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Deeze Maps 1.1

Dis on 03/15/2011

Screenshot titled "The Prodigal"

My first map pack.

Notes for version 1.1:

Added more rocket ammo, made Septic less ugly, changed the grass texture on The Prodigal.

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Hi gyffunk Minipax

Dis on Jun 1st, 2012, Version Four

neglect to pop in once in a while why don't you we understand *cool map pack dude

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If you ever want to become a competent map maker Corridors of Nightmares

Dis on Sep 11th, 2011, Version 1.0

Completely disregard the comment below

What's up guys?

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YeH, good thing Coca-Cola Factory

Dis on Aug 7th, 2011, Version .0000000000000000001

Because if you violated Etan's "copyright" he'd call you a faggot or something.

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Stuck on the Steps Dead City

Dis on Jul 16th, 2011, Version 5.0

If you can point out a potentially game ruining bug you can fix it.

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What's the point anymore? Kool Physics

Dis on Jul 16th, 2011, Version 1.0

Timothy, you know me too well.

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Politely, Cordially, Genially and Christianitically The Great Pillar

Dis on Jul 5th, 2011, Version 1.1

Fuck You

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Multiplex Underworld

Dis on Jun 26th, 2011, Version 666a9bed

I got pictures, I just don't see it anymore Climbing hour upon hour through a total bore With the one I keep where it never fades In the safety of a pitch black mind An airless cell that blocks the day Oh well, okay

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I really don't hate you, Dan Fast with Pain

Dis on Jun 6th, 2011, Version 1.1

Tresh, everything you have created so far is shit. If you continue making physics, they will continue to be shit. There's enough shit on Simplici7y already, stop adding to it.

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[gay] stamp of approval The Grab Bag

Dis on May 29th, 2011, Version 3.0

This was more fun than the game of "hide the sausage" I played with Neal Patrick Harris.

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Your first review. Flamethrower Physics

Dis on May 5th, 2011, Version 1


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YOU HOOER Hotel California

Dis on Apr 29th, 2011, Version 1

Where's my pfhorum.com tracker?

Also, excellent map.

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Not an UD Bleeding Requisite

Dis on Mar 29th, 2011, Version <3

the H is silent, people.

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My Suggestion Kimblee- Physics

Dis on Mar 22nd, 2011, Version 1.15

Don't make or upload physics models.

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I don't usually review plugins VISUAL MODE Plugin

Dis on Mar 21st, 2011, Version 1.0

but someone has to counteract the rating abuse this has so far encountered. Well worth the download, 5 stars

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Complain all you want Don't Play with Fire Physics

Dis on Mar 14th, 2011, Version 1.0

Just remember, there's only ONE thing you can do about it.

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FIVE FUCKING STARS Speed and damage

Dis on Mar 14th, 2011, Version 1.0

As promised for joining my six player game on Septic.

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Unconsionobly DICKFACE Don't Play with Fire Physics

Dis on Mar 11th, 2011, Version 1.0


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Unconsionobly Shitty Don't Play with Fire Physics

Dis on Mar 10th, 2011, Version 1.0

go give my pack a 5 and I'll change my score, otherwise I'll keep warning people of the obvious.

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Lackluster Within Reason Weight Watchers

Dis on Jan 4th, 2011, Version 1.0

The sewage map I must agree is pretty crappy. Bermuda Circle on the other hand was a genuinely good romp. It was definitely lacking aesthetically, but played quite well, and would score quite well on the RS scale in my opinion. Personally, I'd ditch the sewage map and focus on improving BC.

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Amy-Able Cranch Wire Sunday

Dis on Dec 29th, 2010, Version 1.1

After last time, I'll try to keep this one short. After a quick gloss over in solo-mode, I found the aesthetics rather lacking. There are some very inspired uses of detail here, but on the whole these maps aren't too pretty. Actually gameplay, however, more than makes up for the fact. There's a great variety in gameplay here, there's oldschool rocket carnage (Shower of Quanta) and some really modern feeling bullet play (Before the Beasts, Neural Reroute.). Before the Beasts in particular stood out because of how AR centric the gameplay was. Not even PD brought the weapon to the fore like this. Another cool thing the mapmaker did was limit certain types of ammo on the maps to balance out the differences in strength between weapons. A good example is Neural Reroute, where this is used to keep the shotgun from overshadowing the SMG and AR. Powerup use was generally good, though the 2X on Before The Beasts was unreachable, and there was an invincibility on Haberman Hoedown. Definitely worth downloading, Cranchwire is a Magnanimoussely Amy-able map pack.

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Great Pack (Mostly) Cesspi7

Dis on Dec 22nd, 2010, Version 1.0

EDIT: HOLY SHIT WALL OF TEXT. TL;DR GET IT. The maps I enjoyed most were Cesspi7, SPEC7RUM Arc7ic. and Spiroche7e.Cesspi7 is an excellent example of the adaptation of this style of mapmaking for the needs of the contemporary map. It flows well, there's plenty of ammo and the lighting and subdued palette of the sewage set really make the simplistic architecture visually appealing. SPEC7RUM is another map that pulls it off well. The austere geometry is wonderfully accented by the differential COLORSPEACK textures. The layout, in my opinion, was the most interesting of any of the levels in this pack, I found myself regularly trying to flank and sneak past my opponents so I could surprise them with a rocket. The textures threw me off just enough not to hamper gameplay but to make it feel like there is more space in the level than there really is. Arc7ic falls prey to the same issues I bring against the maps I don't really like in this pack, but the snow effect and killer KOTH gameplay save it. Spiroche7e has some issues that keep it from becoming a great map, but I still had a lot of fun with it. On the plus side, the visuals are once again great. The M2 lava textures are used really well here, and the red fog perfectly complements them. The map flows really well too. Some variations in the floor height would really improve it though, in my opinion. as it is. it's all one height, which really highlight the fact tht the map is made of a bunch of little corridors intersecting at various angles. If they were atleast on different levels, it would make it atleast make the issue less noticeable, as well as improving gameplay somewhat. Depo7 sits on the borderline for me. They were both great fun when I played them, but could have been improved. Depo7 has a nice layout and flow but the application of the Jjaro set looks messy and amateurish. (EG: The big bit of floor space done entirely with the metallic "platform" texture.) It's really no fault of the mapmaker, the Jjaro textures just don't lend themselves to simpler geometries. The lighting didn't feel quite as strong as in the maps I mentioned earlier, either. Peyo7e is getting into "don't like" territory, here. It's visually interesting and is another map that does the minimalist geometry quite well. However, the gameplay is a bit... bleh. It's definitely fun as far as arena maps go, but it's still a bit boring. The shot blocking scenery items and little raisd "plateaus" definitely add to gameplay (as well as looking good) but not enough to make this one a success in my eyes. The map I really take issue with is Bi7umen. Here, you've gone so far to avoud the TK paradigm that you've actually reverted back into the realm of shitty maps. Add as much pretense as you like, it's still Skullcrusher quality stuff. It's a couple boxy rooms connected by hallways, all with the same floor and ceiling heights, dull lighting and ugly pfhor textures. I liked the weaponset, and I'd applaud you for finding a way to balance out the Invincibility, but the map is still sorely lacking. In conclusion: a good pack and definitely worth the download. The good and great maps in this pack more than make up for the bad ones like Bi7umen. A 4 out of 5.

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Sick ReadMe Cheats.lua Demo

Dis on Dec 20th, 2010, Version 2.2

I didn't even try the script, because, like your last, I'm sure it's horrible. The readme, however, was a masterpiece. A beautifully composed exposé. Before reading it, I would have never realized what a useless, ungrateful bastard I was for not groveling at your feet after you released a script where you just copied and pasted bits from other people's scripts and added some sparse coding of your own. Furthermore, I didn't realize the sheer amount of time and effort that endeavour had cost you. You, sir, have truly opened my eyes. Regrettably, I had to take off a star for some minor spelling and grammatical errors. However, if you revised it, I would gladly give you a 5. EDIT: Upload to Pfhorums

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You are an unabashed plagiarist Cheats.lua

Dis on Nov 3rd, 2010, Version 2.0

Treellama, at least, is a very active member of the community. I fail to see how you would have been unable to contact him, if not through email, then through pm on the Pfhorums. Megabyte I have not seen around lately, but I'm sure it would have been quite easy to obtain his up-to-date contact information. If anything, you're just lazy. I wasn't even going to try this anyway, because I'm sure it sucks, but you could have at least tried for more than five minutes to get the permission of people you have now stolen from.

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LUD Indeed Rough maps

Dis on Sep 18th, 2010, Version 1

Goran better update his best new mappers list. Srsly

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No U Citadel

Dis on Sep 14th, 2010, Version 1

No ur gay skullcrushr! U r

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BoBsBrother Madness

Dis on Sep 11th, 2010, Version 1.1

He also copied the whole concept for "crashinetors" from one of your physics files. You need to fight for your intellectual property rights here, you should probably consider suing. I know a good lawyer, if you're interested.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

... Guns Against Death

Dis on Aug 8th, 2010, Version 1.0

I spent most of my time on this map as a stain on the wall, but had quite the time anyway. A 4 out of 5.

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A Totaller Rip Off Marathon Phoenix

Dis on Aug 2nd, 2010, Version 1.1.0

Not only did you take the weapons from Apotheosis, you also stole all the textures and monster sprites from M2 and Infinity.

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

The World Needs ANOTHER WWII Shooter Marathon Motherland-Public Alpha

Dis on Jun 27th, 2010, Version 0.1.1


  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

Just needs polish Jack Hammer Beta

Dis on Mar 18th, 2010, Version 1.1

A solid, fun scenario with but a few flaws holding it back. These mainly being bland shading, the rare poor texture choice and perhaps a few spelling errors in the terminals. Besides that this is a decidedly fun romp, though carnage was a bit on the light side compared to the beta and your earlier works. I would certainly recommend giving it a try.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Nice job Sunburst

Dis on Feb 23rd, 2010, Version 1.1

The geometry here certainly won't stand up to that in maps by RyokoTK or $lave and this seems to be an arena but it flows well and makes for a pretty enjoyable game. Then again, I've only ever played this in Survival mode.

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Who let you start making OFFICIAL maps? Official Tag Map

Dis on Feb 14th, 2010, Version 1


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Please Stop Under Veil of Night

Dis on Dec 30th, 2009, Version v1.0

Before we continue on to my rave review of 'your' map I feel that there is a matter we must clear up first. You see, this isn't your map. If possession were based merely on the ability to throw the shitty alien textures on a map and make it dark as fuck I would have published Paradise Lost. That being said, doing the above you've made an already mediocre map simply terrible. Said map was created for netplay, and I must question your judgment in choosing it to "make" your solo/coop map. If you simply must 'solotexture' (you obviously don't solomap) at least steal a decent singleplayer level. Gameplay is sub par to placing your penis in a blender, turning it to the highest setting and attempting to sing Mozart's Requiem Mass, the lighting is of course completely flat and I can't see your texturing job to judge it. There are forerunners and pioneers for everything and I don't want to discourage you , after all, theft of intellectual property rights may just become the next big thing in Marathon mapmaking, I just think you should alter a different level perhaps more suited to solo play.

  • Currently 2/5 Stars.

Needs Work Skylark

Dis on Dec 5th, 2009, Version 1

The concept is interesting, I'll give you that. I especially like the two playing fields available, one of which, I think, inspired the name. However, a good deal of errors really bog this one down. First off, the upper battlefield, on the stepping stones, is pretty much untraversable. The climb height limit is .35, yes, and without opening this one up in Weland that's probably about the difference in height between most of the columns, but you must also compensate for how far the player will fall en route, meaning many of the jumps can't be made. I'm sure there is some labyrinthine, linear path across the rocks, but as stated before it (A. is quite difficult to find, and it's not likely people will stick around to find it, and it should (B. really be made non linear so that more than one path can be taken across the rocks. Now, when one misses, he, and probably not she, will fall to the lower battlefield, which brings me to the many flaws with it. First, and most glaring, is the river. You can't cross it, and attempting to do so will end with you in an inescapable water pit. You were probably planning to place a death liquid there. In fact, I seem to remember you asking someone to make you one. In this case I recommend you attempt the near insurmountable task of either downloading Atque, unmerging the map of yours that has one, grabbing the MML script therein and merging it with Skylark or gasp taking a passing glance at the MML documentation. I understand this map was made for the FtVC gametype but levels like these are mainly going to see EMFH and they need to be playable for that, too. The flaws listed above would make that mostly unplayable which is a shame because this has the potential to become a very good map. The geometry and shading are good, and I like the nexus idea, but sadly I can only give this one two stars.