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Glow Prototype 0.1

Meerjel01 on 03/19/2020

Screenshot titled "LVL3 Among These Pfhors"

Decided to release Glow as an unfinished game because it feels like it will change when The Silence gets released.

Glow is built from Lost Land's resources, which is why the menu image is the base game's as well as textures and sprites. Music is taken from my iTunes list which features Tineidae, Totakeke and Cybernetika. Don't use the songs for your scenario if you haven't brought them yourself. (Cybernetika's was however free) No copyright intended for any song. Removal is acceptable.

Don't criticize this scenario. It's unfinished and are only mean't as a glance of history.


Notes for version 0.1:

Made a global version AND a less law breaking one as-well.

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Frolic 0.0

Meerjel01 on 08/26/2018

Screenshot titled "1"

So this is the files for Frolic. Not much to add but that this was unfinished.

Notes for version 0.0:


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Feral Map-pack 0.1

Meerjel01 on 01/04/2018

Screenshot titled ""

This is a little map-pack I made to show what I'm capable of doing. It's not masterpieces but I'm pretty proud of my work.

It contains 4 maps and a shapes file which replaces the Sewage set. The maps are:

Horrible Horrid Environment And Demise (Negative at first yes)

Just keep yourself wise with the rating. This is a beginner's set.

EDIT: I forgot to add that this requires a certain song to be better.

Notes for version 0.1:

0.1* Released into Simplici7y

1,610 downloads, 1 review, 3 screenshots, 3.0 rating

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This Exists NEFX Netmaps

Meerjel01 on Jan 15th, 2023, Version 41

Look. I love you. But I'm already pregnant.


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A MAZE!! Windows 95 Map File

Meerjel01 on Aug 24th, 2021, Version 1.0

Just kidding. I can't begin playing Minecraft.

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No Credit for Me MaraToon (Infinity and Durandal)

Meerjel01 on Mar 20th, 2021, Version 1.01

This is gonna make me actually finish Infinity. But first I must have Access To Arasaka music into it.

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Where meant to say this some time ago Los Disneys

Meerjel01 on Dec 30th, 2019, Version


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Atmospheric Eupfhoria - Marathon Soundtrack Remake

Meerjel01 on Dec 5th, 2018, Version 1

For what I am hearing currently it's pretty good. It fits the theme I know of the game so it's a 4 for effort.

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Impressive Spatial Outpouring - Chapter 1

Meerjel01 on May 6th, 2018, Version 1.1

just.. Impressive.

If I could give you a 3.5 then I would gladly do that.

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A great pack! Hd Eternal Weapon Pack

Meerjel01 on Jan 4th, 2018, Version 1.0