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looks good

cookedbread on Aug 6th, 2023, Version 1.0

looks good

Pepper HUD

W'rkncacnter on 08/05/2023

This is a slightly modified version of the Default HUD created by Hopper: https://simplici7y.com/items/m2-default-hud/

This is meant for people that want the HUD to be small, but not obscure parts of the game world. If you are bothered by the black bar this usually leaves, it can be filled in with artwork. I've included several options for artwork in the resources/extra_images folder. Or you can create your own.

To size the HUD, you can use the typical HUD sizes in the options. However, they will all be smaller than the default HUD, as one of the goals of this plugin is to maximize the game world view.

The normal HUD also typically leaves black bars on the sides depending on your resolution and settings, and this HUD attempts to eliminate that from happening.

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