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Marathon Dissent by pfhornikator


Dissent scenario by Thomas Reed. Modified for Aleph One by Mark (no last name).


Version v1.2

from the readme:

Users must have Aleph One 0.16 or higher. ""Marathon Dissent.bin"" in the read me folder can be decoded (.bin file) and used with the the decoded (.bin) Image and Map files in classic. The look and feel of the game should be the same. The mml scripts are for text strings and opengl code.

  • Uploaded February 24, 2022
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Pretty Good!!

pointblank on February 25, 2022, Version v1.2

On level 8 of 24 now, and so far these maps are fairly easily navigated and also decently detailed. Not much is new, except some changes to a couple weapons and a new boss-like enemy. I am definitely going to enjoy the several hours of new content! (I don't actually know when these maps were made, but they are new to me)

Update: I got stuck on the map ""endymion"" (lvl 9) and had to cheat myself an uplink chip. Then, on the next map, ""fission for trouble"" (lvl 11; i guess i missed another exit from 9), I have an uplink chip given to me but can't find the ""hidden"" input slot. ????

Also, I hate vacuum levels.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Uplink Chip Ruins the Game

moppypuppy on September 19, 2022, Version v1.2

This scenario is so interesting and the maps look great using mechanics like stealth to spice things up.

Then the game gets ruined because you can't find the uplink chip to progress.

If the developer of this scenario is still alive they should go in, give the terminals some much needed brevity, and provide some maps to the uplink chips that this scenario relies heavily upon.

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