M2SE Music Plugin

by treellama

Uploaded Oct 12th, 2023 for Marathon 2: Durandal


This plugin enables M2SE music with the stock Marathon 2 or Marathon 2 for Windows 95 map.

Requires Aleph One 1.7b1. Simply unzip and copy the folder to your Marathon 2 Plugins directory.

Credits from the M2-SE Music Readme (included):

  • The Mark Sumner “Zipper Cat” OGGs are copyright Team Unpfhorgiven.
  • The Mike Gorczynski “The Punisher” OGGs are copyright Team Unpfhorgiven.
  • The Cannibal Whore Feast OGGs are by Iain McLaughlin.
  • The “Mercenary” track "Trapped In Space" is by Julian Zielke and is copyright Team Unpfhorgiven.
  • The MuShoo track "We're Everywhere!" was originally a bonus track for M1A1, but is now in use with Marathon 2: Special Edition, allowing M2-SE to flower.

Version 1.0.1

Added checksum for M2 Win95 map

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Highly Successful Experiment

Throkgaar on Apr 4th, 2024, Version 1.0.1

The plugin is outstanding and easy to use, and will likely be the jumping off point for a whole bunch of other outstanding soundtrack mods.

That said, I was highly dubious of whether M2 would benefit from a soundtrack, but from the moment Mark Summer's music kicks in on Waterloo, you can feel it. Not all the tracks are my favorite but you'll probably really like the direction of at least one of the composers here. Some of the compositions absolutely elevate some of my least favorite levels into truly memorable experiences. Definitely worth playing through with this at least once.

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