by irons

Uploaded Apr 19th, 2024


ok fine guys literally every child who starts playing this cur

sed game. they wnat jumping and headshots, sometimes crouching. like it ruins their lifes if those things are missing. wow cool why are you evn

playing mararthon?

well anyway someome recently asked AGAIN about headshots and i swore there was a scrip here somewhere but 5 s

econds of searching got me nothing i tried head, shot, headshot searchterms.

i gotta assume it just doesn't exist the technology is to advanced too people to undersand. ok

merry chismas! heres headshots now play it for a few minutes then realize you should of played a newer game in the fist place ok bye


it works in solo&networkgames

Version 1.0

First version. Customizable through specific variables. Hopefully the last version. P.S. I never tested in net games lol

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It Works!

Throkgaar on Apr 22nd, 2024, Version 1.0

Tested briefly with singleplayer, fairly easy to customize and tweak.

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