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A version of the Marathon Infinity shapes with all landscapes and the Water, Lava, Sewage, and Pfhor texture sets replaced with their Marathon 2 counterparts, which, as I showed in a submission to the Marathon’s Story page, serve as the basis for almost all of the Infinity versions. (Even the Jjaro set? As it happens, yes; more than half of it is based on the Sewage set. I did not rearrange the order of textures in that image at all.)


Primarily to make texturing for Marathon 2 a lot more convenient – you can just swap the shapes file between Marathon Infinity and Marathon 2 in Weland’s preferences rather than also having to change the scenario as well. Also, Vasara gets unhappy if the Jjaro texture set isn’t present; the Landscapes start to glitch out. (I don’t use Visual Mode.lua that much, but I seem to recall it having issues as well.)

Beyond that, this enables players to play through Infinity with Marathon 2 textures if they want to. I think the games are better with their intended textures, but it can be a neat experience to play Infinity with M2 textures at least once. (If nothing else, levels often match their terminal graphics better!)

By whom?

Sharkie copied the textures and the 8-bit landscapes over; I redid the true-color landscapes myself because I noticed issues with their palettes. The original graphics, of course, are by J. Reginald Dujour (Marathon 1), Mark Bernal and Robert McLees (Marathon 2), and Randy Reddig, David Longo, Colin Kawakami, and Beth Ulman (Marathon Infinity).

Notes for version 1.0:

First release.

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Marathon® Infinity takes the closed universe of the Marathon series and blows it wide open. The solo/co-op campaign, “Blood Tides of Lh’owon,” is a 20-level scenario sporting new textures, weapons, and aliens. More than that, the scenario sheds a surprising new light on the story’s characters and the meaning of events. Having defeated the Pfhor and reawakened the ancient remnants of the S’pht, the player now faces a world where friends become enemies and all is not what it seems…

Marathon Infinity is the most popular Marathon game in online play, and is compatible with hundreds of community-made maps. This release includes the classic graphics, and revamped high-definition textures and weapons.

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This pack contains 2 maps:

The Four Elements

The Four Elements Simplified

The map uses 4 Textures Jjaro, Sewage, Water, and Lava each separated in 4 sections all converging in towards the center. Pfhor textures were also used in different areas of the maps. The simplified version is similar to the the first map with stripped down center.

Some custom textures were used.

Map design by aquateenhgrfrce

Sounds by Sharkie Lino

Thanks to Sharkie Lino, cxmb, brilliant, hastur, dis, gyffes, ASH, KBM, nib, and Thug for beta testing this map and offering suggestions.

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Coriolis Loop 1.000000000000001

irons on 11/26/2008

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Double Aught's classic netmap pack hasn't been changed at all, except that I've made it into "Unimap" format and zipped the file, making it easier for more modern operating systems to use.

NOTE that the version you can download from Simplici7y will not work with old films recorded forever ago in the good old days. These sure as hell aren't the good old days. If you're trying to view an old film and Aleph One complains that it can't find the map file, get the original file here.

Notes for version 1.000000000000001:

Switches from Macbin/Unimap resources to M2/95 resources. Meaningless to most, so don't bother getting this new one unless you're having trouble with the old one.

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The Warehouse 2.0

The Thug on 07/08/2008

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After a year of chopped up progress working on this map pack and a recent 4 month break, I have managed to finish The Warehouse. Version 2.0 includes 7 netmaps. Older ones include Punk Plaza, Spaceport Alpha, Docking Bay 4, and Deserted Lobby, while the newer ones include Avoiding the Light, Imperial Uranus, and Waterloo Carnage which was completely redone!

Thanks to Sharkie Lino for helping on enhancing the sounds!

Comments and suggest are always welcome. Enjoy!

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