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ThrokPak 1 1.1

Throkgaar on 04/23/2024

Screenshot titled "Solemnit7y"

These are my first 3 maps that I have absolutely no business uploading here, but am doing so anyway. I started mapping 4 days ago so if they're terrible dont blame me. Thanks to everyone in the discord who helped me figure out how this stupid crap works. Weland and Vasara rock and are a lot of fun. I keep staying up way too late making these maps that everyone is going to complain about. Hopefully these are fun to play or mock or something Have a Nice day.

Why ThrokMaps? Idk, there's tons of ammo and weapons, power ups, and healing items to keep you in the fight. idk I think theyre kinda fun

  1. Solemni7y - Small map primarily made for dueling. Very basic.
  2. Enforcer Longs to See - A larger map with much more complexity but hopefully a simple flow. Features non-intrusive (hopefully?) water mechanics. No swimming required. I just like the way this map looks honestly. It has a cool dam that you can see out the window.
  3. Charon 2049 - A Marathon interpretation of Halo 1's Chiron TL 34. You teleport around and you don't really know where you're going but there's lots and lots of shotguns and a hydraulic press to squish your friends.
  4. Get Even - pure high speed deathmatch.
  5. Grim Destiny - An abandoned space station; low gravity with dynamic flow.

Note: I really like the M2 XBLA textures cause they're colorful, and I textured all this with that pack. You can of course use whatever pack you want but if it looks weird somewhere or if youre like "wow that texture sucks here" thats why.

Well that's it. if these suck then just delete them I dont care

Notes for version 1.1:

Bugfixes and 2 new maps:

  1. Get Even - pure high speed deathmatch.

  2. Grim Destiny - An abandoned space station; low gravity with dynamic flow.

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Screenshot titled "Once more...with feeling."

Eupfhoria - Marathon Soundtrack Remake

Eupfhoria is a fully re-instrumented and re-scored soundtrack mod for the first Marathon. This replacement tries to remaster the original soundtrack while retaining the original feel. It IS the tracks you know and love, as it's based off the original MIDI files. Most tracks should fuller and more atmospheric, hopefully a bit like Marathon's younger brother, Halo.

To see if this is for you without downloading, you can stream it all here: Eupfhoria - Full Album Stream

Installation is simple, just replace your Music folder found in the Marathon directory. Backup your original folder if you want to go back to the originals.

NOTE: Don't use this for your first playthrough. Really. This is for people who've played through it before and want a new experience. Updating those pesky textures is one thing, but save this for your second playthrough.

Notes for version 1.1:

Updated files to work with all versions of AlephOne. Simply replace the files in your Music folder of Marathon 1 with the files in this link.

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Screenshot titled "Strange Aeons"

An original fan soundtrack for Marathon Infinity, composed by Talashar. Featuring themes from Marathon, Halo, and M2SE. This won't just be a mashup of themes you know though, levels and character have been given their own themes to provide a new dimension to the game. Experience Infinity in a whole new way. Based on Treellama's M2SE plugin.

Preview my music here:

NOTE: MUSIC DOES NOT LOOP ENDLESSLY. This is intended. Many levels have added silence to allow the ambience some time on the stage. This silence is not a bug. Each level has been assigned specific tracks to emphasize narrative beats, emotional highlights, atmosphere, and overall vibe. If you would like looping versions of the songs, you can get them for free via the bandcamp link (click Buy Album then enter $0).

Recommended volume levels are 100% Master, 70% Music.

If you run into any issues with this plugin, I can be found in the Marathon Discord as @throkgaar.


Notes for version High Quality Update:

Slight tweaks to timing and higher quality .ogg files with Metadata.

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plugin for terminals to not work anymore

it breaks them

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It Works! Headshots

Throkgaar on Apr 22nd, 2024, Version 1.0

Tested briefly with singleplayer, fairly easy to customize and tweak.

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MOVE!!!! NEFX - Marathon: BOBJam -- The Tranquil Chaos of Crowded Escape

Throkgaar on Apr 17th, 2024, Version 2023-10-16

NEFX's work a is above reproach. They are a the visionary and make some of the is most odd, most of unique gaming experiences around. This one has the with benefit of being considerably the less obtuse but nonetheless maddeningly difficult, just as the a true expression from of NEFX should be.

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Highly Successful Experiment M2SE Music Plugin

Throkgaar on Apr 4th, 2024, Version 1.0.1

The plugin is outstanding and easy to use, and will likely be the jumping off point for a whole bunch of other outstanding soundtrack mods.

That said, I was highly dubious of whether M2 would benefit from a soundtrack, but from the moment Mark Summer's music kicks in on Waterloo, you can feel it. Not all the tracks are my favorite but you'll probably really like the direction of at least one of the composers here. Some of the compositions absolutely elevate some of my least favorite levels into truly memorable experiences. Definitely worth playing through with this at least once.

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New Standard Widescreen Marathon 1 Classic HUD

Throkgaar on Apr 4th, 2024, Version 1.1

Honestly surprised it took this long for someone to make this.

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Cosmic in Scale M2 Pepperscapes

Throkgaar on Apr 4th, 2024, Version 🌶️

Have you ever looked up at the stars and in a single moment, understood your insignificance and place in the universe? That you are simply an ant amongst a sea of ancient stone and fire? To know, deeply know, in the most primal sense, that you are a brief spec in an ongoing stellar explosion? Using this texture pack is nothing like that.