Marathon Durandal XBLA HD Graphics SuperPlugin

by thedoctor45

Uploaded Apr 29th, 2024 for Marathon 2: Durandal


This is a superplugin for AlephOne 1.0+ that lets you easily enable all the hi-res sprites and textures from the XBLA version of Marathon: Durandal with one single click.

All required graphics are inlcuded. In addition to that, some glow- and bumpmap textures have also been included to improve visual experience and take advantage of AOs shader features. No custom shapes files are required for this to work.

This updated version also includes the high-res enemy sprites found by Hippieman, along with a few fixes and some glowmaps.

Version 2.1

Added XBLA HD sprites found by hippieman. Added S'pht'Kr HD sprites. Added purple trooper HD sprites. Added missing hunter HD sprite. Fixed white outlines on some of the sprites. Added glowmaps for HD sprites. Adjusted the Defender sprites to properly match with their lower res counterparts.