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Ares Ex Machina on Aug 8th, 2010, Version 2.02

Awesome! Perhaps my favorite map collection. The gameplay is incredibly action-packed, and the maps are fun and look great! Really, just amazing work. And as impressive as the quality of these maps is their quantity. After getting used to playing these maps, most of the Bungie and Double Aught maps pale by comparison.

The only thing this pack doesn't always do better than those official maps is weapon placement, in terms of placing them in such a way so that auto-switch isn't problematic. There have been a number of times when I've had a player locked in my sights and pressed fire, only to auto-switch and watch him get away.

All in all, an outstanding -- nearly perfect -- set of maps that I now consider absolutely essential. Just get it!

Red Spectrum

RyokoTK on 06/02/2007

30 netmaps that see a lot of play on the Internet. You've probably seen some of these maps before.

This project took me about two years to complete. Enjoy!

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