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Screenshot titled "overview"

This plugin replaces all the textures in marathon infinity's lava set with 512x512 versions. I have sought to stay true to the originals and I hope it shows. Version 2 includes major updates to all textures. Bump maps are now supported. Make sure to check that out!

Notes for version 2.05:

2.0 New release with major texture upgrades and bump maps

2.05 Removal of bright line from texture 018.

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Animates the water with a 24 frame animation.

Only for water set so far. It needs to be activated last, since the last activated plugin gets priority.

Notes for version 0.2:

0.2 Moved the animated water from my water set to this plugin.

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Screenshot titled "preview"

This plugin replaces all the textures in marathon infinity's water set with 512x512 versions. I have sought to stay true to the originals and I hope it shows. Version 2 includes major updates to all textures. Bump maps are now supported. Make sure to check that out!

Notes for version 2.2:

2.0 Updates to all textures and new bump maps.

2.01 Fixed missing light on switch

2.1 Added animated water. Replaced bitmap 07 with png to fix color issue.

2.2 Updated Read Me. Moved animated water to a separate plugin.

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Screenshot titled "Floor"

This is a plugin which replaces the Pfhor texture set with new 512x512 DDS textures.

Notes for version 1.0:

1.0 First Release

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This is a high resolution landscape plugin for Marathon Infinity. It replaces all landscapes with 2048x1080 PNG versions.

Please note, these landscapes are also released at 4096x2160. http://www.simplici7y.com/items/gorans-highres-landscape-plugin

Feedback: http://www.pfhorums.com/index.php?showtopic=5741

Notes for version 1.0:

1.0 First Release.

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Screenshot titled "Space Preview"

This is a high resolution landscape plugin for Marathon Infinity. It replaces all landscapes with 4096x2160 PNG versions.

Please note, if your copmputer have difficulties at using these large landscapes, there's an alternative download, where all landscapes have been reduced to 2048x1080. Check out: http://www.simplici7y.com/items/gorans-highres-2048x1080-landscapes-plugin

Feedback: http://www.pfhorums.com/index.php?showtopic=5741

Notes for version 1.2:

1.0 First Release

1.01 Fixed MML Error

1.2 Changed image type from DDS to PNG to improve overall image quality. Gradients are now much smoother.

3,833 downloads, 4 reviews, 4 screenshots, 4.8 rating

Screenshot titled "recharger"

This is a plugin that replaces Infinity's jjarro Set textures with 512x512 DDS textures.

Notes for version 1.5:

1.0 First release

1.5 Major update of ALL textures.

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Screenshot titled "wall"

This is a plugin that replaces Infinity's sewage Set textures with 512x512 DDS textures.

Notes for version 1.1:

1.0 First release

1.1 Fixed glow maps

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A physics file to use together with visual mode lua. It stops the constant teleporting of enemies. It's universal and works the same on all scenarios. Enjoy a visual mode without distractions.

Notes for version 1.0:

No sounds or visual appearances are made by monsters.

No slowdowns detected on my machine (2ghz pc, 4gb ram, 256mb graphic card) when I ran through a 1024 polygon solo level and activated all monsters.

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A small novelity map showing off a transparency effect created in forge.

The map is unmerged. No scipts involved. 8 polygons.

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Mr Vain 1.1

goran svensson on 06/15/2009

Screenshot titled "Teleporter Room"

A large netmap inspired by Quake 3 Arena.

Weapons and ammo are stacked. That's why you don't see much ammo. It's hidden under weapons.

Notes for version 1.1:

Mr Vain 1.1

-added more elevators

-made a few elevators more user friendly

-added an abundance of ammo in item parametres. The Map now spawns enough ammo and weapons to max 8 players out.

-a couple of weapon spawning points were added.

-A hill and ball were added

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Screenshot titled "Hangover"

A netmap for 2+ players that were designed with the rebellion setting in mind.Players start weaponless and with 25% health. Watch out, it's easy to die :P

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  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

excellent Hi res Jjarro scenery replacement

goran svensson on Aug 23rd, 2016, Version 1.0

I think you did a good job with these sprites. They all look beautiful and you stayed true to the original look of the low res sprites. Excellent!

If you know your way with 3D programs, please consider doing a real 3D plugin for sprites. We had one in the works 4 years ago for the water set. The ceilings lamps were a sight to behold when they were in 3D. All puddles also looked very good on flat 3d planes.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Perfect Starlight

goran svensson on Feb 16th, 2013, Version III

The majority of maps are very good. Good balance, flow, architecture, cover, and choices. A 5 no doubt.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

ok Fort Roque

goran svensson on Feb 15th, 2013, Version 1.0.1

I like the concept for 1vs1 play. Lots of cover. Crampy. It was the rocket launcher that ruined it for me. Remove rocket launchers, add a flamethrower or two.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Good Four of Diamonds

goran svensson on Feb 15th, 2013, Version 1.0

3-player game: I liked this map. The Arena allows for escape, and the exposure is not too bad. Vision goes both ways. I like maps where you can keep track of your enemies. This map is good for that. There were also plenty of cover to use. Another plus.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

old school SL Maps

goran svensson on Feb 9th, 2013, Version 1.1.1

The maps have an old school feel which can be refreshing from the more streamlined modern maps.

In 1vs1 there is plenty of cover to be used, and the maps pace differently. Overall a pleasant experience.

Respawning 2x canisters can give too much advantage to the player who finds them first in 1vs1. Not sure how this plays out in 3+ players. I think they can be taken out.

Incontinental Divide was my favourtie map in the pack. That maps is a 4 or 5:er.

Overall I'm giving this pack a 3. To me it means that it is good/decent.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Impressive Kindred Spirits

goran svensson on Nov 4th, 2012, Version

Good overall quality. Last level is my favorite. I think Alex nailed the aesthetics on that one. It is a pity you do not get to see it in the screenshots :)

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Good Work Marathon Classic HUD

goran svensson on Jul 18th, 2012, Version 1.0

Just as I remembered it from Marathon 1!

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

ok for what it is Heretical Cyborg

goran svensson on Mar 8th, 2012, Version 1.2

Thanks for uploading a solo map. They so rare nowadays. I have not played heretic so I dunno how well you copied E1M1. There are some cosmetic annoyances in the map (lack of shading), but gameplay wise I find few things to complain about. It is a short and easy level. Like first levels in general are.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Love it! 3D Items Plugin

goran svensson on Feb 23rd, 2012, Version 1.1

This looks good. Thank you doctor for bringing us this plugin. I like all items, but I think it could be improved by closing the lid on the ammo boxes and creating better models for the health canisters (they were somewhat fat).

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

candy fragments

goran svensson on Aug 29th, 2011, Version -1

I've always been a fan of what people nowadays refer to as gimmicks. This pack is all about that.

Caustics is a cool effect. I don't agree with quartz that it cannot be used, it would just require a custom scenario. Texture sets in marathon can have 100+ textures, and you can write level specific mml.

The amount of textures can also be reduced by 30. You only need one normal texture, which can be used over and over for each bitmap.

Star wars and hamsters shows the new power of untextured sides in the new renderer. Fake floating polygons. Makes me think of old abandoned idea of bridges of balconies. What a marathon we could have had!

Tight rope builds on the same tech as hamster och star wars, but the limits of the floating polygon trick are not visible. It's a foolproof line the air.

Old factory has no gimmicks. It's an unfinished netmap showing of Quartz ability to create good looking architecture.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Good ShotsFired Plugin

goran svensson on Nov 21st, 2010, Version v1.1

The updated graphics look good and believable. Most impressive is the fusion bolt.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

25% High-res Landscapes Plugin (M3)

goran svensson on Nov 21st, 2010, Version v1.1

These landscapes don't give justice to the word high resolution. Unless your idea of that, is enlarged blurred versions of the originals. The only good landscape in this pack is the space landscape.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Good Marathon 2 XBLA texture enhancement scripts

goran svensson on Nov 7th, 2010, Version 1.0

All hard work has been done for you. This download includes step by step instructions on how to harvest the data from the Xbox live version of marathon 2. But not only that. It also includes an altered shapes file and new MML scripts to make everything work.

It's no plug and play. Harvesting the textures takes some effort on your part. Expect an hour or two if you're not familiar with python programming.

When all is said and done. You'll be a little proud, and very thankful to the authors for providing you with this excellent download.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

=) Power Drive

goran svensson on Oct 17th, 2010, Version 1.4.0

I don't play net games very often, but yesterday I played a couple with this pack. Impressive level design.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

Hmm, where are my troops? Dropship.lua

goran svensson on Aug 1st, 2010, Version 1.02

The flying works ok, but when I call in my troops, something invisible enters the battlefield. I cannot see my troops, and they don't seem to do anything.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

A good start. The caverns

goran svensson on Aug 1st, 2010, Version 2.2

This is a very short level. You'll finish it in about one minute.

You start in a cavern with a large group of flicktas infront of you. When you walk past them they start chasing you. Luckily, there's an escape route through a water hole. The real challenge on the level is an enforcer guarding the exit. There's not much room to manouver around him and you only got a pistol (unless you manage to sneak by him and grab the AR).

The map run without any problems. The only thing worth pointing out is that there are some ceiling textures in the cavern that need a fix.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

It's good. Marathon Phoenix

goran svensson on Jul 28th, 2010, Version 1.1.0

20 large levels jampacked with action.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Not my cup of tea Marathon: W'rkncacnter

goran svensson on Apr 1st, 2010, Version 1.0

This scenario was boring to play.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Early career Testing 1 2 3

goran svensson on Mar 23rd, 2010, Version .9

Welcome to the fold.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

Random jump script Quake 3 lua

goran svensson on Mar 12th, 2010, Version 0.1b

This script makes you jump around randomly. You cannot move the player, the script does that for you, which results in little control over where you are going.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

bad Halo - Combat Evolved

goran svensson on Mar 10th, 2010, Version 0.6b

This script will make your screen flash in different colors. It's annoying to the extreme.

waste of time.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Fun Gameplay Jack Hammer Beta

goran svensson on Mar 10th, 2010, Version 1.1

I had fun playing this. The gameplay is good and fast paced. It is not often I that I recnognize good gameplay, but here it is. Finished Jack Hammer in one sitting.

Some levels suffer from inescapable traps where suicide or grenade jumping are the only ways out (beta symptoms?). It may annoy the more sensitive player.

The visuals of jack hammer is more akin to oldschool marathon mapping. Which is more or less good depending on your taste.

I gave this scenario a 3. It's a good ride with some bumps.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

Too many errors Skylark

goran svensson on Dec 3rd, 2009, Version 1

Gemometry and shading are interesting.

The map has many bad points though. An inescapable water pit. A river that runs too fast(flow 0.4). If you attempt to cross it, you are easily propelled into the water pit. Error combo!

Geometry flickers and fades throughout the map (as if it was untextured). I suspect it is the item-limit that is overshot; the map has 610 items.

Conclusion: The visual aspects of the map does not make up for the 3 errors. Rating 1.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Mappers should study WETPEACK. WETPEACK

goran svensson on Oct 30th, 2009, Version 1.1

The 2nd level was very good. Not only the rain, but also the landscape effect you applied to that level. Having the sky light up in synchronity with the thunder was realistic and new.

One should note though that thunder is often delayed by x seconds after a lighting flash. Sound only travels at 340m/s.When the sound and the lighting flash are matched perfectly it means the thunder is terrifying close.

If a random amount of time would expire between the flash and the sound, the effect would become more realistic.

Anyway, this map pack is getting a 5 based on the rain and the landscape effect.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

excellent Visual Mode

goran svensson on Aug 3rd, 2009, Version 2.0.4

It takes a while to get used to the controls, but it's time well spent. Visual lua is on par with forge's visual mode. Very handy if you want to texture a complicated area.