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OH JEEEEEEZ Yuge Definition Textures

Quiver on Mar 22nd 2020, Version 1.0


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BEST OUTA BEST Aleph One: Pathways Into Darkness

Quiver on Mar 22nd 2020, Version 1.1.1

Its great none the less but WARNING! It needs a separate Aleph One version (link provided in readme file) and the game itself is challenging as balls!

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It's a start Glow Prototype

Herbert_W on Mar 21st 2020, Version 0.1

I was able to extract the map, shapes etc. from the application and use them with a normal copy of A1, which was fortunate as the provided application would not start.

There's not a lot here. There's nothing outright bad, but this scenario does suffer from a lack of variety both in terms of combat and level design. Almost every encounter is basically the same with narrow corridors funneling enemies that can be swept away trivially with a generous supply of AR ammo.

My advice to the mapmaker is to try to set up encounters where the player must exploit different strategies. Stunlocking enemies in narrow corridors gets old fast. If the player also needs to circlestrafe, to dodge dynamically, to use cover, to snipe, and to explore cautiously - then you have a more varied and therefore better scenario.

Likewise, the level design consists of the inside of several different parts of a base, with rooms and corridors . . . but that's it. It's all more of the same, and there's no sense of how the different parts relate to each other aside from being described in the terminals as different wings. There's also no sense of how they relate to the outside of the base or where the base is. Look at the first chapter of DOOM where the player spends most of their time in a base but can also see and go outside, and can see other parts of the base through windows. This adds both variety and cohesiveness, which are missing here.

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A dream come true Marathon Conflict

Adminn_1 on Feb 7th 2020, Version 0.23.2

All that's left is figuring out how to script so that you can respawn mid-game like in regular netplay. I'm looking into this myself.

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This looks fun Spatial Outpouring - Chapter 1

VIJaHRaL_T.O.A.D.VI on Feb 2nd 2020, Version 1.3

Was that Toad al outpouring an allusion to something?

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Hahaha Marathon 2 AMP!

Spooky on Feb 1st 2020, Version 0.96

I loved it as you already know. Fantastic first effort.

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Please visit us. Spatial Outpouring - Chapter 1

Spooky on Jan 23rd 2020, Version 1.3

We were wondering if you could shed some light on the story.

There is a channel in the server called the Coming of Mazaro. We would love it if you paid us a visit. We will be hosting coop runs of your scenario.

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Very Useful Netscript Pack

raptor200221 on Jan 7th 2020, Version 1

It is great to see these game modes ported to marathon. Keep up the good work!

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Where meant to say this some time ago Los Disneys

Meerjel01 on Dec 30th 2019, Version


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Well done. Netscript Pack

Spooky on Dec 16th 2019, Version 1

Classic Marathon Day surprise.

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Perfect Marathon Gambit

Spooky on Dec 12th 2019, Version 1.1

Nicely done sir.

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Do it Over, or Scrap it. Legends of Marathon Map Pack

Lizard King on Nov 6th 2019, Version 13.0

This is hardly playable. The platform level is especially a bad idea, you pretty much get stuck most of the time. The original net maps are better designed than most of these.

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Brilliant Survival 2.0

Sepherescent on Oct 27th 2019, Version 1.6

Brilliant script; dare I say, all I've ever wanted.

Just a few things:

1) I noticed the Ticks (Energy, Oxygen, Kamikaze) were missing. Having those added would be nice as those units are sometimes replaced with customs.

2) Alignment. I understand it is a neat feature to be able to define friend and foe by simply selecting the units you want. However I have two issues with this: for one, the script does not allow you to mix units which would normally fight together, i.e. pit BOBs against VacBOBs. Furthermore, this dumbs down combat to a basic 'player + allies' vs 'enemy'. This means that units which under normal circumstances would kill each other don't. This bugs me especially as I want a "UESC vs Pfhor vs Salinger/Dangi" scenario – a free-for-all of sorts.

Anyways, I am now officially rambling. Great script, 10/10 would recommend, hope to maybe see an update sometime again.

EDIT: the solution to point 2) would be to have an option to turn off auto-alignments and let the map/game's .phyA take care of business.

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Great work Marathon Gambit

aquateenhgrfrce on Oct 19th 2019, Version 1.0

I haven't played it yet, but I already know its good!

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Astounding Work Marathon Gambit

raptor200221 on Oct 17th 2019, Version 1.0

This is an almost perfect recreation of the gambit gametype in a very old, outdated engine. It is quite the feat of programming and design. Excellent work!

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JUICE YugePax4Yuge

Spooky on Sep 6th 2019, Version 1.0

Wrk is the anathema of platitudinous marathon cartography.

Thanks for everything.

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Wow! NEFX Map Templates

Spooky on Sep 6th 2019, Version 1.0

Kinda surprised these maps didn't accidentally teleport you all over the place. If you read the Forge manual it sort of explains this bug that if there are too many lines that are completely parallel to each other you get teleported away. Happens to me all the time and you get away with this! Lol!

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Marathon 1 Redux Marathon 1 Redux

ankaniluzubal on Sep 4th 2019, Version 0.0.13-alpha

This redux is awesome. Waouh.

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Fantastic Scenario!!! Rubicon - Xariim

Spooky on Aug 30th 2019, Version 1.0

The map making skill here is incredible. Rubicon is my fav scenario and dare I say this is better. Terminals are a bit lacking, in spelling and content, but are humorous. Aqua is a doofus I got through the first level he mentioned fine stuck on the second one he mentioned so I'm going to assume I need to keep looking. Almost finished was just looking for a walkthrough. I wont cheat I promise.

Deserves more stars. Would give 6 if I could.

Edit: Can confirm whole scenario can be played through. Aqua you were on the other side of that door earlier look at your map :p

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Keep it up! Dreamgrids of Endless Fight - a netmap series

Spooky on Aug 20th 2019, Version 1.0

More original maps in a unique style. Gotta get a game with Adminn he'll kick your ass!

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Terrible design, terrible everything Dreamgrids of Endless Fight - a netmap series

aquateenhgrfrce on Aug 3rd 2019, Version 1.0

5/5 for it being so terrible!

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Best Template Ever NEFX Map Templates

raptor200221 on Jun 15th 2019, Version 1.0

Runs very well on all computers. Gets a solid 12 fps on a mac pro. Excellent 4 custom Yuge maps. Great for whenever you really just don't want to make maps look modern and want that sort of "Budget Wolfenstein" feel. Seriously though, there are very few practical uses for this. Just keep making similar templates to turn into satirical jokes Adminn_1.

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Repurpose this. NEFX Map Templates

MoppyPuppy on May 27th 2019, Version 1.0

Create the Adminn_1 Lighting Template.

Creating custom lights are a pain, so if you created a map with every room being a class of light and every polygon is a variation of that class: Smooth changing lights, strobe lights, flashing lights, flickering lights, lightning and lights used to control liquid levels it would be incredibly useful.

You could import the lights to each new level with the Copy & Paste tool and save your self hours of time.

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MoppyPuppy Marathon: Shadervoid - The Labyrwraths of Growth

MoppyPuppy on May 26th 2019, Version 1.0

Absolutely Terrible.

The scenario has no story and the buildup in the first level was terrible.

Sound design was terrible.

Too many fake terminals.

SMG is placed in an area that you can only get to after you've cleared the whole level so its effectively worthless.

After clearing the last level I had no idea how to exit.

Some things you accidentally did right:

-Made me appreciate the Assault Rifle, finding it was as exciting as the first time I played Marathon because when you get it you can finally start clearing rooms. The AR should have its own room to increase the feeling, same goes for the Napalm projector.

-The Shadervoid is an existential nightmare and is absolutely unpleasant to play. If you book ended what you have with classic regular textured exposition levels the sense of relief of getting back to normalcy would make all the unpleasantness worth it.

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I appreciate the effort, but . . . NEFX Map Templates

Herbert_W on May 23rd 2019, Version 1.0

This really isn't a good idea. "Too many vertices in a line" errors ahoy!

Besides, while square-block maps are occasionally nice for nostalgia and as a stylistic change, there isn't call for enough of them to warrant a template.

The line tool is just as easy to use as the fill tool. This template does not make life easier for novices at all.

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Absolutely awful NEFX Map Templates

W'rkncacnter on May 21st 2019, Version 1.0

To any potential mapmakers: Please don't do what Adminn is doing. Learn to map properly.

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Bravo! [XS] From Alcatraz with Love

Spooky on May 7th 2019, Version 1.0

Fantastic map it deserves the 5 stars for the interesting customised looking terminal. Was fun testing it with you. Hope to see even bigger more extravagant maps in the future. Loved the detail!

Cheers, Spooky

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Great stuff, but.. Marathon Phoenix

DaiKatana on May 6th 2019, Version 1.3

I really like the map design and the story, both of which are very well designed and easy to follow yet offer a puzzle and a challenge. The use of level verticality and sniper battles between enforcers with the crossbow are really fun and a new concept to the scenario scene!

However where the game seems to fail is in combat. The enemies are too large in quantity and need to be rationed more throughout some of the levels to offer consistency and allow some form of challenge rather than just holding mouse 1 for 5 minutes.

Also the weapon selection has redundancies and has questionable design. The starting pistol is too overpowered and makes the AR's primary fire redundant. Why a crossbow? why not a DMR or sniper, that would fit the weapon themes better.

Weapons overall looks are not bad, good in fact, but they don't match up. For example the fusion cannon is a very abstract in design and very detailed like the rocket launcher, yet weapons such as the machine pistol and AR have worse quality textures as if they are from another scenario or were rushed.

But overall this was very fun, great levels and story. You just need to work on the weapon and enemy balancing.

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I might be retarded TTEP 7 Marathon Infinity

DaiKatana on Apr 24th 2019, Version 7.0

Seems ebic, but i cant seem to install it even with the instructions.. theres not even a scripts text folder to drag.

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HELL. YES. Jump Script

Lion O Cyborg on Apr 14th 2019, Version 1.2

Thank you so much for making this. The only thing missing now is a 1.3 version that lets you crouch with a different key as well, so as to allow map makers to make slightly more realistically proportioned air vents. Anyway, this jump script helps make Aleph One the GZ Doom partner it should always be. (though Marathon is still better than Doom)

Jumping properly allows you to make maps with even more crazy platforming paths, though using it should be banned if doing a Vidmaster run, unless there is no way to reach the ledge otherwise when you need to save ammo.

It's a lot better than other jump functions in Aleph one I've seen which lazily recreate the "debugging jump" from Visual Mode (both Forge and Aleph One for Weland kinds).