Community/Freeverse Plugin - Monsters

by herecomethej2000

Uploaded May 22nd, 2024 for Marathon Infinity


CFP is a complete set of high definition textures for Marathon Infinity and Durandal. Based on the original Freeverse Marathon 2 Durandal XBLA textures, these have been further enhanced by the Alephone community with glowmaps and made to support Marathon Infinity.


Freeverse, Hopper, Treellama, TheDoc45, General Tacticus, J2k, Spurious Interrupt, Tfear7

This is the monsters portion of the plugin.

Installation: The downloaded file must be decompressed before moving to the plugin folder or the load time on every level will be about 5 minutes.

Other CFP Packages:

CFP Scenery -

CFP Weapons Inf -

CFP Weapons M2 -

CFP Walls M2 -

Masters of textures for CFP can be found here:

Version 1.5

The sprite packs have all been combined into one with the expectation that the plugin folder will be decompressed before moving to the plugins folder. This model improves lag spikes in game when a bunch of hires sprites suddenly are on the field.

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Smytsidian on May 19th, 2024, Version 1.4.2

I really love the HD sprites of this Plugin, I honestly wouldn't mind the long loading time if you bundle them all together. Great mod, would kill a bob again.

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