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i finished the maze and then microwaved some lefteover corn bread casserole

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Very Funny Send Up of Marathon's Mechanics NEFX - Marathon: Sucks

scran on Oct 8th, 2023, Version 2023-10-07 [2]

Great little humorous mod for marathon, definitely a rarity! First terminal had me laughing out loud. Only the truest gamer imaginable could beat it on stream or something. Desert Bus/Marathon: Sucks for charity?

Imperium is pretty much a staple of Infinity Multiplayer at this point. I frequently host maps from this pack and fall back to it whenever I can't think of what to host next! The pack is updated with new maps on occasion, and you can bet Windbreaker has made great use of whatever new tricks the most recent version Aleph One has to offer in them.

The aesthetics of these maps are top notch and each one has a great sense of scale and purpose. Great design in each map as well, with little gameplay thingies in each hallway and courtyard that you can use to your advantage; some are so subtle you'll pick up on them without even realizing it!

If you are interested in Marathon's multiplayer and want to serve up some fun netgames for your buddies (or anyone else on the meatserver for that matter), you will want this pack in your library! Open your ports and host this pack in a netgame, or load it up in singleplayer and check out all the angles. Either way, yay!