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Nice idea Fullscreen Corner HUD

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 1.0

Keep things out of the way. Thanks!

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Oh come on Gladiator Netmap Pack

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 1.0

It might be good, but do you think I'm going to admit that NOW?!

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Good because it annoys Douchetower MPiD Beta

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version

Nelson laugh

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Nice screenshot Map Viewer One wxWidgets version for Windows

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 0.51

It's true.

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Oh well HD Scenery for M1A1

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 1.0

It's probably good but I'm leaving a bad review because I have to balance things out and I'm a purist. Booooo!

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Good for the whole family Family Style 2.0

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 2.0

That must be true because it's in the name.

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It's good Marathon 4

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 1.0

It's good.

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You can always trust The Man Loch Sprites for Marathon Infinity

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 1.0

This person deigned to remaster the entire 2+ hours of an NEFX album, so I know this is good. Besides, anything that makes things ridiculously more difficult is worth making, just to be a jerk.

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About time cool maps

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 1

This map pack is so generous it gives you a kitty cat to play with and a Kleenex box for when things get so moving. Plus there's the Lh'owon Lanes for all those geriatrics out there, since they're the ones who still play Marathon (aside from me, for now).

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True visionaries CARNAGE VILA 46! README

Adminn_1 on May 24th 2022, Version 3.0

This is Adminn_1 ov NEFX giving this the stamp of approval. It's legendary and that's why it's stickied by community luminaries.

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Awesome Marathon 4

Spooky on May 21st 2022, Version 1.0

This was the deepest most mysterious, and secrets packed Marathon yet.

Durandal has become more poetic and alien in intelligence than ever. He is able to project esoteric straight into the cyborgs mind and I believe this is what we see.

I thought Marathon 4 was on par with Spacial Outpouring for best Marathon since YUGE. 5 stars.


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Very Good Mararthon: Yuge

erichotz on May 15th 2022, Version 1.2

A fun alien bashing mod. It is simplistic but never boring with enough changes to each level to make each one unique and interesting.

I love when there is a thick fog in the level, which makes shooting at distant targets difficult.

A few levels are easier than others while a few are difficult and clever in their approach. A good mix.

The only downside is that, at the end of some of the levels, you are taken back to an earlier level that you already played than to the next sequential level (example, upon completing level 200 you find yourself transported back to level 23). Level 23 is also the only level where Trump's floating head is not used in place of the juggernaut -- perhaps this is an image tagging issue.

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the stone which the builders 4GOT has become Cornerstone. Marathon 4

patrick on Apr 9th 2022, Version 1.0

moppy was the voice in the desert, but now none may doubt THE LORD created ale phones so we'd have decent presentation software in this the final earth age.

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looks good Marathon 4

cookedbread on Apr 1st 2022, Version 1.0


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don't cheat Marathon: Revelation - The Brutal Path to Knowing

irons on Mar 14th 2022, Version 1

a good primer to enter the NEFX mindspace. my mind is able to drift as i read a given NEFX web thoughtpiece, but such measures are literally crushed should i allow this to happen in Revelation.

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Pretty Good!! Marathon Dissent

Pointblank on Feb 25th 2022, Version v1.2

On level 8 of 24 now, and so far these maps are fairly easily navigated and also decently detailed. Not much is new, except some changes to a couple weapons and a new boss-like enemy. I am definitely going to enjoy the several hours of new content! (I don't actually know when these maps were made, but they are new to me)

Update: I got stuck on the map "endymion" (lvl 9) and had to cheat myself an uplink chip. Then, on the next map, "fission for trouble" (lvl 11; i guess i missed another exit from 9), I have an uplink chip given to me but can't find the "hidden" input slot. ????

Also, I hate vacuum levels.

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patrick on Feb 23rd 2022, Version 19




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Amazing! But... Marathon Phoenix

emmet_xrcmiy3 on Jan 29th 2022, Version 1.4

Why must our carnage be limited when it must be total?

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Really, really good Marathon Infinity Upscaled Monsters (Art)

danrocno on Jan 23rd 2022, Version 1.0

I almost never prefer any HD graphics over original graphics in old games, but this is an exception.

I don't know exactly why, but i really like how these look, and use these basically all the time.

Great job Wrk! I'd love to see versions for the weapons and scenery! as well as maybe even M1 AI upscaled art things.

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Update To Previous Review. Marathon TROJAN

Sharkie Lino on Jan 7th 2022, Version 1.0

The issue I was having seemed to be related to the current Aleph One version at the time (1.4).

Tried said levels again with the Aleph One 1.5 release candidate, and they work fine now!

Overall, definitely a very good scenario for the M1 environment.

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even better than i expected Marathon: Machina - The Alien Machine Mind

irons on Dec 28th 2021, Version 1

textures are grid map screenshots.

what more can you ask for?

a good/bad trip simulator

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don't listen to wrk NEFX Map Templates

irons on Dec 28th 2021, Version 3

one star per square or triangle

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Essence of Adminn Marathon: Machina - The Alien Machine Mind

Windbreaker on Dec 13th 2021, Version 1

From the long expository terminal submerged in water, to the numerous crushers, liquid cannons, and death pits, to the necessary survival script not enabled by default, this scenario is completely on-brand from Adminn, in the best way.

However, it's the NEFX soundtrack, coupled with the textures made up of overhead map screenshots, as well as the main menu/title screens, that earn this one-level scenario a rare five Fun Roberts from this guy.

Good job.

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Very Good Xmas 2: Icecave

zapp on Dec 13th 2021, Version unburied.0

One of the best

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Very Good Xmas 1: Submarine

zapp on Dec 13th 2021, Version 1.2

Amazing detail and play

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Annoying but Funny Realistic Sounds

zapp on Dec 13th 2021, Version 1

Interesting but it would drove me crazy to play a game with this for very long.

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Nice Hi-Res Floating HUD for Rubicon-X

DaiKatana on Nov 14th 2021, Version 1.1

Looks really good.

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Whole new game Marathon 1 Redux

Ribye99 on Sep 8th 2021, Version 0.0.13-alpha

Genuinely one of the best M1 mods I have ever played. The updated graphics are great, but the changes to some of the levels are what really make this thing for me. Using some weapons from Eternal is a great touch, they fit right into the base game. The epilogue level is very cool, great reference to Eternal and really gives the game some much needed closure. Such a blast replaying the original game in this new light!

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Fantastic stuff Marathon Infinity Upscaled Monsters (Art)

The Man on Aug 24th 2021, Version 1.0

I did some work on this pack (cleaning up the fighters), so I’m naturally a bit biased, but these are one of the best HD monster packs available if you don’t want to go the MaraToon route; they’re faithful to the originals, but substantially more detailed. Until a skilled artist is willing to make faithful HD sprites, these are probably as good as we’re going to get (or at least tied with treellama’s ML Super Res plugins).

Note: Since this plugin contains hundreds of large images, it may not work on many maps with 32-bit Windows builds of Aleph One, particularly if you also use a lot of other plugins. The crash that enderandrew mentioned occurs because 32-bit Windows apps are limited to 2 GB of RAM – if a level loads too many monster collections, it exceeds that limit. (Most vanilla Infinity levels should load at most four monster collections, and most vanilla M2 levels should load at most three, but a lot of third-party maps use way more.) If these don’t load for you on Windows, get the latest 64-bit Windows app from and run it with that. (This also applies to Eternal 1.2.0 and Juzo-kun’s brilliant MaraToon plugins, among others.)

If you’re one of the Graphics > Rendering Options and reduce the Replacement Texture Quality of Sprites until the game loads. (If you also use HD textures and landscapes, you can reduce Walls and Landscapes too, but those probably use far less memory on most vanilla M2/Infinity maps than these sprites do.)

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A MAZE!! Windows 95 Map File

Meerjel01 on Aug 24th 2021, Version 1.0

Just kidding. I can't begin playing Minecraft.