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I'm sure its great, but..

tyhy1 on Aug 7th, 2023, Version 1.1

here i was, all excited to play this new and amazing looking marathon conversion. installed it just the way it told me to by dragging a executable into the folder. but since the folder doesn't have a scenario the game goes into the ''select a scenario screen''. i cant find one as apotheosis doesn't come with which aleph one recognizes as a legitimate one.

it just ends with ''please be sure the files Map, Images and Sounds are correctly installed and try again.''

long story short, the file is incomplete.

but hey; the screenshots look dope. so there's something :D

Apotheosis X

hypersleep on 01/12/2023

Apotheosis X is a total conversion featuring 24 massive levels of carnage brought to life with entirely reimagined sprites and textures, high frame rate animations, 16 bit audio and an original soundtrack.

The campaign features engaging combat that scales with player skill and aggression, with a roster of new enemies and weaponry that complements the original games' nuance and high skill ceiling.

3,949 downloads, 12 reviews, 13 screenshots, 4.3 rating