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This Weland plugin exports a pair of .obj and .mtl files of the current level, including texture information. When paired with texture bitmaps exported from ShapeFusion, fully textured level models can be loaded and viewed in other programs.

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This very simple Weland plugin lists all map annotations for the current level, in a dialog where they can be easily read or copied. Good for spell checking your scenario, or combing maps for secrets.

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Halo-inspired HUD built between 2009 and 2012. Demonstrates animations and complex masking for HUD authors. Works with Marathon 2 and Infinity.

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Squared Away HUD 1.0

Hopper on 06/03/2024

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Originally built in 2009 to test the pre-release Lua HUD engine. Uses no images, only rectangles and text. Works with any scenario.

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Encompassing HUD 1.0

Hopper on 06/03/2024

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Originally built in 2009 to test the pre-release Lua HUD engine. Demonstrates a rotating compass and a compact ammo display. Works with any scenario.

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M1A1 HUD brings the M1A1 project's Marathon 2-style HUD to the native Marathon scenario running in Aleph One. Requires Aleph One 1.1b2 or later.

Notes for version 1.2:

Version 1.2 fixes errors in net games with a kill limit or time-based scoring.

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M2 Default HUD 1.2

Hopper on 06/03/2024

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Are you working on a Lua HUD, and want to know how to draw inventory panels or weapons just like the built-in one? This plugin acts just like the hardcoded HUD from M2 and Infinity, so you can see how to duplicate any feature in Lua. It works with third-party scenarios too.

Notes for version 1.2:

Fixes errors in net games with a kill limit or time-based scoring.

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System Se7en 1.3

Hopper on 05/31/2024

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A GUI theme for Aleph One inspired by Apple's System 7.5, as seen in Marathon's original preferences dialogs. Based on an earlier (now obsolete) theme by Christian Bauer.

Notes for version 1.3:

Version 1.3 uses the public-domain ChicagoFLF font instead of Apple's proprietary Chicago font.

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XBLA HUD Plugin 20200830

Aleph One team on 05/30/2024

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This plugin is a port of the Durandal XBLA interface to Aleph One. Compatible with Marathon 2 and Infinity, and included in the all-in-one downloads of those games.

Notes for version 20200830:

This version is distributed with Aleph One 1.8.1. Since the last S7 release, the following fixes were added:

  • Remove incorrect PNG color profiles
  • Reduce chance that the HUD will shrink the viewport on cinematic-width displays
  • Colorize health and oxygen bars in software mode
  • Use FOV of 90 for XBLA HUD, matching the FOV the XBLA game used

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XBLA Survival 2.1

Hopper on 11/02/2020

Screenshot titled "Sonic Electronic Ball Breakers"

Play the Survival solo gameplay mode from Durandal XBLA. Rack up carnage points as you face off against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies.

Play on the four Survival maps built by Freeverse for the port. Or use the plugin, pick any netmap, and try not to die.

For a similar co-op experience, see Survival.lua.

Notes for version 2.1:

Version 2.1 fixes a bug which caused films to go out-of-sync.

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Ever wondered if a level used 5-D space, where two polygons overlap in 3-D space? This plugin for Weland reports any instances where polygons overlap in a realistically impossible way.

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Screenshot titled "Choose Texture"

Vasara is a Lua script and dedicated HUD for use in texturing maps in Aleph One. The HUD provides more explanation for new users compared to Visual Mode, and features a mouse-driven interface for choosing textures and options.

Notes for version 1.0.3:

This version works with Marathon 2 (as long as you ignore the 4th landscape slot).

3,598 downloads, 7 reviews, 5 screenshots, 4.9 rating

Checkpoints 1.0

Hopper on 01/17/2016

Checkpoints is an implementation of Halo-style automatic saved games in the middle of a level. Mapmakers use annotations to mark where checkpoints should occur, and the Lua script does the rest. It also creates a save point after each level transition.

Includes a sample map. Find all seven checkpoints!

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For mapmakers testing their terminal scripts, this Lua console command will set the current level's completion state to "finished". Install this solo Lua plugin and type 'complete_level()' in the console to satisfy any mission requirements.

Note: the command may make the level unplayable. See the included Read Me file for more information.

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M1 Lua Mnemonics 1.0

Hopper on 02/23/2014

Writing a Lua plugin for Marathon under Aleph One 1.1? This script will rename the mnemonics for monsters, projectiles, etc. so you can find the right objects.

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FloatingX 1.4.1

TychoVII and Hopper on 02/23/2014

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FloatingX is a modern, minimal HUD for Marathon 2 and Infinity, inspired by the XBLA Durandal interface. Art by TychoVII, scripting by Hopper.

Notes for version 1.4.1:

This version fixes a bug under Aleph One 1.1, and works with Visual Mode.lua.

3,483 downloads, 5 reviews, 3 screenshots, 4.8 rating

Red Light 1.1

Hopper on 02/16/2014

Play "Red Light, Green Light" during net games. It's fun.

Notes for version 1.1:

Version 1.1 adds a message when someone runs a red light, and a sound when the yellow turns red. Thanks to Sharkie Lino and his play-testing crew for the changes.

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This plugin increases the number of AI monsters active at any one time. The increased number was the default setting in Aleph One until 1.1, when the Marathon 2/Infinity defaults were restored.

You should use this plugin with scenarios built specifically for Aleph One, such as Eternal X, Kill Them All, or Phoenix. When/if those scenarios are updated, you will no longer need this plugin. Do not enable the plugin for scenarios orginally designed for Marathon Infinity, such as Tempus Irae.

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VML Mute 1.0

Hopper on 06/11/2013

Update: this plugin and goran's Visual Mode Lua Physics are no longer necessary with Visual Mode 3.0. Use that instead!

VML Mute replaces the default monster activation and teleport sounds with silence. You will see the teleport effects, but hear only the ambient noises of the level.

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The original Marathon game interface, ported to Aleph One as a Lua HUD. Designed for use with M1A1 or Aleph One 1.0. It will not work with the native Marathon 1 downloads bundled with Aleph One 1.1 and later. A compatible version may be found in those downloads.

Notes for version 1.0:

After three years, the first project I ever started in Aleph One is complete. Happy Bungie Day.

3,941 downloads, 7 reviews, 2 screenshots, 4.9 rating

5 Reviews

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

real LUA xperts get hungry Lua Scripting guide for dummies

Hopper on Apr 1st, 2016, Version zipped

Hey W'rk, Sparklo and I were wondering, when you got hungry at the end of this guide did you eat a sandwich, and if so, what kind of sandwich? I will change my rating to 1 star if you do not reply.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Ends too soon Susannah OSX

Hopper on Oct 22nd, 2013, Version 1.0

Brilliant use of Aleph One -- the style perfectly plays to the engine's strengths. I can't recall a better use of fog. The pacing drifts from "deliberate" to "tedious" at times, and the abrupt ending lacked closure. Despite that and some minor student-project bugs (a few untextured sides and geometry issues), it's a fresh approach to Aleph One mods and a must-play for fans of art games.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Danish style New Interface (MaraMag March '95)

Hopper on Jul 22nd, 2012, Version 1.0

Research suggests that the artist is Ture Wibrand, who went on to a successful design career in Copenhagen. Here's to you, Ture!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

a masterpiece Electric Sheep Tetris

Hopper on Apr 2nd, 2012, Version 1.0

This is what Lua was invented for!

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Poor Hamish all friend phisic model

Hopper on Mar 28th, 2012, Version 1.0

Nothing but porridge morning, noon, and night, and then he gets trolled by bastards who can't stand MBO actually posting anything new.

Also, custom physics models don't work in Infinity so minus a million stars.