Seven Shades of Wraith

by Zott

Uploaded Oct 9th, 2021


A one-level scenario where the player must seek out and punch the seven pumpkin beacons while avoiding Shades, Wraiths, and the occasional Pfhor.

Includes plugin that must be enabled for scenario to work properly.

Volume Warning: screamer.

Version 1.02

Embedded Increased Dynamic Limits back to Aleph One 1.0 amounts.

Fixed glow mask artifacts with fire sprites.

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  • Currently 3/5 Stars.


patrick on Nov 14th, 2013, Version




  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Was that your face?

MoppyPuppy on Nov 12th, 2013, Version

It was a 2. Then I figured out the TOZT & VISR mechanics.

Wonderful scenario for its unique features.

However, its not a 4 because this scenario is not scary at all.

Marathon Evil's Devlin encounter, Marathon Apotheosis Assassin enounter, heck even Marathon Eternal scared me more with the first Wraith encounter.

Also the level itself will get you hung up on just about everything.


I take a little back. While the scenario itself isn't scary, if you forget to turn off the scripting your other scenarios will literally be haunted.

2 Screenshots

Hunt down your enemies and destroy them.

Screenshot titled "Hunt down your enemies and destroy them."

Everybody loves fire

Screenshot titled "Everybody loves fire"