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Apotheosis X 1.1

hypersleep on 01/12/2023

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Apotheosis X is a total conversion featuring 24 massive levels of carnage brought to life with entirely reimagined sprites and textures, high frame rate animations, 16 bit audio and an original soundtrack.

The campaign features engaging combat that scales with player skill and aggression, with a roster of new enemies and weaponry that complements the original games' nuance and high skill ceiling.

Notes for version 1.1:

Key updates for 1.1:

  • Sound effects are louder and punchier, with more variety.
  • The player's arsenal is more powerful, with many adjustments that make it more effective on total carnage.
  • Additional saves, items and resources throughout the campaign.
  • Weapon and item pickups are more visible.
  • Numerous bug fixes, including the removal of 2 soft locks.
  • Numerous small updates to level designs.
  • Included PDF manual with a weapon manifest and additional backstory.

An extensive list of updates is available in the download.

4,891 downloads, 12 reviews, 13 screenshots, 4.3 rating

2 Reviews

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Bzzzt I'm a Fetch Marathon: Istoria

hypersleep on Jul 15th, 2023, Version 1.0

Audacious, fun, overflowing with imagination. Play it.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Great mini scenario Deus Volt!

hypersleep on Jan 20th, 2023, Version 1.0

These 6ish levels almost feel like lost Double Aught maps in the best way possible – Angular, rambling architecture that tastefully employs the base textures with handsome lighting and composition.

The maps sprawl and fold back on themselves. There’s a few moments I was left pondering what to do next, but the solution was never difficult to arrive at. I appreciate the attention paid to creating flow, with hubs and landmarks that make navigating these massive, non linear levels a breeze.

Resources are everywhere, I had every weapon except the rocket launcher by the end of the second level. I didn’t mind, I’ve spent decades with these weapons and there’s no need to learn the ropes. Let it rip.

On Total Carnage, there’s a gradual and steady increase in difficulty that will take you from melting the Pfhor during the intro to really having your reflexes tested by the time you reach the end. The fighting is great, with lots of brawls, surprising ambushes and layered encounters. The author understands how to craft layouts that highlight the monster behaviour and allow the player to manoeuvre in response to the challenge. It's the exact approach to combat that I love.

It ends on a cliff hangar, I hope this means we’ll see more one day. I was surprised at how engaged I was by a “classic” scenario in 2023, and I think that’s testament to the author's hard work here.