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An original fan soundtrack for Marathon Infinity, composed by Talashar. Featuring themes from Marathon, Halo, and M2SE. This won't just be a mashup of themes you know though, levels and character have been given their own themes to provide a new dimension to the game. Experience Infinity in a whole new way. Based on Treellama's M2SE plugin.

Preview my music here:

NOTE: MUSIC DOES NOT LOOP ENDLESSLY. This is intended. Many levels have added silence to allow the ambience some time on the stage. This silence is not a bug. Each level has been assigned specific tracks to emphasize narrative beats, emotional highlights, atmosphere, and overall vibe. If you would like looping versions of the songs, you can get them for free via the bandcamp link (click Buy Album then enter $0).

Recommended volume levels are 100% Master, 70% Music.

If you run into any issues with this plugin, I can be found in the Marathon Discord as @throkgaar.


Notes for version High Quality Update:

Slight tweaks to timing and higher quality .ogg files with Metadata.

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Err... uhm... so i did it? The whole Infinity [and M2] spritesets and images (still minus the Player, sigh) but in a more cartoon-ish format.

The link goes to my GDrive. EDIT 2023/12/14: The permissions went haywire. I'll try to correct as soon as I can. EDIT 2023/12/14: The permissions seems correct now.

Notes for version 1.01:

Added M2 landscapes, took down the hosted version and left the link on my drive

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This is a plugin which replaces the Pfhor texture set with new 512x512 DDS textures.

Notes for version 1.0:

1.0 First Release

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Replaces the 2d scenery sprites with 3d models in Marathon 1

Note: works best in shader mode.

Make sure bloom is turned off!

Obviously some errors can't be avoided, but I have done my best to smooth over as many bumps as possible.

Notes for version 1.2:

-Replaced the escape pod model with a much better one

-Changed the pfhor egg to be more like the original (an egg)

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This plugin replaces most of the original Jjarro props with 4x resolution rendered versions.

-The sun sprite is not replaced yet, but I have no idea where it shows up anyway.

-The broken light fixtures are not replaced either, as the game doesn't let you break Jjarro lights.

Notes for version 1.0:

The next version will probably include the star and unused broken lights

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For those of you who want to spruce up the scenery without having to look at those heinous XBLA Monsters, here's a Plugin that will just change the look of the scenery items to be higher-resolution.

NOTE: This plugin should work with Infinity, but will not modify the Jjaro scenery.

Notes for version 1.0:

Replaces Water, Sewage, Lava, and Pfhor scenery items with higher-resolution versions.

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This is a superplugin for AlephOne 1.0+ that lets you easily enable all the hi-res sprites and textures from the XBLA version of Marathon: Durandal with one single click.

All required graphics are inlcuded. In addition to that, some glow- and bumpmap textures have also been included to improve visual experience and take advantage of AOs shader features. No custom shapes files are required for this to work.

This updated version also includes the high-res enemy sprites found by Hippieman, along with a few fixes and some glowmaps.

Notes for version 2.1:

Added XBLA HD sprites found by hippieman. Added S'pht'Kr HD sprites. Added purple trooper HD sprites. Added missing hunter HD sprite. Fixed white outlines on some of the sprites. Added glowmaps for HD sprites. Adjusted the Defender sprites to properly match with their lower res counterparts.

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FOV Script 1.0

3371-Alpha on 05/23/2016

This is a script that modifies Marathon/Aleph One's FOV values.

"Why would I need to download this if I can just find the code to this script on the various threads at the Pfhorums, copy and paste it into a text editor and save it as a mml file?" Quite simple, because you're lazy.

Notes for version 1.0:

This script will not work on scenarios that have their own FOV modification scripts included.

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Experience the authentic 1994 jank of Marathon 1's classic HUD as if it were made for your monitor!

This plugin takes the classic HUD and extends it to fill modern 16:9, 16:10, and Ultrawide displays.

The same plugin covers widescreen monitors whether it is 16:9, 16:10, or 21:9. It automatically adapts to your chosen resolution.

With the extra space, additional inventory pages are displayed. In Solo games, weapons and ammo are displayed. In Netgames, the scoreboard is always displayed.

Based on the Default M1 HUD plugin included with Aleph One's M1 release.

For a more minimal but still classic style HUD, check out my Widescreen Marathon 2 HUD plugin, which includes a specially modified variant for Marathon 1.

Wide Marathon 2 & Marathon Infinity HUD here.

Notes for version 2.611:

v2.611 - just a re-zip since the plugin wasn't in a folder, sorry

v2.610 - Added 16:10 version for Steam Deck and Mac players. Updated to newer Default M1 HUD script.

v2.19 - Added 21:9 Ultrawide support

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Marathon Infinity monsters and scenery upscaled with Pixelmator Pro's ML Super Resolution AI upscaler.

Will work with M2 as well.

Upscaled factor is 3x which is perfect for 1080p.

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I've always found the weapon reticles in the enhanced hud plugin to be too dim and hard to see, so I made brighter ones. To use, simply replace the default images in the enhanced hud plugin folder with these.

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Back when items were strictly 2D sprites, there was little reason to care about their facing angle. We now have plugins that replace items with 3D models, yet in nearly all existing maps all weapons and ammo face the same direction.

This plugin addresses this cosmetic oddity by making all items slowly rotate (yaw), as seen in other shooters like Quake and Unreal. The 2D sprites were easy to identify because you could see them in profile from any angle. This animation restores that property, and the movement also makes them stand out more. Unfortunately, because the script physically manipulates the items in the environment, it's only expected to work in single player.

I've been using this for myself ever since thedoctor45 released his excellent 3D items plugin in February 2012. However, it's very simple and should work with any 3D items, for any scenario. Anyone making a "3D items" or similar plugin is welcome to bundle this into their work; one look at the lua and you'll see how simple the effect is to create.

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There were some manual edits done to the fighter shapes to keep their staves/glow maps consistent between frames. The inconsistencies were obvious with the higher definition monsters, so thanks to Aaron for cleaning up the originals.

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Tick Rider 0.2?

Kuurin on 02/18/2021

Screenshot titled "1st-person view from Tick Stew"

Soar on the wings of a bowl of spoiled pudding!

Ride on a tick, and fight from the sky!

Jump from tick to tick, or abuse the improbable physics of whatever a tick is made of to boost yourself over long distances! Blast the tick out from under your foes! Ride on the wrong tick and explode!

The possibilities are endless!

This fun and mildly-insane netscript is best suited to larger maps with open spaces. And it's even better with lava. Try it and you'll soon understand why!

Highly configurable, with various weird secrets and bizarre instances of what may possibly pass for humor. Try adding your own nonsense – Amuse, bemuse, or disgust your friends!

This package includes one shoddy, simplistic, yet lovable and purpose-made netmap, Tick Stew, that will allow you to explore the possibilities in various networked gametypes or just by yourself in a solo game.

Take to the un-friendly skies and become a Tick Rider today!

Notes for version 0.2?:
  • Position ticks out of impassable polygons.

  • Deal with some Lua errors caused by exceeding monster limits with too many ticks.

  • Added super-informative read-me documentation.

  • Added special Tick-Netmap "Cavendish Tick Catastrophe"

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At MacWorld 1996, Power Computing (a popular Macintosh clone manufacturer in the mid-1990’s) released a CD-ROM called “PowerComputing The Disc 2”.

This contained a special demo of Marathon 2. Instead of the normal sprites for Bob, there was instead special sprites of the Director of Evangelism of Power Computing, Bob LeVitus. Also included with the demo was a Shapes file that could be used with the full version of the game.
I was surprised that this wasn't already ported to Aleph One so, I've rectified that.
Questions, comments, bugs? Post on the Pfhorums:

Notes for version 1.0:

1.0: Initial release

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These bump maps are designed to create simple depth using the original textures. Also included are glow masks!

Note that there is an alternative version of these bump maps featuring shallower grooves and indentations (50% Depth).

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This is a slightly modified version of Hopper's M2 Default HUD. It moves the HUD to the lower left corner of the screen and allows for fullscreen mode without any black bar. This works for any non-M1 scenario.

Thanks to wrkncacnter for the additional scripting.

Notes for version 1.1:

Fixed margins so the lua console can be viewed. Thanks to Terin in the Marathon Discord for fixing this!

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Chibi Usa Soundtrack Bonus Edition

ftg.death.rhino on 06/06/2013

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Now you can hear the Original Marathon Soundtrack in the modern MIDI Instruments for Quicktime! Me sad though, no plugin, no MML script, just replace your Tracks folder with the new one... :'-(

Notes for version Bonus Edition:

It may not be a plugin, and it may not replace on its own, but it has some cool extra stuff, things for newcomers and things for Born on Boards!

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This plugin allows you to experience Marathon 2's original 1995 classic status bar HUD, but modified to better support today's widescreen displays. This plugin supports Marathon 2, Marathon Infinity, and many scenarios, and even provides an M2-like HUD for Marathon 1.

This widescreen HUD has 2 flavors, a 'lite' version and an 'enhanced' version:

CLASSIC M2 (UNRESTRICTED VIEW): The original HUD, uses original graphics, but removes the letterboxing on the 3D game view, allowing any widescreen aspect ratio, should be compatible with all scenarios

CLASSIC M2 (WIDESCREEN ENHANCED): Extends the status bar graphics to fill a 16:9 screen. To utilize the extra space, a second inventory page is displayed. In Netgames, this second page shows the scoreboard.

Due to the necessity of custom graphics, "Widescreen Enhanced" HUD is only guaranteed to work with the following scenarios:

  • Marathon 1, Marathon 2, and Marathon Infinity
  • Any scenarios which use the default M2/MI HUD graphics, such as: Tempus Irae, Phoenix, EVIL, and many more
  • The following scenarios with custom HUD graphics: Apotheosis, Apotheosis X, Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge, Marathon Squadron, Portal of Sigma, RED, Return To Marathon, Rubicon/Rubicon X, Trojan

See included Readme for installation instructions.

All Lua work is based on "M2 Default HUD" posted here by Hopper, as well as the scenarios' original art, with additions by me to support the enhanced widescreen features.

Widescreen Marathon 1 Classic HUD is available here

Notes for version 2.01:

v2.01: fix terminals at 'Largest' setting scaling improperly at very low game resolutions

v2.0: add marathon 1 and trojan huds, and code cleanup

v1.9: add scenarios support, resize HUD to be a perfect 2x scale at 1080p, add lite version

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This is a modification of Hopper's amazing XBLA HUD for Marathon 2 and Infinity, this time designed for Marathon Phoenix.

Note: Secret skull information is displayed when you take out your fists.

Notes for version 1.0:

Initial release. Includes support for secret skulls and keycards.

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