by windbreaker

Uploaded Oct 7th, 2023 for Marathon Infinity


25 multiplayer maps for Marathon Infinity. Seventh edition features 3 new maps.

Many of these feature precipitation/weather/novelty Lua scripts, while others are simpler in design.

Version VII

  • Features 3 new maps: Beacon Light, Night Terror, and Space Invasion.
  • Minor architectural/shading changes made to Lorem Opus, Flashpoint, Blue Comet, and Mandala.
  • Sunrise sequence extended on Dead by Daybreak.

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Impeccably Designed Multiplayer Maps That Any Shooter Fan Will Enjoy

scran on Oct 8th, 2023, Version VII

Imperium is pretty much a staple of Infinity Multiplayer at this point. I frequently host maps from this pack and fall back to it whenever I can't think of what to host next! The pack is updated with new maps on occasion, and you can bet Windbreaker has made great use of whatever new tricks the most recent version Aleph One has to offer in them.

The aesthetics of these maps are top notch and each one has a great sense of scale and purpose. Great design in each map as well, with little gameplay thingies in each hallway and courtyard that you can use to your advantage; some are so subtle you'll pick up on them without even realizing it!

If you are interested in Marathon's multiplayer and want to serve up some fun netgames for your buddies (or anyone else on the meatserver for that matter), you will want this pack in your library! Open your ports and host this pack in a netgame, or load it up in singleplayer and check out all the angles. Either way, yay!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

The epitome of mapping

Spooky on Sep 25th, 2022, Version VI

Turnabout Intruders - masterful staircases, good flow, narrow ledges, satisfying gaps for viewing landscape texture around the perimeter of the map, interesting use of colours and textures and a sensible size for current multiplayer games style.

Inaugural Trams - masterfully crafted height map. Perfectly spaced towers in proportion to platform height. Dull grey dystopian feel with odd bits of snow (or ash?) looks cool.

Channel Z - a rather attractive compulsory sewer level.

The Tremelo Call - You know this map has some promise but doesnt seem finished. Good 5D staircase to build around. Something fishy about basalt columns, not your best work here, consider how they are generally in a field of similar size columns and the height can vary widely the base shape spacing not so much. Something to think about.

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New maps in 2020? And they're actually good?

The Man on Nov 14th, 2020, Version V

It’s a quarantine miracle!

Windbreaker seems to be the last net map creator standing since RyokoTK 4GOT again. If you don’t have this collection yet, there’s a good chance that you’ve been wasting your life. These maps are staples of modern net games, alongside Windbreaker’s previous few packs. They’re gorgeous, they flow incredibly well, and they’re even fun to explore and wander through. They also work well with Survival, since Windbreaker was even thoughtful enough to merge in scripts raising the monster activation limits.

Basically, if you’re still hosting Marathon net games in 2020 and aren’t hosting this pack for at least some of your games, you need to reëxamine your life choices. A set of net games without at least one Imperium map hosted is probably a subpar set of net games. I’d recommend this, Infra Apogee, Caustic Dystopia, Second Quest, Red Spectrum, Paradise Lost, and Starlight as a starter kit of packs for newcomers to learn (an admittedly very Windbreaker and RyokoTK-heavy kit, but their maps tend to be some of the most commonly hosted).

As for the maps here, they’re all great. I think “Yucatan Dive” is my favourite to wander through, though it’s rare to have enough players to make it worth hosting (so games where there are enough players are a treat). “End Times” and “Getaway UK” are very distinctive looking, memorable levels. “Hyacinth House” is also always a load of fun. I think “Inaugural Trams” is my favourite of the new levels – it feels like a cousin of “Tempus fugit” from Infra Apogee, not that I’m complaining. “TRON” is probably the most stylish, though.

If I do have a complaint, it’s that treellama made Visual Mode in Weland, and not one new map from Windbreaker since then. What gives? :V

tl;dr: It’s great that someone released new maps in 2020 and they’re actually good. Get this. If you already had an old version, get it again.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

I Could Map Better.

Sharkie Lino on Oct 21st, 2020, Version V

No I couldn't.

The test runs we did were a lot of fun, even though we had more players than some maps were meant for, haha. Channel Z definitely reminds me of Mucking About and Master Slave from Red Spectrum. TRON was really a unique and fun experience. Just takes a little getting used to as sometimes the plain-colored walls can be a litte confusing in terms of where you are and some movement, but then again, we had 5 players on there during one of the test runs.

Pretty awesome work on Phantom Power with the precipitation and wind volume effects, I had no idea the precipitation got stronger the first time I played it, as well as the fog getting darker, but that's because I didn't have fog on the first time until I did a solo run. Sorry. :P

The other new maps are fun too.

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Spooky on Jul 4th, 2018, Version IV

Lorem Opus :C

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

10/10 "Moisture points"

lj6014 on Apr 4th, 2018, Version IV

Great, carrying on the wonderful map layouts of Infra Apogee as well as the varied texture sets that spanned all three games for a great experience. Keep it up!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Mein Imperium für eine WMaiD Karte

thedoctor45 on Jan 31st, 2017, Version 1.1

Nice work as usual. Btw, I was wondering if it ever crossed your mind to create a netmap pack for WMaiD, or rather a WMaiD compatible version of one of your current packs?

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Benoit on Jan 29th, 2017, Version 1.1


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W'rkncacnter on Jan 22nd, 2017, Version 1.0.0

The fireworks map is my favorite.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

net looking levels but...

Estora on Jan 22nd, 2017, Version 1.0.0

I'd give it 5 stars but some of the design is a little bit confusing

A for effort though

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.


Sharkie Lino on Oct 9th, 2016, Version 1.0.0

Such worthless netmaps, right? :P

Getaway UK kind of reminds me of Myst Island, and its design is very clever. Cabron Dating I still feel would be better without the SSM, but it doesn't make it a bad level by any means, and Blue Comet is a very good little dueling map, 3 works great too.

All others are your usual good fun levels for some standard combat, and Damage game type as well! Argus Array is clearly The Final Frontier. Hehe.

25 Screenshots

Night Terror

Screenshot titled "Night Terror"

Getaway UK

Screenshot titled "Getaway UK"

Turnabout Intruders

Screenshot titled "Turnabout Intruders"

Space Invasion

Screenshot titled "Space Invasion"


Screenshot titled "TRON"

Beacon Light

Screenshot titled "Beacon Light"

Phantom Power

Screenshot titled "Phantom Power"

The Tremolo Call

Screenshot titled "The Tremolo Call"

Dead by Daybreak

Screenshot titled "Dead by Daybreak"

Inaugural Trams

Screenshot titled "Inaugural Trams"

End Times

Screenshot titled "End Times"

Iconic Something

Screenshot titled "Iconic Something"

Channel Z

Screenshot titled "Channel Z"

Lorem Opus

Screenshot titled "Lorem Opus"


Screenshot titled "Flashpoint"

Flank Speed

Screenshot titled "Flank Speed"

Yucatán Dive

Screenshot titled "Yucatán Dive"

Old School Bollywood

Screenshot titled "Old School Bollywood"

Argus Array

Screenshot titled "Argus Array"

The Palace of Ice

Screenshot titled "The Palace of Ice"

Cabrón Dating

Screenshot titled "Cabrón Dating"

Hyacinth House

Screenshot titled "Hyacinth House"


Screenshot titled "Mandala"

Blue Comet

Screenshot titled "Blue Comet"


Screenshot titled "Stabtown"