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Marathon: Sucks 2

Adminn_1 on Mar 20th 2023


[Credit to Windbreaker for the title.] "Until they've searched thoroughly, one can never be clean." In this scenario, you get to spend a bunch of time cleaning up a space of its filth balls with your trusty Yucatan Suckaman™ vacuum cleaner. But watch where you step, and be sure to empty the bag often so the vacuum cleaner doesn't explode!

Notes for version 2:

Embedded physics file in map too so as to guarantee the "monsters" and "weapons" do act and look different.

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Project SC-QMA 1.0

Flippant Sol on Jan 29th 2023


Marathon's original QuickTime 2.x instruments, brought to modern DAWs in sample form.

Suitable for playing back Marathon MIDI files or incorporating these instruments into a new Marathon soundtrack.

Just set the user folder path of your SFZ player to the Aiffdisk and enjoy!

QuickTime Musical Instruments is property of Apple Computer, Inc. and Roland Corporation ©1994 All rights reserved. Do not use or distribute this reproduction for purposes other than Marathon-related activities. Do not sell this reproduction.

Notes for version 1.0:

ampeg_release may need to be adjusted on some of the instruments to properly recreate.

2.1 accented hi-hat sounds weird but that may just be how QuickTime processes it in a mix.

Random spikes in MIDI playback may be caused by duplicate notes.

If more instruments are needed, please contact me on Discord: @Solar-Tron #6173

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Gentle Flashes MML 0.1

gumdrop9 on Feb 5th 2023

A very simple MML script which helps me greatly with some of the in-game flashes which are too bright. Feel free to edit to suit your needs.

Notes for version 0.1:

Made this for Scraniel, but might help others. Just makes some of the flashes less bright. It should be copied into the Scripts directory of Aleph One, and as of AO v1.6, does not need to be enabled in preferences. It should work with most 3rd-party scenarios, depending on what those creators have modified.

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James Webb Telescope

Spooky on Feb 28th 2023


Landscape replacement plugin that uses high definition James Webb Telescope images.

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