Henselers Hell

by RealRainman

Uploaded Jun 7th, 2014 for Marathon Infinity


Henseler´s Hell a map by RealRainman

Henseler´s Hell is the first and only "Marathon map" I made back in 1997. I tried to develop a detailed storyline that, although based on the familiar "I guide you through the action" concept, comes up with surprising twists and a couple of neat tricks that pushes even the experienced player to his limits. I wanted to include a lot of cool graphics (watch out for the terminals !) , and the biggest battlebot that the "Marathon" world has ever seen (I guess) !

Believe me, I used ALL the polygons,objects and entities that are possible to use in "Forge".

Version 02

Sorry guys, forgot about the fact that I uploaded here! A nice guy by the name of Greg (somehow) got in contact with me and pointed out the missing terminal pics! The HENSELER´S HELL map-file must have been corrupted years ago by copying it to a PC-file server. I was able to retrieve the original map file and it has all the terminal artwork included (which is important at some point in the story, visual hints etc.). Have fun! cheers, RealRainman

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I dig

Mazaro on Nov 15th, 2014, Version 02

I really like the old school, 'tricks and traps' mischievious feel of this map, and how you put so much effort into a single level, there's so much detail! 5 stars for architecture.

Some of the texture alignment jobs are a little weird but overall the map has a great atmosphere and continually rewards careful searching for new areas and secrets. The carnage level is perfect.

As the other reviewer said, the terminal picts are missing. This is a familiar problem to me; evidently you moved the map file to a computer with another kind of file system in which the resource fork of the file was not recognized, and it was automatically deleted from the file.

I like the idea behind the final puzzle, but I couldn't solve it. I wandered the map for 45+ minutes looking for a switch to lower that window gate. This part wasn't as fun. So, I wasn't able to complete the map, but I got through what seems like 95% of it, and I'm glad I played it.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Cool Graphics?

Ricardo on Jun 9th, 2014, Version 02

Thanks, RealRainman.

Plenty of tricks and surprises but - at least on my Intel Imac - the terminal pictures seem to be absent, so gameplay and plot are rather hit-and-miss.

Any chance of seeing a version 02 with the PICTs included?

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