Dave's Epic Adventure

by Destiny

Uploaded Aug 30th, 2012


An incomplete scenario that was the prequel to Marathon: Dave (mainly known as Dave demo).

Please read the text document that comes with.

Version 1.0

1.0 - First time being released to the public besides the other versions for TBCROnline.

This requires the shapes and sounds from MPiD beta. I put them in the download so you'll already have them on hand if you didn't already have them.

2 Reviews

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This is badass

Mazaro on May 24th, 2015, Version 1.0

The physics are a perfect blend of the original Pathways physics with a little more of the fluid movement and agility of Marathon, making combat a lot more fun than it could be in Pathways, which felt sluggish. This allows the player to kill a lot more enemies, allowing the battles to be much larger.

The artwork, too, has been subtly shifted to the Marathon color palette in a way I appreciate.

The levels perfectly capture the Pathways structure and vibe.

I really liked this, great for its simplicity. I'm of half of a mind to create a bunch of Pathways style levels with this physics model.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Not bad

PerseusSpartacus on Sep 1st, 2012, Version 1.0

Actually, pretty good. Sure felt like PiD (aside from the lack of talking dead guys and some other minute details). Oh, and that M-79 is nasty: "Oh look, some Headless. Now let's see what this-- BOOM! Ugh, there goes my triple health." ;)

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Be quick or be killed!

Screenshot titled "Be quick or be killed!"


Screenshot titled "...?"

*Girly scream*

Screenshot titled "*Girly scream*"

This will probably be a little harder than the original.

Screenshot titled "This will probably be a little harder than the original."