My Pants Are on Fire


Uploaded Feb 23rd, 2011 for Marathon 2: Durandal


This is a map I built a LONG time ago, and recently finished up... It is meant for Durandal. Screenshots coming soon.


Fixed the respawning of players AND objects, added sounds, removed the co-op flag, added KTMWTB, removed the extra pistols, removed the health tanks, moved two of the TOZT fuel tanks to risky areas for balance's sake, removed all of the crappy monsters and added screenshots.

3 Reviews

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

Lacks proper design

Overlord on Feb 20th, 2012, Version

It would be nice if the map wasn't so small, and if there was a better balance of weapon supply. I would only recommend this for 2 players.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

An alright netmap

Destiny on Feb 22nd, 2011, Version

Suppose this is a good start. Though, I died a lot of times trying to do this in solo. Why I died: I had my difficulty set to Total Carnage.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

Unbalanced in all areas

irons on Feb 21st, 2011, Version

Only four spawn points, one in the ceiling: these are the least of this level's worries. The haphazard and very sparse placement of weapons and ammunition is only made worse by the frequent appearance of 1x and 2x cans, which essentially render useless all weapons but the TOZT and the WSTE. These weapons are useless in their own special ways: The TOZT is almost impossible to reach thanks to excrutiatingly slow elevators, and the WSTE ammunition never respawns. The eastern and western spawn points are next to pistols, sure to be a hit if anyone should start in this area. The alien weapons these players might seize do not come back, which means anyone who spawns in these places after about a minute is fucked. The hill, like the TOZT, is only accessible via the slow elevators, but whoever makes it up there is guaranteed to stay there. He'll have the flamethrower and up to four cans of ammo to fend off anyone who tries to come up. This lack of balance finds analogues in solo play. I seriously doubt the mapper tested this level in Total Carnage, where spawning from the ceiling almost always dooms the player to failure. If he can survive the first second or so he spends on the ground, he has to contend with choke points, thanks to the poorly-placed scenery objects. Of course, since there's no real goal if you play this as a solo level there's no need to play past the first 20 or so seconds. The overall design is bland: we have a symmetrical room split into four main sections, with a central area that mainly serves to break the room up. The only positive things I can say are that the texturing is more attractive than I expected, and the lighting is OK. This level is not worth downloading or playing for these features. This level is not fun for any of the game types it supports.

5 Screenshots

Xtra small map (2-4)

Screenshot titled "Xtra small map (2-4)"

Moved the tanks

Screenshot titled "Moved the tanks"

The west spawn point

Screenshot titled "The west spawn point"

North Shotgun oom

Screenshot titled "North Shotgun oom"

North A.R. Room

Screenshot titled "North A.R. Room"