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Headshots 1.0

irons on 04/19/2024

Screenshot titled "a boy"

ok fine guys literally every child who starts playing this cur

sed game. they wnat jumping and headshots, sometimes crouching. like it ruins their lifes if those things are missing. wow cool why are you evn

playing mararthon?

well anyway someome recently asked AGAIN about headshots and i swore there was a scrip here somewhere but 5 s

econds of searching got me nothing i tried head, shot, headshot searchterms.

i gotta assume it just doesn't exist the technology is to advanced too people to undersand. ok

merry chismas! heres headshots now play it for a few minutes then realize you should of played a newer game in the fist place ok bye


it works in solo&networkgames

Notes for version 1.0:

First version. Customizable through specific variables. Hopefully the last version. P.S. I never tested in net games lol

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Screenshot titled "What will it take?"

In this new scenario shell from NEFX, solve platform puzzles to reach the Shells of Ascension and escape.

Notes for version 2024-04-18:

The scenario shell is completed, with one level so far. I intend to release more levels in the future to be played in any order wished.

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Screenshot titled "Once more...with feeling."

Eupfhoria - Marathon Soundtrack Remake

Eupfhoria is a fully re-instrumented and re-scored soundtrack mod for the first Marathon. This replacement tries to remaster the original soundtrack while retaining the original feel. It IS the tracks you know and love, as it's based off the original MIDI files. Most tracks should fuller and more atmospheric, hopefully a bit like Marathon's younger brother, Halo.

To see if this is for you without downloading, you can stream it all here: Eupfhoria - Full Album Stream

Installation is simple, just replace your Music folder found in the Marathon directory. Backup your original folder if you want to go back to the originals.

NOTE: Don't use this for your first playthrough. Really. This is for people who've played through it before and want a new experience. Updating those pesky textures is one thing, but save this for your second playthrough.

Notes for version 1.1:

Updated files to work with all versions of AlephOne. Simply replace the files in your Music folder of Marathon 1 with the files in this link.

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Screenshot titled "Strange Aeons"

An original fan soundtrack for Marathon Infinity, composed by Talashar. Featuring themes from Marathon, Halo, and M2SE. This won't just be a mashup of themes you know though, levels and character have been given their own themes to provide a new dimension to the game. Experience Infinity in a whole new way. Based on Treellama's M2SE plugin.

Preview my music here:

Note that Electric Sheep levels are silent, many levels have silence at the end of tracks for level ambience to take the stage, and some are also delayed in playing. This is intended. Each level has been assigned specific tracks to emphasize narrative beats, emotional highlights, atmosphere, and overall vibe.

Recommended volume levels are 100% Master, 70% Music.

If you run into any issues with this plugin, I can be found in the Marathon Discord as @throkgaar.


Notes for version High Quality Update:

Slight tweaks to timing and higher quality .ogg files with Metadata.

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plugin for terminals to not work anymore

it breaks them

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Iris 1.1

Vice on 04/10/2024

Screenshot titled ""

Play as a replicant designed by Lysander.

Project Iris is a Rubicon scenario which will likely never be finished.

It features two full-fledged levels and a transition level.

Violet is arguably the best map I've ever made and I am happy to share it for others to enjoy. The level is meant to take place halfway through the story, so expect in medias res-style terminals.

Additional notes:

  • Your unarmed secondary is a "kick" with major knockback.

  • You will need Rubicon X to play this scenario. Make sure to follow the instructions I've included in the zip.

Notes for version 1.1:
  • Hotfix: Door in Dry Petals On My Espresso Martini was locked by default

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Screenshot titled "Rubicon AO Light 1"

Archive of the original Marathon Rubicon release for classic MacOS Aleph One, titled Rubicon AO Light. This is the Rubicon scenario as it was before Rubicon X.

The files on this archive were taken from the Macintosh Garden here and passed through MacBinary II+ to make them compatible with modern Aleph One for Windows and Linux too.

Also included is a set of maps bundled with the AO Light release, including some netmaps, the Rubicon Xariim scenario and, as far as I can tell, one ported map from the unreleased scenarios that eventually became Rubicon.

Notes for version 2:

Added the weapons and items MML scripts from Rubicon X to fix wrong names in the HUD.

Hosted on Mega because the Simplici7y uploader is failing to upload.

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Marathon Phoenix 1.4.2

RyokoTK on 04/06/2024

Screenshot titled ""

A 35-level single player major conversion.

This scenario is difficult and action-packed; it features a full arsenal of new, powerful weapons, and more threatening enemies than you could ever want.

1.4 has new Lua features like a performance overlay, weapon buffs, a lot of little bug fixes; it also applies ammo capacity limits on Total Carnage. Requires Aleph One 1.5 or newer, probably!

Notes for version 1.4.2:

Adds graphics plugins by W'rkncacnter to improve weapons in hand and landscapes. On the linked webpage you can also find a download just for the plugins, which you should be able to drop into an existing 1.4.1 installation.

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ThrokPak 1 (1.0)

Throkgaar on 04/06/2024

Screenshot titled "Sunday Solmenit7y"

These are my first 3 maps that I have absolutely no business uploading here, but am doing so anyway. I started mapping 4 days ago so if they're terrible dont blame me. Thanks to everyone in the discord who helped me figure out how this stupid crap works. Weland and Vasara rock and are a lot of fun. I keep staying up way too late making these maps that everyone is going to complain about. Hopefully these are fun to play or mock or something Have a Nice day.

  1. Sunday Solemni7y - Small map primarily made for dueling. Very basic.
  2. Enforcer Longs to See - A larger map with much more complexity but hopefully a simple flow. Features non-intrusive (hopefully?) water mechanics. No swimming required. I just like the way this map looks honestly. It has a cool dam that you can see out the window.
  3. Charon 2049 - A Marathon interpretation of Halo 1's Chiron TL 34. You teleport around and you don't really know where you're going but there's lots and lots of shotguns and a hydraulic press to squish your friends.

Note: I really like the M2 XBLA textures cause they're colorful, and I textured all this with that pack. You can of course use whatever pack you want but if it looks weird somewhere or if youre like "wow that texture sucks here" thats why.

Well that's it. if these suck then just delete them I dont care

Notes for version (1.0):

First version

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M2 Pepperscapes 🌶️

W'rkncacnter on 04/01/2024

Screenshot titled ""

Tired of seeing the same 4 landscapes over and over when playing marathon 2? Why not give each level its own unique landscape?

Just put this into your Marathon 2 Plugins folder. You'll never know how you lived without it.

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Screenshot titled "Waterloo Waterpark with the replacement shapes"


A version of the Marathon Infinity shapes with all landscapes and the Water, Lava, Sewage, and Pfhor texture sets replaced with their Marathon 2 counterparts, which, as I showed in a submission to the Marathon’s Story page, serve as the basis for almost all of the Infinity versions. (Even the Jjaro set? As it happens, yes; more than half of it is based on the Sewage set. I did not rearrange the order of textures in that image at all.)


Primarily to make texturing for Marathon 2 a lot more convenient – you can just swap the shapes file between Marathon Infinity and Marathon 2 in Weland’s preferences rather than also having to change the scenario as well. Also, Vasara gets unhappy if the Jjaro texture set isn’t present; the Landscapes start to glitch out. (I don’t use Visual Mode.lua that much, but I seem to recall it having issues as well.)

Beyond that, this enables players to play through Infinity with Marathon 2 textures if they want to. I think the games are better with their intended textures, but it can be a neat experience to play Infinity with M2 textures at least once. (If nothing else, levels often match their terminal graphics better!)

By whom?

Sharkie copied the textures and the 8-bit landscapes over; I redid the true-color landscapes myself because I noticed issues with their palettes. The original graphics, of course, are by J. Reginald Dujour (Marathon 1), Mark Bernal and Robert McLees (Marathon 2), and Randy Reddig, David Longo, Colin Kawakami, and Beth Ulman (Marathon Infinity).

Notes for version 1.0:

First release.

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Screenshot titled "Largest scale 16:9 resolution"

This is the default HUD for Marathon 2 & Marathon Infinity, extended to fill today's modern 16:9 screens when using "largest" HUD size mode. This plugin can be used with both Marathon 2 & Infinity.

A second inventory page is displayed to fill the new space. In Solo games, the extra page always shows Ammunition. In Netgames, the extra page always shows the Scoreboard.

Additionally, the 3D game view is no longer letterboxed.

Normal, Double, and Largest HUD sizes are all supported.

Lastly, this also fixes a couple small issues the original HUD had:

  • SMG/Fusion pistol item & ammo names are no longer cut off since now we have a bit more horizontal space

  • Yellow/Purple shield bars now don't have gray corners when overlapping the bar under it

  • Motion tracker graphic not as dithered as before, so it stands out less compared to the regular background

Note that due to custom graphics this is not compatible with custom scenarios that replace the HUD.

Based on the "M2 Default HUD" Lua by Hopper

This will not work with M1. I may later make a wide adaptation of the M1A1 HUD for those who want this kind of HUD in M1. Widescreen Marathon 1 Classic HUD here.

Notes for version 1.1:

v1.1: Fixed shield/oxygen bars being drawn a tiny bit too low

v1.0: Initial release

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Screenshot titled "Solo"

This is the classic Marathon 1 HUD, but modified to take the edge off just a little bit by extending it to fill modern 16:9 displays. For best results use 'Largest' HUD size in options.

With the extra space, an additional inventory page is displayed. In solo games, the extra page shows Ammunition at all times. In netgames, the extra page shows the Scoreboard at all times.

Based on the Classic M1 HUD plugin posted here by Hopper.

Wide Marathon 2 & Marathon Infinity HUD here.

Notes for version 1.1:

1.1 - Add extra inventory page to fill extra space (Ammo in solo, scoreboard in netgame)

1.0 - Initial release

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Annotations Lua 1.0

irons on 03/22/2024

Screenshot titled ""

This script makes it possible to leave annotations on the overhead map. This can be useful for exploration or for reminders about ammo caches, switches to flip, etc.

There is theoretical support for co-op games, but this has not been tested extensively. Scenarios that make heavy use of Lua such as Eternal and Where Monsters Are In Dreams might not work nicely with the Annotations script.

Along with the included Readme file, you can watch a tutorial video here.

Notes for version 1.0:

First version. Persistent annotations, presets, and custom strings.

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Eternal X 1.3 preview 6

The Xeventh Project on 03/07/2024

Screenshot titled "The Midpoint of Somewhere"

Eternal is one of the largest scenarios ever created for Aleph One, initially created by Forrest Cameranesi (Pfhorrest) and subsequently revised and expanded by a massive team known as the Xeventh Project, which, as of this update (March 2024) now includes more than 40 people. Besides Tempus Irae, it may be the oldest scenario still being actively developed; it was first released in 2004 and has been refined and expanded almost continuously ever since. Features include, but are hardly limited to:

  • 52 levels, some revisiting familiar locations from the Marathon trilogy and some being among the largest ever created for the engine
  • An intricately layered plot featuring dense political and philosophical themes, a tragic romance, time travel, major events from the Marathon trilogy’s backstory, complex original characters, and returning faces from the trilogy’s cast
  • A huge, acclaimed soundtrack with unique music for every level, lasting more than seven hours total, and created by over a dozen composers and arrangers (significantly expanded in 1.3 previews 4 through 6)
  • Redesigns of most of the game’s familiar cast (new in 1.3), some old foes from Pathways into Darkness, and some new faces (some new in 1.3)
  • Hundreds of gorgeous terminal images (many added for 1.3 preview 4 through 6)
  • Five texture sets, encompassing 650 high-resolution textures, 12 detailed original landscape textures, and several separate human and alien environments
  • An in-game menu system (new in 1.3 preview 6) that toggles several optional features, including:
    • Simplified overhead map views in around twenty levels (new in 1.3 preview 6)
    • A secret tracking system (new in 1.3 preview 4)
    • Auto-save the game on level transition (new in 1.3)
    • An RPG-style monster health display (new in 1.3 preview 6)
    • Shared pickups between players in network games (new in 1.3 preview 6)
    • Disabled friendly fire between players in network games (new in 1.3 preview 6)
  • More than 360 sounds, remixed or remastered in CD quality, in stereo where possible (new in 1.3)
  • Atmospheric weather like rain and snow (new in 1.3)
  • A final boss battle of sorts (new in 1.3)
  • Detailed documentation including illustrated field guides to Eternal’s weaponry, aliens, and humans, detailed credits, a meta-history of Eternal, and technical notes on how its maps and scripts work (new in 1.3)

The current development release, 1.3 preview 6 (released on 2024-03-07), is perfectly playable despite still being incomplete; it is now our recommended way to play the game. We’ll refrain from estimating the release date of 1.3 final, as we’ve overshot too many estimates to count (thank you, feature creep). The current “stable” build, 1.2.1 (released on 2021-11-07), is missing several features listed above but is still an enjoyable game in its own right.

The screenshots seen on the right are from a development release from between 1.3 previews 4 and 5 and are a reasonable reflection of Eternal’s current appearance. Although they were taken on Normal (so as to show more monster types), we do recommend playing Eternal on the highest difficulty you can manage.

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Notes for version 1.3 preview 6:

Current development release. 1.3 incorporates several new features, many detailed above. New in 1.3 preview 6:

  • Hard requirement of Aleph One 1.7 or later.
  • An in-game menu system that toggles a ton of new optional scripts, including:
    • Hide irrelevant layers of the overhead map (a massive aid to navigation).
    • RPG-style monster health display.
    • Disable friendly fire in cooperative games.
    • Shared item pickups in cooperative games.
  • New drone and Juggernaut sprites in chapter four.
  • Fixes to dozens of physics inconsistencies.
  • Major music changes:
    • Every level now has at least one unique music track.
    • “We Met Once in the Garden” now uses multiple tracks that shift depending on in-game events, Ă  la FTL or Cadence of Hyrule – to our knowledge, this is the first scenario to make use of Aleph One 1.7’s dynamic music features, though in a relatively simple fashion.
    • Seventeen of Craig Hardgrove’s tracks have been newly remastered or remixed from newly available, much higher-quality sources, some multiple times.
    • The game soundtrack is now encoded as Opus, the objectively best lossy music codec by every performance metric.
    • True obsessives may use an optional lossless FLAC version for the in-game soundtrack.
  • New (or newly accessible) areas in “Deja Vu All Over Again”, “Roots and Radicals”, “Core Done Blew”, “A Friend in Need”, “Frog Blast the Vent Core”, and “I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This”.

Additions to preview 5:

  • Fixes to several major bugs, including crashes in six different levels, the HUD messing up in non-16:9 aspect ratios, and problems in network games with the secret counter and map overlay.
  • Over an hour of new/updated music since preview 4.
  • New secrets in a few levels.
  • Jjaro sludge is no longer coloured like M1’s toxic Pfhor goo.

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Screenshot titled ""

Hippieman found some higher resolution renders from the XBLA game on his hard drive. This plugin combines the scraps to give you mostly complete compiler, cyborg, fighter, green trooper, hunter, tick, and f'lickta replacements.

  • There is no purple trooper, it will be low res. Sorry, Vidmasters.
  • One frame of the brown hunter is missing, and will appear low-res
  • The orange compiler was generated from the purple one using the hald clut that was used for the original plugin. All the compilers were squished vertically to fit the original XBLA aspect ratio.
  • Not (yet?) included: the "Marine" sprites
  • Not included: the Classic Marathon-style red compiler
Notes for version 0.2:
  • Fixes black outlines in DDS conversion

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Gather as a net script to fix Windbreaker's Imperium VII map.

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Screenshot titled "Vasara AF visual mode"

A work-in-progress update of Hopper & Ares Ex Machina’s texturing plugin (which itself is based on treellama & Jon Irons’ Visual Mode.lua), with several new features:

  • Support for Aleph One’s 1.7 new transfer modes
  • Vastly more grid alignment options, including options to decouple X and Y alignment; options to align textures to the center, right, bottom, north, west, south, or east; and several more grid sizes.
  • A “decouple transparent sides” option that allows you to apply different textures, alignments, and lights to each transparent side of a line.
  • Options to apply only the texture or only the transfer mode rather than both.
  • A toggle for the “realign textures when retexturing” option.
  • Overlays that show what you’re looking at (useful if you want to use Lua scripts on part of the level).

It also fixes several bugs, including:

  • The Lua error spam that happened whenever you had “apply texture” and “apply light” selected with a light value above 55.
  • “Must Be Explored” polygons being reset to “Normal”.
  • “Align adjacent” failing to work with many textures placed on empty lines. (Some transparent textures still won’t align properly; “decouple transparent sides” may mitigate this issue somewhat.)

To install:

This remains a work in progress, and updates may be slow, as Vasara’s code is sparsely documented and frequently quite dense, but I intend to continue working on it. I welcome constructive suggestions (best delivered through GitHub or Discord) and will attempt to implement them as time permits.


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Notes for version 1.0b:

Work in progress beta.

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Screenshot titled ""

A cool scenario from 1997 by one Christian Blomqvist. Take on some rascally no good 'Gangsterz'. Featuring all new sprites and enemies. This is one not to miss!

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XBLA Net Maps 1.0

Freeverse on 01/28/2024

Screenshot titled "Full Roaming Vapor"

These are the map files from the XBLA game Marathon: Durandal and its DLC. Four original net levels are tacked onto the end of the first map; and the other maps include potentially interesting ports of Classic Marathon levels.

The solo levels are included (and identical to the Mac version) but the terminals will not operate.

Redistributed with permission from Bungie/Freeverse.

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