Level 1 I crap on you

by AN1Guitarman

Uploaded Aug 19th, 2011 for Marathon Infinity


Big and open and lots of ammo. Rate!!!! and Review!

Version 1.1

Not to many changes, and yes Dugit im working on your advice. you need to put it in more plain English please. And i can't put ammo in bunches, but i can put them out at random. wtf am i saposed to do then? I do appreciate your reviews.

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Holy shit I thought this was just Wrk screwing around for a minute

Dis on Aug 20th, 2011, Version 1.1

What's up guys?

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Unclenate on Aug 20th, 2011, Version 1.1

your maps have too much uneeded space, which getting rid of some of it will make it easier to have enough ammo and such. as for the architecture: its still pretty simple but your efforts in good flow in this map are, to some degree, significant.

also ,continue to take dugit's advice and other's advice realistically. even people who have strait on ridiculed my mapping have helped quite a bit...

  • Currently 1/5 Stars.

I've had enough of this shit.

Dugit on Aug 19th, 2011, Version 1.0

Treellama has graciously pointed out to me (I am indeed last person in existence who reviews your damn maps with a degree of professionalism- bar Etan- and frankly I'm not surprised) that you are indeed AN1Guitarman. Dugit's brain is easily confused. Please avoid changing your name in the future, and if you do decide to, at least spell 'crap' with two letter 'p's, not three. Douchebag.

Anyway. To the map. To be honest, if you're not going to actually take in viable advice on how to make maps even mediocre and playable, never mind Marius-worthy, why should I be bothered to supply it anymore? There has been no visible application of any previous advice. The architecture and texturing is just so uninspired. The flow is average, bordering poor. The ambiance is choppy. Make smooth transitions between each ambient sound zone. The weapon placement (again) is all in bunches. For fuck sake, stop doing that. And that stupid pit with the recharge canisters.

The name. Just so uninspired.

If you want some idea of how to make a good map, by all means, play packs like Paradise Lost and Sovereignty and try to emulate their successes with your own style, then perhaps you can work to something unique.

Please, if you are going to continue making netmaps, at least have the courtesy to try to implement the advice you've been given. Advice tends to help better the person it's directed towards. If you happen to release one more AN1-brand shit map, I will not review it. I just don't care anymore.

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