The President's Edited Eternal Shapes

by President People

Uploaded Jul 7th, 2010


The President's Eternal Shapes

This is an edited Eternal X v110b3 Shapes file. It replaces some of the Marine bitmaps with new ones that match the weapon being held.

Version 3.0

  • Messed with some color tables in EVIL to get the Marine's Pfhor Staff graphics, and also a less pixellated version of the weapon's item graphic.

  • Replaced the Havoc Rifle's grenade clip item with a cleaner version.

  • Both the Napalm Canister's and the Pistol Clip's bitmaps have smoother ones in their place, though I don't think they were used.

  • Added 3 new bitmaps to the Nightmare sequences. It can now appear diagonally from behind.

  • Changed the colors of the Pfhor Staff water scenery item to match the monster's theme. I'm not sure if this was used in the game, though.

  • Experimental. Changed the color of one of the alien scenery lamps (The one that looks like a staff crystal) to match the Pfhor Staff's. NOTE: Two files are included in this folder. The one marked with a * contains the latter changes. Try them both and see what you think.

3 Reviews

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Not bad, but HD would have been better.

3371-Alpha on Dec 27th, 2015, Version 3.0

This file definitely improves Eternal's visuals, however I would have loved to see a full HD Eternal.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

thank you

Unclenate on Aug 3rd, 2011, Version 3.0

my OCD impulses can finally rest now that the 3rd person view is accurate with the 1st...

i cant believe they changed the enforcers' 3rd person appearance, but just ignore the marine's...

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Destiny on Jul 18th, 2010, Version 3.0

Getting a bit closer to using Eternal with co-op now!

7 Screenshots

Marine Scatter Rifle

Screenshot titled "Marine Scatter Rifle"

Scatter Rifle Item

Screenshot titled "Scatter Rifle Item"

Marine Havoc Rifle

Screenshot titled "Marine Havoc Rifle"

Havoc Grenades

Screenshot titled "Havoc Grenades"

Pfhor Ceiling Light

Screenshot titled "Pfhor Ceiling Light"

Marine Pfhor Staff

Screenshot titled "Marine Pfhor Staff"

Pfhor Staff Item

Screenshot titled "Pfhor Staff Item"