High-Definition Marathon Infinity Textures (all-in-one repackaging)

by Goran Svensson, kaosof, & The Man

Uploaded Apr 26th, 2024 for Marathon Infinity


I (Aaron / The Man) have repackaged Goran Svensson’s Marathon Infinity textures, which were released as five separate plugins, as a single plugin, mostly for the sake of reducing clutter and clicking in our Infinity plugin menus (i.e., if you want to enable one of these, you’ll probably want to enable them all).

In my book, these are by far the best Marathon Infinity texture replacements available (unless you’re using MaraToon; then you should use MaraToon for everything), and they’re certainly the most faithful.

I used Goran’s most recent releases of the Water, Lava, Jjaro, and Pfhor sets; I used kaosof’s edit of the Sewage set with added bump maps. See the included readme for additional information; each set also includes its original documentation within its respective folder.

Screenshots coming when I feel like it.


Version 1.0

First release.

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Very convenient!

Smytsidian on Apr 26th, 2024, Version 1.0

Now this make my plugins menu look less cluttered and I don't have to activate 5 plugins just to get the full experience!

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