XBLA Survival

by Hopper

Uploaded Nov 2nd, 2020


Play the Survival solo gameplay mode from Durandal XBLA. Rack up carnage points as you face off against hordes of increasingly difficult enemies.

Play on the four Survival maps built by Freeverse for the port. Or use the plugin, pick any netmap, and try not to die.

For a similar co-op experience, see Survival.lua.

Version 2.1

Version 2.1 fixes a bug which caused films to go out-of-sync.

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

It's really intense!

MurgenROoF on Nov 21st, 2022, Version 2.1

Your goal is to survive as long as possible. At the start of each match you’re given a few seconds to grab weapons and ammo, then the enemies will start spawning in and they won’t stop coming!

The fighting is just about as ferocious as Marathon combat can get, and the search for ammo means you can never camp one location for very long. At first only weak enemies like drones show up, but the longer you survive the tougher the baddies get. The longest I’ve survived on the XBLA maps is 14 minutes, and by that time the map was filled with juggernauts, blue hunters, and red defenders!

Actually that leads to my one disappointment about this game mode, which is that it has no end and is un-winnable. You will always eventually be overwhelmed and die, but I think it would have been so cool if you could somehow survive against all odds to win. At the 14 minute mark the map will be so flooded with enemies that have enormous health pools that it actually becomes impossible to traverse the map to get ammo, so your doom is assured.

There are four purpose-built XBLA maps to play Survival on, plus you can play on standard netmaps. I did notice that when playing on standard netmaps that the monster AI would glitch out. To avoid this make sure to enable Aleph One Previous AI: http://simplici7y.com/items/aleph-one-previous-ai

It should also be noted that the four XBLA maps are specifically designed for Survival, but other netmaps are not. So it’s actually possible to hide on some of the non-XBLA netmaps and survive however long you want. But that’s not very exciting, is it?

Playing this game mode on solo maps will not work because you aren’t going to find enough ammo and the levels aren’t designed for it.

Enemies, ammo, and health spawn in randomly, which unfortunately can lead to luck playing a role in your lifespan. Basically, when a health canister spawns in, you want to take note of its location, and to hold off on using it as long as possible, because you’ll only get a few and you need to conserve them. But it becomes a problem when the health canisters randomly spawn in a bad location, like out in the open when red defenders with highly damaging homing shots are flooding the map. But, at least the high amount of randomization means that every game will be different.

In order to conserve ammo you’ll need to make the most efficient use of what you’ve got. That means the often ignored flamethrower actually ends up being one of the best early game weapons. But the flamethrower can become a liability when large numbers of flame-immune enemies start appearing. Tactically, it’s a really great thing to force the player to adapt their weapon use to reflect the enemy mix they are fighting; it means the player can never be complacent and just lazily stick to using just one weapon.

Bottom line: If you like combat, this is a fun game mode that’s worth trying out!

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.


Vice on Oct 19th, 2014, Version 2.0

It's fun, but has a few minor issues; Monsters, especially juggernauts, keep spawning at really wierd places where they get stuck (on the map 'Road Warrior', one jug. keeps spawning in a wall). This probably is due to 'spawn at random location', however, maybe it'd be possible to create some sort of a 'minimum poly size for spawn'. Finally, the units that spawn get very repetitive since you can't get further than wave 10. 4/5

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