Visual Mode

by treellama

Uploaded Jan 20th, 2024


Visual Mode is a plugin that allows you to texture maps in Aleph One. It supports almost all features of Forge's visual mode, plus OpenGL, multiple texture sets, and more. Requires Aleph One 1.7.

Version 3.0.2


  • Adds Jjaro wires and chip insertion
  • Fixes "wep only" control panel editing
  • Adds new transfer modes from Aleph One 1.7

Aleph One 1.7 is now required!

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lj6014 on Jan 10th, 2015, Version 3.0.1

Great script for use with Weland But i can't figure out how to switch textures it says use mic button and weapons switch but it just makes it switch texture type.

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Great Fun

twiceTwice on Nov 23rd, 2013, Version 3.0.1

@Wazdakka, and others that might be wondering:

Visual Mode is a plug-in for Aleph One. It is NOT a plug-in for Weland.

In order to run Visual Mode you need to download: (1) Aleph One, (2) a Marathon Scenario.

Both of these are available for free online and easily discoverable via google.

-Put Aleph One into the Scenario folder.

-Put Visual Mode into the "Plug-Ins" folder within the Scenario folder.

-Replace the Map.scaA file with your own map. (Re-name your map to "Map.scaA"

-Launch Aleph One, start game. Texture!

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Wazdakka on Sep 2nd, 2013, Version 3.0.1

I have a big question - I'm using Weland 1.4.1 and I've downloaded this replacement for Visual Mode thanks to all the positive reviews. However, when I drag the file into my "Plugins" folder in Weland, nothing appears when I view my plugins dropdown menu in the actual application. Would somebody please help me out?

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I like the script, but

W'rkncacnter on Jul 27th, 2013, Version 3.0

Visual mode lua is released under the JUICE license, and one of the requirements of the JUICE license is it's not allowed to be hosted on Github. Better get a good lawyer.

It's good though.

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It was used to make Invidia Durandal 1.1

ftg.death.rhino on Jul 26th, 2013, Version 3.0

That's got to be a reason to use it, right?

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This just goes to show...

PerseusSpartacus on May 11th, 2012, Version 2.1 useful a lua script can be. I use Weland to make maps, and it doesn't have a built-in Visual Mode like Forge does, so I have to use this. Granted, it has cons, but you barely even notice them. All in all, wonderful.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

It's a great script.

iamanidiot123 on Apr 12th, 2011, Version 2.1

At first, i neglected some features of visual mode (such as texture dragging.) It can do anything (except for get you a sandwich). It's great for texturing. However, it's not good for underwater maps, as you can still suffocate while texturing. Just don't stay underwater for very long.

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1000th DOWNLOAD!!!!!!

BOB on Aug 11th, 2010, Version 2.1

Yeah....... that's about it.........

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Best .lua out there for PC map-makers

DADDY Z3RO on Jun 7th, 2010, Version 2.1

I use Treellama's Weland editor, and in it's rough state, this .LUA is the one, true, pure texture editor.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

a little glitchy

elitesoldier on May 10th, 2010, Version 2.0.4

for some odd reason, when i play with a map i textured with this lua file: allies, enemies, walls, and items are all noclipped. and when i walk through a wall it sends me to the respawn point. could somebody PLEASE tell me how to fix this?

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goran svensson on Aug 3rd, 2009, Version 2.0.4

It takes a while to get used to the controls, but it's time well spent. Visual lua is on par with forge's visual mode. Very handy if you want to texture a complicated area.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Very good script

WeirdoYYY on Jan 4th, 2009, Version 2.0.3

When you need to fix a map right then and there you can do it..

The only major setback I find tho is that it just does textures so if you need to make a map you gotta make it blank first then work off that which can be a bit tedious.

All in all tho it does what it says it does and it is a must have for all mappers.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

A must have.

windbreaker on Oct 12th, 2008, Version 2.0.2

With the added ability of texturing unpaved surfaces, this script makes Forge's visual mode obsolete. The script is extremely easy to learn, and, in my opinion, beats Forge's VM in terms of how it operates. Unlike Forge's VM, you can use textures from all sets easily, you can "freeze" in the air to texture hard-to-reach places, and you don't have to deal with too many lines overloading the engine. If you're still hesitant about making the switch to this script, I assure you that it is easy to learn, and you'll be far better off in the long run.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Tim Vogel on Jul 14th, 2008, Version 2.0

This is a must have for any mapper or scenario designer. It should be really easy to get started if you're familiar with Forge's Visual mode and it has a couple of great improvements over Forge.

I've made a lot of maps in the past that are close to the 1024 poly limit and it takes a lot of time to texture these maps in Forge because of it's limits and crashes. This makes it so much easier, kudos to Treellama and Irons for this gem!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

A powerful tool

Longinus on Jul 13th, 2008, Version 2.0

I'm quite astounded by how many of Forge's visual mode features have been packed into this script. Very clever of Jon and Greg to have pulled this off using A1. I find its a very convenient tool, able to mostly replace the Forge visual mode. With me using entirely PC's, its nice not having to crack open my ancient G3 laptop and struggle with forge's annoying visual mode limitations. Still, if you're making a fairly complex map, you'll still have to revert to forge for certain visual edits. Controls are not particularly user friendly. (completely understandable since this is all done with Alephone). You select certain editing modes by pressing keys such as mic, map, or action key. You then click or hit the switch weapon keys to perform various actions. As mentioned before, the HUD really helps here. I�m sure is possible to improve upon these inconveniences in future iterations. Aside from the mostly minor usability nuisances, this is a very effective and powerful tool.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Very Good To Have

Sharkie Lino on Jul 12th, 2008, Version 2.0

Very useful. It has allowed me to make many texture fixes to maps without having to worry about any crashes due to the "Too Many Transparent Edges" error.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

An absolute must-have

RyokoTK on Jul 12th, 2008, Version 2.0

After 15 minutes I was sold. The script does what it says on the tin, and it does an extremely good job of replicating Forge's abilities whenever possible, and exceeding them whenever capable.

There are a few obvious problems, but it's less a fault of the script and more just an engine limitation. The controls are sub-par, but the HUD does a good job of clarifying what does what. There are a few minor differences in functionality between this and Forge's visual mode, but nothing that breaks the bank. The only key problem I have is that, currently, yaw and pitch aren't locked when aligning textures, meaning that if you want to align a texture on a wall you can't do so without simultaneously looking around. Adding control panels is a little bit sticky, but workable. There are a couple other personal preferences but they don't really detract from the script.

Overall, this is an outstanding utility that very nearly renders Forge's visual mode obsolete, and I heartily recommend it for anyone -- especially for mappers who tend to have visually complex maps that crash Forge.

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