Marathon 2: Durandal (1995)

Bungie on 11/24/1995

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Fresh from your triumph on the starship Marathon®, you are seized by the rogue computer Durandal to do his bidding in a distant part of the galaxy. Within the ruins of an ancient civilization, you must seek the remnants of a lost clan and uncover their long-buried secrets. Battle opponents ancient and terrible, with sophisticated weapons and devious strategies, all the while struggling to escape the alien nightmare…

This release of Marathon 2: Durandal includes the classic graphics, and revamped high-definition textures and monsters from the Xbox Live Arcade edition.

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This plugin allows you to experience Marathon 2's original 1995 classic status bar HUD, but modified to better support today's widescreen displays. This plugin supports Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity, and many scenarios, and even provides an M2-like HUD for Marathon 1.

This widescreen HUD has 2 flavors, a 'lite' version and an 'enhanced' version:

CLASSIC M2 (UNRESTRICTED VIEW): The original HUD, uses original graphics, but removes the letterboxing on the 3D game view, allowing any widescreen aspect ratio, should be compatible with all scenarios

CLASSIC M2 (WIDESCREEN ENHANCED): Extends the status bar graphics to fill a 16:9 screen. To utilize the extra space, a second inventory page is displayed. In Netgames, this second page shows the scoreboard.

Due to the necessity of custom graphics, "Widescreen Enhanced" HUD is only guaranteed to work with the following scenarios:

  • Marathon 1, Marathon 2, and Marathon Infinity
  • Any scenarios which use the default M2/MI HUD graphics, such as: Tempus Irae, Phoenix, EVIL, and many more
  • The following scenarios with custom HUD graphics: Apotheosis, Apotheosis X, Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge, Marathon Squadron, Portal of Sigma, RED, Return To Marathon, Rubicon/Rubicon X, Trojan

See included Readme for installation instructions.

All Lua work is based on "M2 Default HUD" posted here by Hopper, as well as the scenarios' original art, with additions by me to support the enhanced widescreen features.

Widescreen Marathon 1 Classic HUD is available here

Notes for version 2.01:

v2.01: fix terminals at 'Largest' setting scaling improperly at very low game resolutions

v2.0: add marathon 1 and trojan huds, and code cleanup

v1.9: add scenarios support, resize HUD to be a perfect 2x scale at 1080p, add lite version

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Siege of Nor'Korh v1.0

Frigidman on 07/21/2024

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A full scenario for Marathon 2. It is a 6 level breach and infiltrate mission into a Pfhor military compound, complete with new terminal and chapter arts, as well as some interesting old school mapping tricks and fun bits.

This version of the scenario was built for Marathon 2's texture set, and is best played using Classic Marathon 2.

Notes for version v1.0:

Original posting for simplici7y.

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This HUD prevents landscape mirroring by letterboxing the 3D world view window. It automatically and dynamically resizes the view window whenever the resolution of the game window increases or decreases, whenever sniper mode is toggled on or off, whenever extravision is picked up or expires... In other words, whenever the FOV changes, no matter the cause (teleportation effect excluded).

Here's a little video showcasing how it works (16:9 screen, initially 90° FOV, then sniper mode is toggled on and then off).

It is based on Basic HUD by treellama, and has the same compatibilities as that HUD with regards to scenarios (for example, it is compatible with Marathon 2: Durandal, Marathon Infinity and Rubicon X, but not with Marathon).

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CFP is a complete set of high definition textures for Marathon Infinity and Durandal. Based on the original Freeverse Marathon 2 Durandal XBLA textures, these have been further enhanced by the Alephone community with glowmaps and made to support Marathon Infinity.

Note: If load times are too slow, try uncompromising the plugin in the plugin folder.


Freeverse, Hopper, Treellama, TheDoc45, General Tacticus, J2k, Spurious Interrupt, Tfear7

This is the weapons/items portion of the plugin and can only be used for Marathon 2 Durandal. A Marathon Infinity version is available.

Other CFP Packages

CFP Walls M2 -

CFP Monsters -

CFP Scenery -

CFP Weapons Inf -

Masters of textures for CFP can be found here:

Notes for version 2.0:

AI upscale and cleanup on all textures - minor update - manually tweak shotgun shell sprite

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CFP is a complete set of high definition textures for Marathon Infinity and Durandal. Based on the original Freeverse Marathon 2 Durandal XBLA textures, these have been further enhanced by the Alephone community with glowmaps and made to support Marathon Infinity.


Freeverse, Hopper, Treellama, TheDoc45, General Tacticus, J2k, Spurious Interrupt, Tfear7, Zetren

This is Zetren's 1024x1024 XBLA walls for M2 Durandal integrated with the bloom effects from thedoctor45's XBLA SuperPlugin and made to be compatible with the CFP set.

Installation: The downloaded file must be decompressed and the sub zip files moved to the appropriate plugin folder. The reason the plugin is broken up is for improved performance while still having the benefit of being compressed.

Note: With larger zipped plugins, Alephone puts more strain on the cpu for longer loads as it memory maps the contents. Breaking the set into smaller zips seems to improve loadtime performance quite a bit.

Other CFP Packages

CFP Monsters -

CFP Scenery -

CFP Weapons Inf -

CFP Weapons M2 -

Masters of textures for CFP can be found here:

Notes for version 1.0:

Uploaded to the wrong item...

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XBLA HUD Plugin 20200830

Aleph One team on 05/30/2024

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This plugin is a port of the Durandal XBLA interface to Aleph One. Compatible with Marathon 2 and Infinity, and included in the all-in-one downloads of those games.

Notes for version 20200830:

This version is distributed with Aleph One 1.8.1. Since the last S7 release, the following fixes were added:

  • Remove incorrect PNG color profiles
  • Reduce chance that the HUD will shrink the viewport on cinematic-width displays
  • Colorize health and oxygen bars in software mode
  • Use FOV of 90 for XBLA HUD, matching the FOV the XBLA game used

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This set of files will bring M1's Alien Weapon to M2, in place of the SMG. Just put the .shpA and .sndA files in your M2 main data folder and the .phyA one in the Physics folder. Then boot up the game and, in Preferences -> Environment, click on each field (Shapes, Sounds, Physics) and replace the standard files with the ones from this package. You're good to go now.

WARNING: Only the Major Enforcers will drop it, for now. They will still shoot with their flame cannons, no worries.

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This is a superplugin for AlephOne 1.0+ that lets you easily enable all the hi-res sprites and textures from the XBLA version of Marathon: Durandal with one single click.

All required graphics are inlcuded. In addition to that, some glow- and bumpmap textures have also been included to improve visual experience and take advantage of AOs shader features. No custom shapes files are required for this to work.

This updated version also includes the high-res enemy sprites found by Hippieman, along with a few fixes and some glowmaps.

Notes for version 2.1:

Added XBLA HD sprites found by hippieman. Added S'pht'Kr HD sprites. Added purple trooper HD sprites. Added missing hunter HD sprite. Fixed white outlines on some of the sprites. Added glowmaps for HD sprites. Adjusted the Defender sprites to properly match with their lower res counterparts.

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M2 Pepperscapes 🌶️

W'rkncacnter on 04/01/2024

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Tired of seeing the same 4 landscapes over and over when playing marathon 2? Why not give each level its own unique landscape?

Just put this into your Marathon 2 Plugins folder. You'll never know how you lived without it.

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Hippieman found some higher resolution renders from the XBLA game on his hard drive. This plugin combines the scraps to give you mostly complete compiler, cyborg, fighter, green trooper, hunter, tick, and f'lickta replacements.

  • There is no purple trooper, it will be low res. Sorry, Vidmasters.
  • One frame of the brown hunter is missing, and will appear low-res
  • The orange compiler was generated from the purple one using the hald clut that was used for the original plugin. All the compilers were squished vertically to fit the original XBLA aspect ratio.
  • Not (yet?) included: the "Marine" sprites
  • Not included: the Classic Marathon-style red compiler
Notes for version 0.2:
  • Fixes black outlines in DDS conversion

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M2SE Music Plugin 1.0.1

treellama on 10/12/2023

This plugin enables M2SE music with the stock Marathon 2 or Marathon 2 for Windows 95 map.

Requires Aleph One 1.7b1. Simply unzip and copy the folder to your Marathon 2 Plugins directory.

Credits from the M2-SE Music Readme (included):

  • The Mark Sumner “Zipper Cat” OGGs are copyright Team Unpfhorgiven.
  • The Mike Gorczynski “The Punisher” OGGs are copyright Team Unpfhorgiven.
  • The Cannibal Whore Feast OGGs are by Iain McLaughlin.
  • The “Mercenary” track "Trapped In Space" is by Julian Zielke and is copyright Team Unpfhorgiven.
  • The MuShoo track "We're Everywhere!" was originally a bonus track for M1A1, but is now in use with Marathon 2: Special Edition, allowing M2-SE to flower.
Notes for version 1.0.1:

Added checksum for M2 Win95 map

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Marathon 2 replacement textures based on the originals, created with AI.

There's no reason for this to exist. I just wanted an excuse to screw around with some new technology.

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Screenshot titled "Original Mac Fonts used in HUD and Automap (640x480)"

This mod restores the original fonts used in the Macintosh version of Marathon.

NOTE: This only works with the DEFAULT HUD, custom HUDs have been reported to have issues with this plugin, so experiment at your own risk.

Notes for version 1.0:

v1.0 - Initial Release

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This is the 1996 CD "Pfhrenzy" found on the Macintosh Repository here.

There was some interest in this CD on the Marathon Discord server when I pointed out this CD. Not everyone wanted to bother with emulating Mac OS, but they still wanted to see the maps at least, which can be played with modern Aleph One. Thus, I emulated it myself, and transferred all the files off of the CD and zipped them up for people to look over on whatever OS they preferred.

For this reason, most of the files will look weird or not work at all on Windows or Linux, or perhaps even Mac. I have done nothing to the files themselves aside from put them through 7zip.

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The Map file for Marathon 2: Durandal, as it was presented in the Windows 95 release.

The Windows map file contains several visual (and a few gameplay altering) changes from the Mac version, many small, some big. It also has a few altered terminal images.

Anyone familiar with "Waterloo Waterpark" will immediately be surprised with this rendition.

There are some players who do prefer the Windows map, so I decided it would be worth posting on Simplici7y.

The M2 Win95 map file is not particularly hard to obtain, as it is available in retail M2 copies for Windows, and it's available as a download on the Trilogy Release site, HOWEVER, that merge does not contain chapter screen sound effects. I re-merged the map file with the Mac version's sound resource folder, so now all chapter screens will play the appropriate sound.

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I had a prophetic dream about this map, and so I made that dream a reality.

Notes for version 0.1b:


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Screenshot titled "In any case, you'll be trapped."

Translated versions of games in the trilogy are all the rage these days, so I thought I'd make my own version. I painstakingly went through every line of the terminals and translated them to loch. Just select this map file when playing M2, and you're good to go.

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Adds bloom to the original marathon 2 wall textures. Glow shift and scale values taken from thedoctor45's "M2 XBLA HD Graphics SuperPlugin" (unless edited).

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Marathon 2 Latino 0.3

Exepa on 03/12/2020

Screenshot titled "Terminal 2 Nivel 1"

=Sobre Marathon 2:Durandal Latino=

Versión 0.3

Este AddOn de Marathon 2: Durandal es una versión beta sobre el proyecto de traducción a Español que estamos llevando a cabo. Se modificaron los textos de terminales por fanáticos de la saga que se congregaron con el fin de lograr generar un puente entre el juego y la comunidad iberoamericana.

=Instalación de Marathon 2: Durandal Latino=

Descargar archivo Zip de este AddOn más abajo

Descargar Marathon 2: Durandal desde

Descomprimir ambos archivos Zip y copiar el archivo Map a la carpeta de Marathon 2.

Reemplazar si se quiere no conservar el archivo anterior de mapas en inglés.

Seleccionar desde el menú de Preferences el item Enviroment y luego Maps.

Seleccionar el Mapa que copiamos.

Presionar New Game y disfrutar :)


Marathon 2: Durandal Latino Demo tiene modificadas las terminales de los siguientes niveles:

Todos los capítulos están traducidos al Español, solo faltan imágenes de capítulos y epílogo.

=Créditos por Marathon 2: Durandal Latino=

Productor y traducción: 810-dude. Redacción y traducción Leviatan. Programación por parte de Exepa (

Se aceptan correcciones e ideas para mejorar el proyecto, también saludos y agradecimientos por el proyecto xD...

Sobre Marathon Latino

Proyecto de traducción de la saga Marathon, iniciada por Bungie en 1994 con la aparición del primer juego para Macintosh, homónimo de la saga. Como antecesor de Halo, Marathon comprende un universo expandido relacionado a diferentes títulos sacados por el estudio a través de historia, que conforman el Universo de la saga. Nuestro fin es lograr traducir para dejar al servicio de la comunidad Latina la inmensa historia detrás de los juegos que lo conforman.

Al mismo, la comunidad ha trabajado para crear sus versiones dentro del Universo Marathon, logrando productos de calidad y algunos considerados Cannon en la historia. Por eso mimos, también tomaremos en cuenta la traducción de las diferentes versiones hechas por la comunidad.

Read more
Notes for version 0.3:

Versión 0.3 con todos los mapas traducidos al español. Aún falta menúes, imágenes de capítulos y epílogo.

Aún se debe pasar por un proceso de revisión y posible corrección de las terminales.

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Marathon 2 AMP! 0.96

RadBurn72 on 02/01/2020

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Marathon 2 AMP! is a reworking of visuals and gameplay to emphasize a boost in action without deviating from familiarity. This has been developed specifically for the Marathon 2 scenario to bring about another option of play for this excellent scenario.

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