Logan 7

by Spooky

Uploaded Dec 30th, 2023 for Marathon Infinity


If it exists, the space station is located in the KBC void near the edge of the observable universe, conducting experiments on a theoretically proposed anomaly predicted to be in this region of space. With the prior knowledge that return of even data from this mission was not possible due to the vast distance, our ancestors set out on a journey across the stars to target this predicted phenomenon. Any remains of the vessel are assumed to be drifting in a lifeless unhabitable condition. Distant whispers of long forgotten reality bending experiments in extradimensional space are all that remains of the original documentation about the expedition which left our local region of space approximately 2.2 Ma. You are to collect any and all research data and artefacts, evacuate any unlikely survivors and secure the station for detonation. Good luck.

Version 0.08

Added second level to space station.

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