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So far so good Marathon Infinity - Strange Aeons: A Fan Soundtrack

cookedbread on Apr 13th, 2024, Version High Quality Update

Played through to Foe Hammer and honestly was surprised how much I liked it. I'm a big "atmosphere is king" guy so I always loved the ambience and loneliness of 2 and Infinity, but this is great for a replay. There would be times where I'd be reading the terminals when a song kicked in and it just really fit. The song for Carroll Street Station was a highlight. Good stuff.

i really felt like i was at the NEFXpo event, very nostalgic

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looks good Pepper HUD

cookedbread on Aug 6th, 2023, Version 1.0

looks good

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nobody NEFX Netmaps

cookedbread on Jun 30th, 2022, Version 21

nobody does squares like adminn_1 does

review concluded

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looks good Marathon 4

cookedbread on Apr 1st, 2022, Version 1.0