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Very Nice

brilliant on Jan 8th, 2011, Version 1.0

I really like this pack. My favorites are Peyo7e, Arc7ic, Spiroche7e, and SPEC7RUM. It's fun being out in the snow storm on Arc7ic, and it doesn't make the game have that much more lag. I really like the Ok, Who Wants Some? Bungie map, so I am happy to see you base Spiroche7e off of it. Gameplay is fun on SPEC7RUM, and what I like most is the textures. I always enjoy playing on maps with those color textures. Peyo7e is a fun map, and its nice to see some new scenery.


treellama on 12/21/2010

Cesspi7 is a pack of 7 net maps. Each consists of 77 polygons and is textured using only 7 different textures. They contain no right angles, and no lifts (except for Spiroche7e). Each was tested to run well on a G4/1000 MHz.

Maps: + Cesspi7 + Peyo7e + Bi7umen + Arc7ic + Spiroche7e + Depo7 + SPEC7RUM

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