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Very Nice Cosmic Clouds

The Thug on Mar 21st 2008, Version 1.0.0

Cosmic Clouds is definitely a robust pack. The level design is complex and it is apparent that $lave worked very hard on these maps. I am looking forward to playing more of his maps in the future. The XL map is definitely too large to be playable, but that is my only complaint. Ill definitely be hosting these maps on the meta. Congratulations, $lave, on a job well done!

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Nice Cosmic Clouds

W'rkncacnter on Mar 21st 2008, Version 1.0.0

$lave is definitely getting better at mapping. All of the maps in this pack are nice looking, and the flow seems pretty good too. I don't actually play online so I can't say for sure how these work in netgames, but it seems like the last 2 maps would be too large. November Rain is probably the weakest map in the pack, just because of the massive open areas. The last one in the pack looks nice, but again, I think games would be too slow on it.

I look forward to seeing more maps by this author.

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Get it. Second Quest

irons on Mar 19th 2008, Version 2.0.0

Version 2 is even better. There's some incredible talent at work here.

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A Lull in the Action Victory Dance V

irons on Mar 18th 2008, Version

This edition of the contest map collection isn't as good or big as past ones have been, but it's still more solid than most independent maps of recent times are. I wouldn't say this contest brought out the best in me, but it got me back into mapping, which is a feat of its own.

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No reason to use these Flying physics

Tim Vogel on Mar 7th 2008, Version V2

Very useless physics, the only thing I noticed was that I was running faster (wow!), and upon getting hit by some projectile I found myself floating above the map or stuck in the ground. I wouldn't recommend hosting this on a multiplayer map.

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Good. Cranch Wire Sunday

irons on Mar 6th 2008, Version 1.0

The other reviews capture how I feel about the flaws in this pack. Otherwise, I think it's a really neat collection unlike most of what we have today. It's a reminder of simpler times, maybe. For the kinds of games I play now (very casual), the lack of weapons isn't so bad.

I also agree with Treellama; pare it down do the maps you think are essential and then work on those.

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NOT PLAYABLE AT ALL Flying physics

irons on Feb 27th 2008, Version V2

If one of them is not playable, why did you include it?

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Very good pack Sovereignty

iMac on Jan 30th 2008, Version 1.2

I've played these maps from the first versions and still have great fun with them. From the point of the player, I have nothing bad to say about it- I love all of these maps and I think they are perfect in every mode...

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lots of potential Cranch Wire Sunday

treellama on Jan 8th 2008, Version 1.0

I agree with ryoko's review. The texturing is a bit bland, but otherwise decent--nice attention to detail. Differential shading and lighting are generally excellent.

Flow is mostly good but then there are weird things like deep water, lava pits, water cannons, dead-end rooms, peculiar shaped elevators, etc.

The 21 maps all have a similar feel, so what you could do is thin them out a little, get rid of some of the not-as-good-looking ones, fix up little flow annoyances, add some weapons, and this would be a solid pack.

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A good start. Cranch Wire Sunday

RyokoTK on Jan 8th 2008, Version 1.0

Two things:

  • All of these maps need more guns, without exception.
  • The architecture between each level is fairly repetitive, with no real differences between them.

Some of them do actually look nice, and although there are some real oddities with flow in some places, this pack actually has several near-winners. They just need some fine-tuning.

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Nice Pack! Cranch Wire Sunday

$lave on Jan 1st 2008, Version 1.0

Great job, there are some really nice maps in here! Although it is not at a Paradise Lost level, I will definitely host this pack! Keep up the good work, even though many of these maps are very good, it could still use some polishing in my opinion.

EDIT: I have now played these netmaps online, before I had only ran through solo. I would give this pack 3 and a half stars, it is good but needs work in a couple specific areas before it can be really enjoyed.

First, the maps all need more weapons and ammo, and both need to be placed better. many times I was left running around weaponless, as were most people I was playing with, try and make more weapons closer to spawn locations, a player should always be able to get a weapon and ammo within 3 seconds and should rarely run out of ammo.

Second, a couple maps, although I love the designs and architecture, had disrupted flow and/or balance. One map features a large underwater area with hallways, and a pool which you can exit that area by and which has a 2X energy canister in it. 2X health is usually a bad idea, as are underwater areas. I love that maps layout and it looks great, but it is simply too big and the underwater part kind of ruins it as well. I would take out the water, and replace the float up exits with platforms, and also trim down the size of that map. A couple other maps simply had hallways which felt to tight and/or had 90 degree turns. You should probably never have a 90 degree turn in a hallway less than 2, maybe one and a half WU's wide, and for hallways shorter rounding the corners is a good way of fixing that problem. I also think one level was set to rebellion, which is a bad idea.

I love the layout of these maps, but they do need work before almost any of them could be hosted on net. If I didn't really like these maps and think they had great potential, I wouldn't be giving you this much advice, please understand that it is purely constructive criticism, I really would like to see these maps reach their full potential!!

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ZOMG M1A1 Netpack

CryoS on Dec 28th 2007, Version 1.0.0

finally some maps for A1M1! sit on my face is nice...

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better than coal Holiday Showdown

treellama on Dec 24th 2007, Version 1.0.0

This is a very small, minimalist map, with some shotguns/SPNKRs/SMGs/2 ARs in it. You wouldn't want more than 3 players on this. You probably wouldn't want to duel on it, either, because of the weapon choices. That kind of limits its usability.

Flow is decent, partly due to a lack of anything interesting in the map. It's really just one small room with a couple hallways, a door, and a teleporter to a sniper ledge.

The texturing is horrible. Absolutely terrible, the mapmaker didn't even bother to align things properly. Hopefully he spent more time on Christmas presents for his family. There is also no differential shading, and negligible lighting.

So, if you asked Santa for a small, ugly map for exactly three people to play on, it appears he delegated that task to nameless.

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Great , Astounding , Fun Paradise Lost

nameless on Dec 23rd 2007, Version

those three words are what describe this pack, Great Architecture, Astounding Juice Work, Fun To Play With 2+ people,


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Well Done! TTEP 7 Marathon 1

Visciom on Dec 13th 2007, Version 7.0

This is probably the best texture pack out of the three. Look great close up and from afar. Anyone who still plays M1A1 should immediately download this pack.

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Good but... TTEP 7 Marathon Infinity

Visciom on Dec 13th 2007, Version 7.0

Some are great, some aren't. While these textures are high resolution, many of them are not only very different form the originals but also have some serious problems that make them lose their visual appeal.

As of now, the TTEP project is being revised by members of the community, so I would hold off on this version and wait for next release.

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Well worth a download TTEP 7 Marathon 2

Visciom on Dec 13th 2007, Version 7.0

These are very well made high resolution textures. The colors make the environments seem slightly more realistic than that of the original as well.

Definitely worth a download to anyone that has a graphics card that supports OpenGL

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Just a basic arena and not well done Sewage Eviloution

W'rkncacnter on Dec 13th 2007, Version 1.1.4r2

  • Arena area is huge.
  • Only areas out of the arena are on the north side. And they don't lead to anywhere useful.
  • I count 4 teleporters that lead directly to the center of the arena.
  • No differential shading
  • There is a ledge overlooking the arena with areas you can't shoot through, but can walk through.

Not worth a download.

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kikass MPiD Beta

VID_32 on Dec 10th 2007, Version

badass, keep it up!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Ace TTEP 7 Marathon 1

Tommy-TBone on Dec 7th 2007, Version 7.0

In my opinion the textures in this pack are the best out of the three. Simply stunning. Excellent work!

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The best yet! TTEP 7 Marathon 1

herecomethej2000 on Dec 6th 2007, Version 7.0

These textures are out right amazing. Really you should be really proud of the hard work you put into these. If your system can support it, get these, or your really going to miss out.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Amazing! TTEP 7 Marathon 2

herecomethej2000 on Dec 6th 2007, Version 7.0

For this particular set there is no competition. The texture work here is superb and I simply love each one. Plus, it includes the best landscapes ever made for marathon.

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Exellent work TTEP 7 Marathon Infinity

herecomethej2000 on Dec 6th 2007, Version 7.0

Well to be honest, there isn't allot of choice when it comes to complete texture sets for Infinity. But despite the valid criticism for this particular set, the sheer amount of work and dedication, plus my own personal opinion that the textures are actually really good, makes me give this full marks.

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Great JOB Weapon Enhancement Pack

nameless on Dec 2nd 2007, Version 1.4

This is starting to look alot better than the last. Great job.

(i just looked at the shots)

too bad i cant use it (crappy ibm stinkpad R31)

but it looks great

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5 stars Weapon Enhancement Pack

treellama on Dec 2nd 2007, Version 1.4

A must-have enhancement; very detailed and true to the original.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

sweeet Weapon Enhancement Pack

CryoS on Dec 2nd 2007, Version 1.4

you've done it again! keep up the good work! i agree with Vogel, 5/5 straight away!

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Awesome Weapon Enhancement Pack

Tim Vogel on Dec 2nd 2007, Version 1.4

Great job, Visciom, they look awesome. 5 stars without question.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

TC++ Total Carnage ++

Nobody on Dec 1st 2007, Version 1.4

Good stuff. Chaotic, but not in a Quake "wtf why is everything on crack" kind of way. Balances everything out very nicely without putting any weapon at a crazy advantage, and without disadvantaging any weapon.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

KTA II Kill Them All II

Nobody on Dec 1st 2007, Version 1.00

Awesome for co-op. Contains gratuitous amounts of carnage :-). To the developers: great job, looking forward to another sequel.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

The Best Of The Best Red Spectrum

nameless on Nov 17th 2007, Version 2.02

This is definatly a great (Perfect) Pack for infinity. some of the best eye candy and play ive seen