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Fantastic Levels! Caustic Dystopia

Lizard King on Jan 29th 2019, Version 1.4

The architecture on here is fantastic. Pretty complex, but doesn't interfere with movements, or playing. Excellent work!

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New, Yet Standard. Mararthon: Yuge

Lizard King on Jan 28th 2019, Version 1.2

Interesting that there's no "plot" per say. But the combat of these levels is pretty awesome! I don't understand the terminals, but they're definitely funny in some spots.

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Simp Is An Idiot. SL Maps

Lizard King on Jan 28th 2019, Version 1.3

His ratings are as unoriginal as his attitude and personality.

I've enjoyed these many times!

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Awesome! Legends of Marathon Map Pack

Spooky on Jan 26th 2019, Version 13.0

What a fantastic first project! You keep coming up with great ideas making a map pack with a map for some of the regulars each to be played on a marathon day was an original idea that you followed through very well. Great work!

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Interesting textures Frolic

Simp on Jan 25th 2019, Version 0.0

There is a lot of potential here. I do enjoy the look of the minimalist textures (many in which you see in a lot of indie games). Keep it up!

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Good maps for a start Legends of Marathon Map Pack

Simp on Jan 25th 2019, Version 13.0

well you did put in some effort, and I enjoyed a few of these maps :)

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hmm Yuge Bigly Bonus Maps

Simp on Jan 19th 2019, Version 1.3

I'll play this with eddie dingle.

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Just Terrible SL Maps

Simp on Jan 19th 2019, Version 1.3

Really awful and terrible maps and design. Make some good maps for a change.

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really awesome Mararthon: Yuge

Simp on Jan 3rd 2019, Version 1.2

Whenever I say bad things about this mod, that is just sarcasm. I play this almost everyday. I have so many games unplayed like Final Fantasy XIII, all because of this game. Thanks Wrk for this really awesome mod, and thank you asdkzx123 for recommending this mod to me!

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Not Fun Legends of Marathon Map Pack

Sharkie Lino on Dec 21st 2018, Version 13.0

I'm not really sure what was tried here (yes I read the description), but it just does not work out.

Having a level with just almost all platforms (especially if you land on one while it is going down) I don't find enjoyable, and doesn't add anything to the game. Some of these levels have total dead ends, which are very annoying. Having one huge open area doesn't work either because you pretty much have no way to take cover from bullets, and some of these are just too large in general. Also, DON'T have a player spawn that is any starting height other than 0.00, as it's very annoying when you cannot move immediately after respawning. For a game as fast-paced as this, those 1 to 2 seconds are very significant.

Captain Jteg kind of works out if you want to have one different round, but that's about it. Other than that, I don't enjoy this pack.

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Work Definitely Went Into This Eupfhoria - Marathon Soundtrack Remake

Sharkie Lino on Dec 21st 2018, Version 1

The issue though is that it sounds a bit TOO atmospheric. A lot of the notes have too much of a cross-fade that it sounds a bit disorganized, for lack of a better term. I'm not really a fan of rearranged percussion either (particularly on New Pacific Reprise).

I will say, this rendition of said track does get the notes much better than other remakes I have heard, but overall, it is just very tough to beat the original Quicktime ones.

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Cool map! [M] Harmonium

Spooky on Dec 15th 2018, Version 1.0

Haha this map rocks! Literally. Nice basalt columns. For those that don't know what those hexagonal pillars were google columnar basalt. Thanks Heron!

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Atmospheric Eupfhoria - Marathon Soundtrack Remake

Meerjel01 on Dec 5th 2018, Version 1

For what I am hearing currently it's pretty good. It fits the theme I know of the game so it's a 4 for effort.

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The Gray Incident The Gray Incident

etype on Oct 26th 2018, Version

Unbelievable! This is a master class in designing Marathon architecture - the best architecture I have seen in a Marathon game. This game has the most classic, yuge set-piece battles. You can play these battles over and over till you're covered in phor blood and gore and the floor is slippery with compiler guts and you can't breathe from the stink of alien carcasses, and the moans of the shp't wounded as you crush thier skulls is sweet heaven. This is a top drawer scenario. PLAY IT AND SEE.

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Fix works great! Registration broken, fix incoming

raptor200221 on Oct 23rd 2018, Version 1.0

The patch works just fine. Thank you for still maintaining the website!

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Stairs!!! lolplugins

AnonFriction on Aug 6th 2018, Version 1.2

"Generating stairs"


Thank You

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Almost prefect Marathon Music Remasterd

lj6014 on Aug 3rd 2018, Version 2.0

These tracks really add to the Sci Fi feel of the originals and I can see them as great music replacements for those wishing to play with updated graphics and sounds, but a few of the tracks seem to loose their subtleness such as tracks 6 & 14. Other than those nitpicks I think It's pretty dang good.

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Susannah's Core Susannah Windows

ForeverBlackened on Jul 25th 2018, Version 1.0

I give it a 5 alone for the feelings I get when I play the final level. It stands out so much. Who made that music? It is utterly moving and profound.

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Actually Great The Gray Incident

ForeverBlackened on Jul 22nd 2018, Version

I have beaten this before and the final fight with the boss was challenging but amazing. I am re-downloading it and am going to see if I can make a special XBLA HUD for it.

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Fun Mararthon: Yuge

ForeverBlackened on Jul 22nd 2018, Version 1.1

I was hobbling around my own two feet ambling back and forth acquiring munitions to dispel of the most villainous Pfhor and then...


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Just What I Needed Kindred Spirits

Dugit on Jul 15th 2018, Version

(See Pfhorums)

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Excellent quality xBR Monsters for M1

Zetren on Jul 12th 2018, Version 1.3

Excellent quality

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Nice Thrudnesday

Spooky on Jul 4th 2018, Version -1

I can see the potential not going to bother texturing it myself. Won't do it justice sounds like the experimental textures would have made it. Very cool.

Kindest Regards,


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RUN!!! Narcotics

Spooky on Jul 4th 2018, Version 0

Totally crazy. Very original wasn't expecting that. Top map for Rubicon.

Kindest Regards,


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Lol Imperium

Spooky on Jul 4th 2018, Version IV

Lorem Opus :C

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Ugh NEFX - Recombinant Showdowns of Ascension

W'rkncacnter on Jun 11th 2018, Version

Every time I see these horrible MPiD shapes, I get upset.

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Amazing! Spatial Outpouring - Chapter 1

liacrow on May 19th 2018, Version 1.3

Bizzare, yet cohesive, abstruse, yet engaging. An impressive feat of scenario design. Loved the otherworldly not-quite-artificial intelligences and the dynamics between them. Really looking forward to more!

Also, Yuge's Agent Orange theme actually goes well with this scenario.

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Useful Differential Shading Checker Plugin

liacrow on May 9th 2018, Version 1.0

Make sure you are running in OpenGL(Classic) mode for this to work. In shader mode, you'll still be able to discern everything even if your lighting is bad.

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Holy smokes!! Spatial Outpouring - Chapter 1

Spooky on May 7th 2018, Version 1.2

In the words of my friend asdkzx who I played co op with: "yo spooky that was some life changing shit. for real, I don't think I have ever played something like that"

Changed our whole perspective on shit. Great job loved it. Up to Casualties of the Wingding Zone save point on Total Carnage solo play. Just gets more and more interesting. A true classic. Thanks.

Kindest regards,


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Impressive Spatial Outpouring - Chapter 1

Meerjel01 on May 6th 2018, Version 1.1

just.. Impressive.

If I could give you a 3.5 then I would gladly do that.