Marathon Infinity - Strange Aeons: A Fan Soundtrack

by Throkgaar

Uploaded Apr 12th, 2024 for Marathon Infinity


An original fan soundtrack for Marathon Infinity, composed by Talashar. Featuring themes from Marathon, Halo, and M2SE. This won't just be a mashup of themes you know though, levels and character have been given their own themes to provide a new dimension to the game. Experience Infinity in a whole new way. Based on Treellama's M2SE plugin.

Preview my music here:

NOTE: MUSIC DOES NOT LOOP ENDLESSLY. This is intended. Many levels have added silence to allow the ambience some time on the stage. This silence is not a bug. Each level has been assigned specific tracks to emphasize narrative beats, emotional highlights, atmosphere, and overall vibe. If you would like looping versions of the songs, you can get them for free via the bandcamp link (click Buy Album then enter $0).

Recommended volume levels are 100% Master, 70% Music.

If you run into any issues with this plugin, I can be found in the Marathon Discord as @throkgaar.


Version High Quality Update

Slight tweaks to timing and higher quality .ogg files with Metadata.

3 Reviews

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Great selection of music.

Smytsidian on May 8th, 2024, Version High Quality Update

I love this soundtrack! It fits well with marathon infinity and makes the game be less soulless. I have been waiting for a mod like this ever since I tired out M2SE. For some reason when listening to the music, I always get the finish the fight feeling like with halo 3's soundtrack. Which is perfect for the game's setting. Overall great mod and amazing music!

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Great effort but having music on level 1 is a huge miss

Travis on Apr 21st, 2024, Version High Quality Update

I think Ne Cede Malis absolutely should not have music, and having it drastically alters its very deliberately ambient mood, therefore I can't recommend this addon to any Marathon Infinity newcomers. I even feel that the Electric Sheep levels would be better to have music than Ne Cede Malis.

Otherwise, I am enjoying this addon greatly, and I don't mind having music in any of the other levels.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

So far so good

cookedbread on Apr 13th, 2024, Version High Quality Update

Played through to Foe Hammer and honestly was surprised how much I liked it. I'm a big "atmosphere is king" guy so I always loved the ambience and loneliness of 2 and Infinity, but this is great for a replay. There would be times where I'd be reading the terminals when a song kicked in and it just really fit. The song for Carroll Street Station was a highlight. Good stuff.

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Strange Aeons

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