Widescreen Marathon 1 Classic HUD

by Trov

Uploaded Jul 21st, 2024 for Marathon



Experience the authentic 1994 jank of Marathon 1's classic HUD as if it were made for your monitor!

This plugin takes the classic HUD and extends it to fill modern 16:9, 16:10, and Ultrawide displays.

The same plugin covers widescreen monitors whether it is 16:9, 16:10, or 21:9. It automatically adapts to your chosen resolution.

With the extra space, additional inventory pages are displayed. In Solo games, weapons and ammo are displayed. In Netgames, the scoreboard is always displayed.

Based on the Default M1 HUD plugin included with Aleph One's M1 release.

For a more minimal but still classic style HUD, check out my Widescreen Marathon 2 HUD plugin, which includes a specially modified variant for Marathon 1.

Wide Marathon 2 & Marathon Infinity HUD here.

Version 2.611

v2.611 - just a re-zip since the plugin wasn't in a folder, sorry

v2.610 - Added 16:10 version for Steam Deck and Mac players. Updated to newer Default M1 HUD script.

v2.19 - Added 21:9 Ultrawide support

2 Reviews

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Smytsidian on May 12th, 2024, Version 2.19

Best default hud to download if you want a classic/modern experience

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

New Standard

Throkgaar on Apr 4th, 2024, Version 1.1

Honestly surprised it took this long for someone to make this.

5 Screenshots

Solo, 16:9

Screenshot titled "Solo, 16:9"

Solo, 16:10

Screenshot titled "Solo, 16:10"

Solo, Ultrawide

Screenshot titled "Solo, Ultrawide"

Netgame, 16:9

Screenshot titled "Netgame, 16:9"

Netgame, Ultrawide

Screenshot titled "Netgame, Ultrawide"