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Screenshot titled "This will probably be a little harder than the original."

An incomplete scenario that was the prequel to Marathon: Dave (mainly known as Dave demo).

Please read the text document that comes with.

Notes for version 1.0:

1.0 - First time being released to the public besides the other versions for TBCROnline.

This requires the shapes and sounds from MPiD beta. I put them in the download so you'll already have them on hand if you didn't already have them.

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Chains of Dreams 1.0

Destiny on 08/29/2012

Screenshot titled "First inside area"

A short solo map which was originally meant to be for KTA IV, but got a bit too big for the requirement, so instead of going to waste I finished it.

This will be the first time where I've used all the tools required to make a map with Aleph One.

Notes for version 1.0:

1.0 - Initial release

2,480 downloads, 3 reviews, 2 screenshots, 3.3 rating

A Netpack v1.0

Destiny on 02/10/2011

Screenshot titled "We're waiting for the boxes"

My first netpack. It includes 4 netmaps. Maps are good for 2-4 player games. The netpack includes the following:

1)Mr. Roger's battle world 2)Playing, at night 3)Battle at Hill 21 4)We're waiting for the boxes

Map 4 was a Rubicon netmap. I retextured it so it can be played in Marathon Infinity.

Notes for version v1.0:


2,405 downloads, 4 reviews, 4 screenshots, 3.0 rating

Dave demo v0.2

Destiny on 08/06/2010

This'll be my first thing ever posted online. 9 level demo no pictures yet or chapter art. All made with old Marathon tools. Please rate and comment and tell me what else should be in it. btw this is for M1A1 for people who don't want their computers to crash!

Notes for version v0.2:

Fixes some errors. Adds enforcers to alien level. Addes a 9th level.

2,453 downloads, 8 reviews, 0 screenshots, 2.1 rating

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Thank you Marathon TROJAN

Destiny on Sep 11th, 2020, Version 1.0

I have wanted to replay this scenario for so long. One of my most favorite TCs for Marathon. Now I can finally hear the music again and experience this scenario once more. Good job.

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My Opinion Marathon Infinity Multiplayer Enhancement Pack

Destiny on Feb 4th, 2013, Version 1.0

I had to wait a whole weekend before I got the chance to test this out. Today, I grabbed it along with TK's latest netpack on the first page along with the Survival script to test it out in my own way. Here's what I thought:

I was kinda expecting more. Sure, taking the delays of changing weapons is really nice, but as to the overall change of the weapons... yeah...

When I saw that the recoil to the pistol had been decreased to 0, for some reason, I thought it was gonna become some awesome pistol where I could easily empty an entire clip. Sadly, I was mistaken. It still felt like the same pistol, though, I managed to kill a major trooper from afar, which was pretty neat.

I'm glad someone did something to improve the fusion pistol! Finally, it can be used somewhat in combat without getting you killed. Granted, I used it in solo, so...

I was annoyed when I first used the grenade launcher. What happened to being able to kill a fighter with a single grenade on normal!? Come on! As for the main part of the AR, I saw no real difference.

I have mixed feelings about the SMG being changed to a sniper rifle. Sure, it was neat in Yota Saga and RtM, but it takes too long to reload, so your pretty much screwed if you miss, which is likely to happen with everyone running around like crazy in multiplayer.

As for the rest of the weapons (never got the chance to use the alien weapon), I saw no difference. There was, and I know that, but I didn't see it because it was subtle enough.

Overall: glad someone tried doing something different, which is why I'll give it three stars. One because it's required, one for doing a good job with the fusion pistol (although the energy drain aspect was a little weird, but I'll let it side), and the last one for doing SOMETHING. I'm tired of only seeing netmaps/netpacks on the main page.

Thank you for your contribution to the community. I would like to see what else you can do, JohannesG.

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Dumb AND awful! Killed By Them All

Destiny on Oct 1st, 2012, Version

Title says it all.

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FINALLY! A solo map! Heretical Cyborg

Destiny on Mar 8th, 2012, Version 1.2

It's about time someone uploaded a new solo map!

Although it was taken from something else, and it has some of the flaws that TK mentioned in his review, it was nice to play something different for once.

Three stars!

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I finally get to playing this... Marathon Aeon

Destiny on Dec 19th, 2011, Version 1.9a

I've been a little late about getting a review for this and playing the lattest beta version. Taking time off of replaying Rubicon X, I downloaded the most recent version to Aeon to see if this was any good.

First of all, I would like to thank Dugit for putting music to his scenario. I've played way to many maps that did not have any music. I perfer music over background sound. The music selection was interesting. I's a nice change from the original and remixes of the Marathon soundtrack.

Next thing to cover is the difficulty. Before I got my chance to play the beta, I thought to myself that this was going to be an easy one. Boy, was I wrong about that. Theres enough old and new difficult enemies to pack a starship! It explains why theres so much ammo everywhere. I'd hate to be the one that trys playing this on Total Carnage. The enforcers, upgraded cyborgs, better aiming troopers, and S'pht are already a pain in the neck on normal (not that I can't handle'em). They may be as colorful as a clown, but they're as nasty as barney on steroids!

The mapping and texturing in the beta was amazing! I saw so many curves that I wished I knew how to do that. Spaceships were cool, the planet areas incredibley spacious, the shading very realistic, and so many other surprises. I'm kinda surprised that this is only a beta.

The alien weapon was pretty cool as blue. I not sure which one is better: the original purple, or the new Aeon blue.

The whole story, I didn't really pay attention to. It may have helped to read the terminals, because when I got to the latter section of the beta, I got really confused. At first, Bob is your friend and the Pfhor, of course, is your enemy. It's what everyone expects. Then, this Jjaro symbol dude beams me off a level and I lose all my weapons. After running through a map without anyone around, I get to the next level, only to find out that BoB is not a friend, and there are some grayish versions of Pfhor and BoB that are apparently my friends (ugh...). Jumping through the levels with the level start cheat (kept dying from BoB and the S'pht Kr on the first level when they aren't friendly), I now get BoB back as an ally, and now both the Pfhor and gray copies are enemies. But thats not all! Now theres Durandal on the side!

Over all (I'm going to HAVE to replay this and read the computers next time) this is a great scenario. It's very unique from other ones. Everybody that hasn't checked this beta out, should. It's a good one.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta get back to my starship. I still have several scenarios to play (some to replay), A1 tools that one day will be downloaded and there manuals read, and I think I see Irons over there. I don't think that rocket launcher he has is a gift. I may have a SBR-23, but Irons can probley plant those rockets on the ground quicker than I can get his head in my sights.

Five stars.

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Destiny on Feb 26th, 2011, Version 3.0

Irons... Why is this only a readme?

Better yet, why does this have 507 downloads, for just a readme?!

@wrk: I wouldn't look at TBCRonline for the time being...

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Different... The Pfhor of Us are Dying

Destiny on Feb 22nd, 2011, Version 1.0

Quiet different than most netmaps I've soloed through. It needs improvement in a lot of areas such as: more space to move around in, better texturing and lighting, and object placement.

Also there were no monsters for me to kill! :(

Though, either way, it was an alright start for a first file to be uploaded into the vast world of the Marathon community.

Space, the final frontier... -Star Trek

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An alright netmap My Pants Are on Fire

Destiny on Feb 22nd, 2011, Version

Suppose this is a good start. Though, I died a lot of times trying to do this in solo. Why I died: I had my difficulty set to Total Carnage.

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Really really cool!! Marathon : Freedom (Win)

Destiny on Nov 19th, 2010, Version .36

Awesome game! The first mission isn't easy but hey nothing should be. Is there only 3 missions? I want more missions to play!

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Alright start Rough maps

Destiny on Sep 18th, 2010, Version 1.11

Reminded me a bit like KTA with all the monsters. 3rd map was BIG! I didn't know you could make it that big. Texturing is poor. Try to do better.

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This is a joke The Jokerzzz

Destiny on Sep 18th, 2010, Version 1

Caverns redone was a joke. There was a lava spot in the water! A1 crashed on 2nd map.

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This isn't going well... Armed Goblins

Destiny on Sep 16th, 2010, Version 1.0

All you did was make all the guns have more ammo. Anybody could do that. You should try to do something different. From the looks of what is happening a lot of people are getting angry. They like to see their stuff on the front page. You keep putting physics models out that anybody could make. You should try to make a scenario and use the physics with it. If you don't stop making physic models this may grow to be worse. HEED THE WARNING! EDIT: They ike to see good or interesting things on the front page.

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EH HEH HEH HEH!!! Madness

Destiny on Sep 9th, 2010, Version 1.0

Boy was that fun!!!! Mudball pistols, drone bolt flamer, assualt rifle with shotgun attach! I loved it! I thought I should mention this, the fusion pistol is capable of teleporting you and another object in somewhere else. I shot the major fusion s'pht bolt at a s'pht and I pretty much bounced into the MALC cell. Are you going to only make physic models? It would be quiet fun to play these physics in a scenario.

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! Crashinetors

Destiny on Sep 9th, 2010, Version 1.0

What the hell is with you people! Shooting this guy down and saying his stuff is trash! Yeah theres plenty of physics like this but still! Why don't you guys give him a chance? Everybody has made something that didn't work very well! Every file that is or isn't uploaded is speical to that creators heart! Everything is special in their own way! You guys think your all better but your not! We're all special in are own ways! This is just his second file! If we shoot every file down and scare off every person what will happen to this communtiy?! STOP THE SHOOTING DOWN!!!!

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BOOM! Crashinetors

Destiny on Sep 4th, 2010, Version 1.0

Grabed all the guns and blasted a bunch of aliens. Quiet refreshing. Ever thought of putting these into actual scenarios?

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Pretty pictures! XD 3D Examples Pack

Destiny on Sep 3rd, 2010, Version

Shame it doesn't work on my version of Aleph One. Still like the pictures.

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Odd.... Cool i guess

Destiny on Aug 31st, 2010, Version 1.2

Shotguns shot s'hpt bolts, flamer shot seeking bolts, the rifle basicly was a flamer for close and far range. The smg had drone bolts. Very different and orignal! Keep up the work!

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Nice map! Under Veil of Night

Destiny on Aug 31st, 2010, Version v1.0

For a first map it's pretty good! Though I had a problem of seeing I can just run around. Keep making maps!

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Wow.... Kill Them All III: The Complete Masterworks

Destiny on Aug 28th, 2010, Version 1.10

I really liked this! So much that I want to play it again! There was SO much killing that it was sorta funny how they were all dying off. I wonder if there will be another KTA...

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Pretty good Deus Volt!

Destiny on Aug 27th, 2010, Version 0.1

I think it's pretty good. It actually kept me interested! Very nice looking and hope for the full version to it!

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Nice job. M1A1: "History" Netpack Vol. 1

Destiny on Aug 19th, 2010, Version 1.0

Keep up the good work.

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wheres the end? M1A1: Night on the Town... (Solo)

Destiny on Aug 17th, 2010, Version 1.0

I ran around, killed everything, got the stuff, but I didn't find the end. Would of been nice if there was some type of goal and end. Liked the lighting affects. EDIT: My M1 demo is better than this. =P

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Destiny on Aug 3rd, 2010, Version 1.03

The drones didn't seem to work out with this version of A1, whatever. You did help me to fly! I always wanted to fly in Marathon! Look at me go! weeee!!!!!!!!

EDIT: Wasn't using physics model given. They're working now with it.

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Destiny on Aug 3rd, 2010, Version 1.1.0

Kill things here, kill things there, kill things everywhere! So much action yet I die a lot. I thought the seeking s'pht kr shots were bad now they shoot faster non seeking ones.This is a really hard game. I give 4 stars!

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wth... The caverns

Destiny on Aug 1st, 2010, Version 2.2

And what was really the point of the map? Yeah I give it 2 stars for the rocky cavern cause it's pretty neat but it was really short! I wanna see something bigger!

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Awesome! MPiD Beta

Destiny on Jul 19th, 2010, Version

I always wanted to play the full version to PID and this is the closest I'll get to playing PID. I really like this a lot and hope for the full version to come soon!

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NICE! The President's Edited Eternal Shapes

Destiny on Jul 18th, 2010, Version 3.0

Getting a bit closer to using Eternal with co-op now!