Uploaded Feb 4th, 2024


A work-in-progress update of Hopper & Ares Ex Machina’s texturing plugin (which itself is based on treellama & Jon Irons’ Visual Mode.lua), with several new features:

  • Support for Aleph One’s 1.7 new transfer modes
  • Vastly more grid alignment options, including options to decouple X and Y alignment; options to align textures to the center, right, bottom, north, west, south, or east; and several more grid sizes.
  • A “decouple transparent sides” option that allows you to apply different textures, alignments, and lights to each transparent side of a line.
  • Options to apply only the texture or only the transfer mode rather than both.
  • A toggle for the “realign textures when retexturing” option.
  • Overlays that show what you’re looking at (useful if you want to use Lua scripts on part of the level).

It also fixes several bugs, most glaringly the Lua error spam that happened whenever you had “apply texture” and “apply light” selected with a light value above 55.

To install:

This remains a work in progress, and updates may be slow, as Vasara’s code is sparsely documented and frequently quite dense, but I intend to continue working on it. I welcome constructive suggestions (best delivered through GitHub or Discord) and will attempt to implement them as time permits.


Version 2.0b

Work in progress beta.

4 Screenshots

Vasara 2.0b visual mode

Screenshot titled "Vasara 2.0b visual mode"

Vasara 2.0b texture selection

Screenshot titled "Vasara 2.0b texture selection"

Vasara 2.0b options screen

Screenshot titled "Vasara 2.0b options screen"

Vasara 2.0b teleport mode

Screenshot titled "Vasara 2.0b teleport mode"