by treellama

Uploaded Dec 21st, 2010 for Marathon Infinity


Cesspi7 is a pack of 7 net maps. Each consists of 77 polygons and is textured using only 7 different textures. They contain no right angles, and no lifts (except for Spiroche7e). Each was tested to run well on a G4/1000 MHz.

Maps: + Cesspi7 + Peyo7e + Bi7umen + Arc7ic + Spiroche7e + Depo7 + SPEC7RUM

Version 1.0

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Very Nice

brilliant on Jan 8th, 2011, Version 1.0

I really like this pack. My favorites are Peyo7e, Arc7ic, Spiroche7e, and SPEC7RUM. It's fun being out in the snow storm on Arc7ic, and it doesn't make the game have that much more lag. I really like the Ok, Who Wants Some? Bungie map, so I am happy to see you base Spiroche7e off of it. Gameplay is fun on SPEC7RUM, and what I like most is the textures. I always enjoy playing on maps with those color textures. Peyo7e is a fun map, and its nice to see some new scenery.

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Great Pack (Mostly)

Dis on Dec 22nd, 2010, Version 1.0

EDIT: HOLY SHIT WALL OF TEXT. TL;DR GET IT. The maps I enjoyed most were Cesspi7, SPEC7RUM Arc7ic. and Spiroche7e.Cesspi7 is an excellent example of the adaptation of this style of mapmaking for the needs of the contemporary map. It flows well, there's plenty of ammo and the lighting and subdued palette of the sewage set really make the simplistic architecture visually appealing. SPEC7RUM is another map that pulls it off well. The austere geometry is wonderfully accented by the differential COLORSPEACK textures. The layout, in my opinion, was the most interesting of any of the levels in this pack, I found myself regularly trying to flank and sneak past my opponents so I could surprise them with a rocket. The textures threw me off just enough not to hamper gameplay but to make it feel like there is more space in the level than there really is. Arc7ic falls prey to the same issues I bring against the maps I don't really like in this pack, but the snow effect and killer KOTH gameplay save it. Spiroche7e has some issues that keep it from becoming a great map, but I still had a lot of fun with it. On the plus side, the visuals are once again great. The M2 lava textures are used really well here, and the red fog perfectly complements them. The map flows really well too. Some variations in the floor height would really improve it though, in my opinion. as it is. it's all one height, which really highlight the fact tht the map is made of a bunch of little corridors intersecting at various angles. If they were atleast on different levels, it would make it atleast make the issue less noticeable, as well as improving gameplay somewhat. Depo7 sits on the borderline for me. They were both great fun when I played them, but could have been improved. Depo7 has a nice layout and flow but the application of the Jjaro set looks messy and amateurish. (EG: The big bit of floor space done entirely with the metallic "platform" texture.) It's really no fault of the mapmaker, the Jjaro textures just don't lend themselves to simpler geometries. The lighting didn't feel quite as strong as in the maps I mentioned earlier, either. Peyo7e is getting into "don't like" territory, here. It's visually interesting and is another map that does the minimalist geometry quite well. However, the gameplay is a bit... bleh. It's definitely fun as far as arena maps go, but it's still a bit boring. The shot blocking scenery items and little raisd "plateaus" definitely add to gameplay (as well as looking good) but not enough to make this one a success in my eyes. The map I really take issue with is Bi7umen. Here, you've gone so far to avoud the TK paradigm that you've actually reverted back into the realm of shitty maps. Add as much pretense as you like, it's still Skullcrusher quality stuff. It's a couple boxy rooms connected by hallways, all with the same floor and ceiling heights, dull lighting and ugly pfhor textures. I liked the weaponset, and I'd applaud you for finding a way to balance out the Invincibility, but the map is still sorely lacking. In conclusion: a good pack and definitely worth the download. The good and great maps in this pack more than make up for the bad ones like Bi7umen. A 4 out of 5.

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Dugit on Dec 21st, 2010, Version 1.0

Although there was an odd line-skip problem with Depo7, and Bi7umen had an invincibility and an infravision powerup (although the latter may be acceptable), the pack itself was actually very well made and blissfully simple.

I applaud you greatly for actually using entire M2 textures on Spiroche7e. Nice one.

  • Currently 3/5 Stars.

It's (a) wonderful (life)

timothy on Dec 21st, 2010, Version 1.0

Overall, Cesspi looks like a great collection of maps. The snow effect is supper effective. Spiroche7e is clearly the standout map. Everything is done in a beautiful minimalist style reminiscent of the original Marathon architexture. You can clearly see the evolution from earlier works like Werefrog evident in these new maps.

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