Marathon 2 Texture Replacements for Marathon Infinity

by Bungie, Double Aught, Sharkie Lino, and The Man

Uploaded Mar 30th, 2024 for Marathon Infinity



A version of the Marathon Infinity shapes with all landscapes and the Water, Lava, Sewage, and Pfhor texture sets replaced with their Marathon 2 counterparts, which, as I showed in a submission to the Marathon’s Story page, serve as the basis for almost all of the Infinity versions. (Even the Jjaro set? As it happens, yes; more than half of it is based on the Sewage set. I did not rearrange the order of textures in that image at all.)


Primarily to make texturing for Marathon 2 a lot more convenient – you can just swap the shapes file between Marathon Infinity and Marathon 2 in Weland’s preferences rather than also having to change the scenario as well. Also, Vasara gets unhappy if the Jjaro texture set isn’t present; the Landscapes start to glitch out. (I don’t use Visual Mode.lua that much, but I seem to recall it having issues as well.)

Beyond that, this enables players to play through Infinity with Marathon 2 textures if they want to. I think the games are better with their intended textures, but it can be a neat experience to play Infinity with M2 textures at least once. (If nothing else, levels often match their terminal graphics better!)

By whom?

Sharkie copied the textures and the 8-bit landscapes over; I redid the true-color landscapes myself because I noticed issues with their palettes. The original graphics, of course, are by J. Reginald Dujour (Marathon 1), Mark Bernal and Robert McLees (Marathon 2), and Randy Reddig, David Longo, Colin Kawakami, and Beth Ulman (Marathon Infinity).

Version 1.0

First release.

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3 Screenshots

Waterloo Waterpark with the replacement shapes

Screenshot titled "Waterloo Waterpark with the replacement shapes"

The Jjaro collection, as seen in Vasara

Screenshot titled "The Jjaro collection, as seen in Vasara"

Vasara loads the landscapes correctly

Screenshot titled "Vasara loads the landscapes correctly"