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The first in a series of solo mini-scenarios on the UESC Kolokotronis. Your feedback is appreciated.

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Lava Fight .sceA

The Cool Guy on 10/08/2011

Don't fall into the lava

Notes for version .sceA:

Like I said don't fall into the lava

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Rough maps 1.11

Skullcrusher on 09/18/2010

Screenshot titled "oddly familiar..."

These are rough maps, not really meant to be played together, but separately just for fun. Note: Maze and Friendly Fire Central look similar because they were originally same map. FF is more carnage based.

Notes for version 1.11:

Tiny thing

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Screenshot titled "Greek Temple"

A zip file version of the old 3D Examples from the early days of Aleph One. Includes a plugin containing 3D models of columns and lights, and two maps for trying it out. Files originally created by "binhqx", and still available in .sit form here

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Screenshot titled ""

Heres a map that tests how far you can see with aleph one. AND its single player. i will get a multiplayer version on soon.

Notes for version v1.0:

beta version

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I created these maps between 2000 - 2003. They have been uploaded before in a similar format. This pack adds one large solo map. I'm not sure about all this new fangled stuff you got here so you might need to tweak them a bit to work.

Notes for version 2:

Not sure what happened to the original; if it's still floating around somewhere. This is the new version.

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this is some levels from the long defunct Marathon: Apocalypse thrown together to make a little scenario introducing my real project: Jack Hammer.

Notes for version 1.45:

fixed a couple of minor bugs and added ammo

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Screenshot titled ""

This is an old scenario from long ago, here for your convenience. Made with bits from the orphanage and a dormant map from adam ahswell's hard drive. All you need is a clean copy of the marathon basics, no custom pieces.

Notes for version 1.1:

updated the terminals to be spelled correctly.

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Perry Arena 1.0.2

jstea on 09/20/2009

Screenshot titled "Map"

Perry Arena is my first map released to the public. It's packed full of carnage and uses the sewage texture set. M2 compatible. There are aliens and bobs for solo fun.

Notes for version 1.0.2:

Changed some sounds and monster parameters to improve flow.

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Stand-alone game

Notes for version .36:

Fixed gamma bug (nuclear) Bettered main menu text (LESS chance of cut-off, recommended setting is still 1024+)

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Stand-alone Marathon game. Windows version.

Notes for version .36:

Fixed the gamma bug.

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