. This will make for an interesting net game as all players have to preoccupy themselves with finding ways based on their environment, position, equipment, etc, to die the least amount of times by constantly damaging themselves enough (without going too far). Keep in mind that you can still technically kill others, or at least incapacitate them in such a way that they can't damage themselves fast enough to avoid dying.

"Wargame Gamechanger Pinpoint Changes"

This mod is mainly meant for netplay and you will have to turn on Aliens for it to work. It turns all monster classes into identical large column scenery objects that rapidly teleport between nearby spots. They can't hurt you and you can't hurt them, but they sure can get in the way of players, so watch out and use that to your advantage to trap your enemies. In this one you might suddenly have one appear in front of you.


-Adminn_1 [NEFX]

Notes for version 2023-11-25:

Today I added 10 new mods. These can be downloaded individually or together with others at the provided link. They are:

"Armagolem Hellspell Worldstakes" "Chains of Counteradaptation" "Chainsnipe Celebration Infinite Crafter" "Collidescoop Summoner" "Forcefielder Global Gambit" "Shapers Transforming Placemeaning By Piece" "Stalactice-Bound Freefinders" "The New Paradigm When the Upper Crust is Removed" "Through the Oblvision" "Wargame Gamechanger Pinpoint Changes"

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This is an old scenario from long ago, here for your convenience. Made with bits from the orphanage and a dormant map from adam ahswell's hard drive. All you need is a clean copy of the marathon basics, no custom pieces.

Notes for version 1.1:

updated the terminals to be spelled correctly.

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Stand-alone game

Notes for version .36:

Fixed gamma bug (nuclear) Bettered main menu text (LESS chance of cut-off, recommended setting is still 1024+)

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Henseler´s Hell a map by RealRainman

Henseler´s Hell is the first and only "Marathon map" I made back in 1997. I tried to develop a detailed storyline that, although based on the familiar "I guide you through the action" concept, comes up with surprising twists and a couple of neat tricks that pushes even the experienced player to his limits. I wanted to include a lot of cool graphics (watch out for the terminals !) , and the biggest battlebot that the "Marathon" world has ever seen (I guess) !

Believe me, I used ALL the polygons,objects and entities that are possible to use in "Forge".

Notes for version 02:

Sorry guys, forgot about the fact that I uploaded here! A nice guy by the name of Greg (somehow) got in contact with me and pointed out the missing terminal pics! The HENSELER´S HELL map-file must have been corrupted years ago by copying it to a PC-file server. I was able to retrieve the original map file and it has all the terminal artwork included (which is important at some point in the story, visual hints etc.). Have fun! cheers, RealRainman

2,306 downloads, 2 reviews, 4 screenshots, 3.5 rating

Stand-alone Marathon game. Windows version.

Notes for version .36:

Fixed the gamma bug.

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Chains of Dreams 1.0

Destiny on 08/29/2012

Screenshot titled "outside area"

A short solo map which was originally meant to be for KTA IV, but got a bit too big for the requirement, so instead of going to waste I finished it.

This will be the first time where I've used all the tools required to make a map with Aleph One.

Notes for version 1.0:

1.0 - Initial release

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Rough maps 1.11

Skullcrusher on 09/18/2010

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These are rough maps, not really meant to be played together, but separately just for fun. Note: Maze and Friendly Fire Central look similar because they were originally same map. FF is more carnage based.

Notes for version 1.11:

Tiny thing

1,839 downloads, 4 reviews, 4 screenshots, 3.2 rating

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Dissent scenario by Thomas Reed. Modified for Aleph One by Mark (no last name).


Notes for version v1.2:

from the readme:

Users must have Aleph One 0.16 or higher. "Marathon Dissent.bin" in the read me folder can be decoded (.bin file) and used with the the decoded (.bin) Image and Map files in classic. The look and feel of the game should be the same. The mml scripts are for text strings and opengl code.

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Seven Shades of Wraith 1.02

Zott on 10/09/2021

Screenshot titled "Everybody loves fire"

A one-level scenario where the player must seek out and punch the seven pumpkin beacons while avoiding Shades, Wraiths, and the occasional Pfhor.

Includes plugin that must be enabled for scenario to work properly.

Volume Warning: screamer.

Notes for version 1.02:

Embedded Increased Dynamic Limits back to Aleph One 1.0 amounts.

Fixed glow mask artifacts with fire sprites.

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Jack Hammer Beta 2013

ellio7t on 10/17/2013

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Public beta

14 levels spread over three paths.

Rubicon X highly suggested.

Notes for version 2013:

Now with "more better"! (Still some suck included, as I haven't worked on it in almost a year. Pretty sure its as done as it will ever be.)

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I created these maps between 2000 - 2003. They have been uploaded before in a similar format. This pack adds one large solo map. I'm not sure about all this new fangled stuff you got here so you might need to tweak them a bit to work.

Notes for version 2:

Not sure what happened to the original; if it's still floating around somewhere. This is the new version.

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Screenshot titled "The Docks"

Heretical Cyborg is VikingBoyBilly's first complete single player map. It is also customized for co-operative play. It is modeled after the first map of Heretic, E1M1 "The Docks," and is an attempt at remaking a Doom-engine map into the Marathon Infinity Engine.

It started off as an entry for Kill Them All: Volume IV, but the polygon count went up too high. Instead of letting it go to waste, here is this completed standalone map for you to play.

Notes for version 1.2:

Following a lot of suggestions from Ryoko and Brilliant, the shading has been enhanced, textures have been re-aligned, the architecture of the dock has been remade (the posts were missing before), and scenery has been added, with l'howon cylinders as a 'barrel' substitute.

1,998 downloads, 7 reviews, 1 screenshot, 2.7 rating

The first in a series of solo mini-scenarios on the UESC Kolokotronis. Your feedback is appreciated.

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Lava Fight .sceA

The Cool Guy on 10/08/2011

Don't fall into the lava

Notes for version .sceA:

Like I said don't fall into the lava

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Fart Or Die! 1.3.5

dustu on 09/22/2015

Screenshot titled "Quiet Before the Storm"

NOTE: Many changes have gone into this game to address the two reviews. With over 900 downloads, I'd appreciate a review from someone else. Please? Many many updates to add pillars, stairs, transparency, different goals, etc. When this was originally reviewed, there were only 4 levels! Please review if you downloaded it.


Fart or Die! is a 9-level game that uses hidden areas, terminals, switches, teleports, and more!

As a beginner, I struggled to figure out how to create switches, terminals, platforms, stairs, circles (use circle plugin around a line), uplink chips, exits and terminal variants with multiple actions. I also could not figure out how to add motion or depth to water, lava, or sewage. All that works now and is included in this game.

I am not an expert map maker by any means (more a newb) but this map contains a lot of commonly used elements for map makers and may help some newbs.

NOTE: I am not a super mapping pro and my levels are much less complex than others on here…but it is that complexity that made it hard for me to learn by studying other maps. I hope this set of maps helps someone new on here. This is NOT an advanced mapping tutorial. It is meant to help you get over the hump.

Having said all that, it is also fun to play and I enjoyed making it. While the levels are not too complex, they are challenging and require you to follow game strategy to move from one level to another. :) If you play the game at the hardest level, you will find it difficult to complete. :)

Let me know if you like it. I'm in the pfhorums as dustu and on live games as dustu.

NOTE: I have addressed most, if not all, of the comments by reviewers on here and in the forums.

If you download this, please review it.


Notes for version 1.3.5:

Minor bug fixes.

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Perry Arena 1.0.2

jstea on 09/20/2009

Screenshot titled "Map"

Perry Arena is my first map released to the public. It's packed full of carnage and uses the sewage texture set. M2 compatible. There are aliens and bobs for solo fun.

Notes for version 1.0.2:

Changed some sounds and monster parameters to improve flow.

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