Windows 95 Map File

by ckt1138

Uploaded Mar 17th, 2021 for Marathon 2: Durandal


The Map file for Marathon 2: Durandal, as it was presented in the Windows 95 release.

The Windows map file contains several visual (and a few gameplay altering) changes from the Mac version, many small, some big. It also has a few altered terminal images.

Anyone familiar with "Waterloo Waterpark" will immediately be surprised with this rendition.

There are some players who do prefer the Windows map, so I decided it would be worth posting on Simplici7y.

The M2 Win95 map file is not particularly hard to obtain, as it is available in retail M2 copies for Windows, and it's available as a download on the Trilogy Release site, HOWEVER, that merge does not contain chapter screen sound effects. I re-merged the map file with the Mac version's sound resource folder, so now all chapter screens will play the appropriate sound.

Version 1.0

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Meerjel01 on Aug 24th, 2021, Version 1.0

Just kidding. I can't begin playing Minecraft.

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