by Aleph One team

Uploaded May 30th, 2024 for Marathon 2: Durandal


This plugin is a port of the Durandal XBLA interface to Aleph One. Compatible with Marathon 2 and Infinity, and included in the all-in-one downloads of those games.

Version 20200830

This version is distributed with Aleph One 1.8.1. Since the last S7 release, the following fixes were added:

  • Remove incorrect PNG color profiles
  • Reduce chance that the HUD will shrink the viewport on cinematic-width displays
  • Colorize health and oxygen bars in software mode
  • Use FOV of 90 for XBLA HUD, matching the FOV the XBLA game used

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ntg255 on Feb 23rd, 2014, Version 1.1

Yay for better VM.lua support!

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