Widescreen Marathon 2/Infinity Default HUD

by Trov

Uploaded Mar 28th, 2024 for Marathon 2: Durandal


This is the default HUD for Marathon 2 & Marathon Infinity, extended to fill today's modern 16:9 screens when using "largest" HUD size mode. This plugin can be used with both Marathon 2 & Infinity.

A second inventory page is displayed to fill the new space. In Solo games, the extra page always shows Ammunition. In Netgames, the extra page always shows the Scoreboard.

Additionally, the 3D game view is no longer letterboxed.

Normal, Double, and Largest HUD sizes are all supported.

Lastly, this also fixes a couple small issues the original HUD had:

  • SMG/Fusion pistol item & ammo names are no longer cut off since now we have a bit more horizontal space

  • Yellow/Purple shield bars now don't have gray corners when overlapping the bar under it

  • Motion tracker graphic not as dithered as before, so it stands out less compared to the regular background

Note that due to custom graphics this is not compatible with custom scenarios that replace the HUD.

Based on the "M2 Default HUD" Lua by Hopper

This will not work with M1. I may later make a wide adaptation of the M1A1 HUD for those who want this kind of HUD in M1. Widescreen Marathon 1 Classic HUD here.

Version 1.1

v1.1: Fixed shield/oxygen bars being drawn a tiny bit too low

v1.0: Initial release

5 Screenshots

Largest scale 16:9 resolution

Screenshot titled "Largest scale 16:9 resolution"

Netgame support

Screenshot titled "Netgame support"

Marathon Infinity too

Screenshot titled "Marathon Infinity too"

Smaller HUD size selected

Screenshot titled "Smaller HUD size selected"

Good for 4:3 too!

Screenshot titled "Good for 4:3 too!"