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Simplici7y 2.0 is being written / migrated.

I am actively re-writing Simplici7y from Ruby on Rails 2 to Python and Django. This will allow for modern hosting (no more downtime) and the ability to fix bugs, add features, and make changes. Please be patient as I re-create the existing pages and then make improvements. I will not work on enabling logins until I know the database is done being reset.

There is an archive at lochnits.com/s7/

See my progress on Github github.com/rkuykendall/Simplici7y or say Hi to Switch on Discord

Where Angels Fear to Tread by ellio7t


This is an old scenario from long ago, here for your convenience. Made with bits from the orphanage and a dormant map from adam ahswell's hard drive. All you need is a clean copy of the marathon basics, no custom pieces.

Version 1.1

updated the terminals to be spelled correctly.

  • Uploaded September 24, 2009
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infwaffle on January 16, 2011, Version 1.1

this was good but i think that the levels were a bit to long and there werent enough save/health terms on the maps. Also the terms seemed to be useless in MOST information.

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