Paradise Lost

by RyokoTK

Uploaded Feb 16th, 2015 for Marathon Infinity


Paradise Lost includes 36 maps, with a focus on high-quality aesthetic while maintaining good, enjoyable gameplay.

Version XVI no longer has embedded weapon/recharger MML.

Version XVI

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lj6014 on Apr 4th, 2018, Version XVI

Great mapping skills, but they seem a little uniform to me, not that I would do any better.

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Good Overall!

Karnage on Feb 1st, 2013, Version XV

I do enjoy the very unique design that these levels have which certainly adds to the gameplay, and, not something you see in older Marathon Maps. Maybe one issue is similarities some levels have like the corner areas (for lack of a better term)of Paradigm Shift and Oculus Ex Inferni. The Downfall Of Paradise, I think is the best one.

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A few of the netmaps-

Hotzy on Jan 7th, 2012, Version XV

-Have become standards for us. Great one-on-one or more. The Downfall of Paradise incorporates a power up in a defensible and yet vulnerable spot much like the net map "Wrath no more" which add strategy to an otherwise "shoot at anything that moves" game. Great stuff.

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beyond red spectrum

Unclenate on Jul 30th, 2011, Version XV

i like these maps mch better than red spectrum. although red spectrum is very well a worthy map pack, this pack is face melting.i cant really comment too much because of my melting face.

red spectrum had some weapon placement and quantity issues, whereas this pack does not, the weapons are where they should be, and in their correct amounts.

the architecture and dynamics in these maps are far beyond red spectrum itself, and far far FAR beyond the complexity from the average map.

my favorite of your maps are, Dance of Pales, and Official tallmap, though all the rest are just as good...

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Ares Ex Machina on Aug 8th, 2010, Version XV

Easily one of my favorite set of maps. Outstanding collection! As action-packed as the legendary Red Spectrum, but with more complicated architecture. Once again, the quality of these maps is as impressive as the quantity, and I now consider this pack essential!

Sometimes the architecture is so complicated that it almost becomes a distraction. Even still, this set of maps is incredibly close to perfection. Get it!

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Burgers on Feb 6th, 2010, Version XV

These maps are of very high quality, and they are very enjoyable to play online. But some of the 'buildings' could do with a little bit of work, but all in all a brilliant map pack.

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Is this Paradise Lost?

timothy on Feb 2nd, 2010, Version XV

When I first played Paradise Lost in 2007, there were only 3 maps, but they shared a distinctive look and feel. The pack slowly grew in size and the new maps were equally impressive. However, it feels like there was a definite style change sometime in 2009. The newer maps all feel very similar, boxy, and use the same bland grey and red texturing. There are so many maps now it's hard to even remember what they look like by name, and picking one at random is no longer sure to be a good game. It seems like ever since Power Drive you've been doing something different, and although the newer maps certainly aren't bad, I wish you had spun them off into a separate pack.

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RyokoTK has missed his calling...

K'taur on Jan 20th, 2010, Version XV

So many buildings in this world are so depressingly ugly. Pre-fab monstrosities slapped together as if by washed up ex-Soviet architects, nostalgic for the good ol' days of the Bloc.

i hope that whatever it is Ryoko does for a living excites him enough to make up for the fact he's missed his calling--as the architect that might have saved us from this mundanity.

Make no mistake--these maps are works of art. Playing these feels like lobbing grenades down the hallways of a Frank Lloyd Wright. Just when you've stopped to ponder a clever stair, or the railing along a causeway--BOOM! Pwned for admiring the scenery.

One complaint i frequently have with netmaps is the lack of attention paid to variation of floor heights. Splitting up the floor levels does wonders for gameplay, as it forces you to look around--to be a true vidmaster, instead of just taking centred-view potshots on an even playing field. Every set of stairs in these maps also flows nicely--no leaping up stairs set too high, or ceilings set too low.

i appreciate a mapper who appreciates variation in textures. Not a single wall is uninteresting--even the large, flat-textured ones toward the end seem to set off the details in other parts of the map. That, coupled with the fact that surfaces are the appropriate size for their textures gives a feeling of a 'strong', 'finished' map.

Nice work. i'm inspired.

ADDENDUM: It appears i should trust my intuition...Ryoko does in fact study architecture. Should have known...

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Pure brilliance

Dugit on Dec 14th, 2009, Version XIII.i

Could not fault it.

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Best Netmap Pack

Jackal on Oct 21st, 2009, Version XIII.i

By far, this is my favorite pack of netmaps. All the levels are skillfully laid out, with enough weapons to get the job done, but not too many as to make it look cluttered.

Fabulous job!

EDIT 1/21/10: I see that maps have been added without rockets. I would rate this a six if I could...

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Where is Acid Rain?

ray on Oct 21st, 2009, Version XIII

What are you hiding?

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5 Stars

inguinal falx on Oct 12th, 2009, Version XI.i


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Get it.

$lave on Nov 16th, 2008, Version X

This is, as Treellama has said, yet another must have netpack. All the maps are balanced, good looking (although some more so than others) and flow well.

From the first release this has been a steady 5 star pack. The complex architecture is nicely balanced with fast, balanced gameplay, and although the architecture does inevitably damage the flow slightly in some areas, it isn't intrusive enough to damage the gameplay or detract from the overall quality of the maps; the flow still rivals (and often beats) that of many of the previous "Must Have" netpacks.

I think we all owe a huge thank you to RyokoTK, our favourite community ruiner.

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treellama on Nov 16th, 2008, Version X

Yet another must have net pack!

This fine heptadecaptych is a worthy successor to Red Spectrum.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

quality AND quantity

inguinal falx on Nov 16th, 2008, Version X

Until now, I haven't given the matter much thought because I downloaded a lot of the maps piecemeal as they were released.

After seeing all these amazing maps listed together, I can comfortably offer my opinion that this is the best map pack I have ever seen.

I have compared the list of PL X's maps to all the other favorites and in terms of both quality and quantity, it stands alone.

It's self-indulgent but here are my thoughts on each map:

  1. Serpent's Kiss: fast and furious. Why don't we play this more often?

  2. Oculus ex Inferni: I have never had a bad game on this map and I love the way it looks. I like to play oculus, and ile boule consecutively: concentric circles of polygon hell, the center of which is FM which I will mention in a minute

  3. Downfall of Paradise: My vote for best map in the pack. Never been able to figure out why the action is so fast on this big map but its amazing. Something for everyone here. You can play Downfall 5 different times with as many different strategies and it doesn't get old. I am consistently amazed by this map.

  4. SCB: Just make sure you have 6-8 players.

  5. Darkest Insurrection: I'm not a fan of this one but I'm a rocket-whore and I appreciate the concept.

  6. Paradigm Shift: Just LOOK at this map! I get killed all the time because I'm admiring the damn walls. Good for deathmatch, koth, and team games. This map really has it all.

  7. Acid Rain: I have problems with the flow and there are too many suicides.

  8. Metropolis Part I

  9. Hourglass : I haven't played these much and can't really comment.

  10. Hydrocity: I think this is one of the most underrated maps around. The only reason I can think of is that you need a lot of players.

  11. Fortress Morrolan: The center of hell and imo, tied for best map of the lot. I like the original and didn't think this one needed the revamp. I was wrong. This map is outrageously fun and I'm happy that it's getting hosted often. I would play a 20 minute emfh on this map. team games have been better than on the original. it might be a fluke but people seem to camp a lot less on the remake too.

  12. Fatal Tragedy: Another huge map that keeps a fast pace. I love this map because I'm a rocket whore and I host it all the time.

  13. Dance of Pales: I liked Cenotaph and I love this one. I host this and Downfall when I feel like getting outside for a while.

  14. Sevil Alucard: I've heard a few negative comments on this one that I don't quite understand. You have to think a little bit more on this one because there's too much room for straight running and gunning. As long as there are enough players to sustain the action, I love playing this map.

  15. Polaris: simple, well-desgined, but it doesn't have anything for me too sink my teeth into.

  16. Biohazard: Had some great games with 2-4 players here. Love the way it looks. It's a great complement to the larger levels in the pack.

  17. Killer Instinct: Haven't played it but I've looked around and I can't wait to start. Looks like a bare-bones pagan purity. All the open space should lend itself to some interesting gameplay...maybe similar to that we see on the corpus swinus remake.

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Great , Astounding , Fun

nameless on Dec 23rd, 2007, Version

those three words are what describe this pack, Great Architecture, Astounding Juice Work, Fun To Play With 2+ people,


  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

A Pack Full of Beauty

The Thug on Nov 13th, 2007, Version

This map pack is outstanding Ryoko!! The thought and work that went into this pack is amazing! I applaud you on your deserved success. This architecturally rich pack truly brought the feel of Marathon to net maps!! Nicely done and keep up the good work!!

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

top 5 straight away!

CryoS on Nov 13th, 2007, Version

absolutely a top 5! many maps, really good mapping, i can almost bet (5$) that no-one would say that it sucked. (haven't got that kinda money)

  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

Edit on my above review.

Phortiphy on Nov 13th, 2007, Version

The last two maps added really disappointed me. The level design was good, but the overuse of the solid color textures really bothered me, especially in acid rain. I felt like I was trapped in a two year old's toybox. Paradigm wasn't so bad, but both were still very confusing to the eye, and both levels had the same predominant theme (paradigm was more open and used less solid color textures, but still...). They just felt like add ons to each other. If I could give something 3 and 1/2 stars, I would give it to this.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

I was wrong.

irons on Nov 12th, 2007, Version

While I'm really an addict of the older kind of maps, namely my own and those from Ryoko's Red Spectrum, I can't help but gape at these immensely pleasing levels. They seem a little more complex than what I generally look for, and I'm not a large game nut, but damn, these are fine.

About a year ago, Ryoko and I were talking about how pleased we were with our map packs. He said something to the effect of, "These maps might look shoddy in comparison to future maps" in defense of older packs like Coriolis, whose popularity I couldn't understand. I disagreed with him at the time: Underworld and Red Spectrum were never to be eclipsed.

Looks like I was wrong.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Great levels

Mr. Death on Nov 9th, 2007, Version

To me, a level has to look like it would actually exist somewhere. In an intelligent alien world there would probably still exist aesthetics when designing a building, and we would notice those even if their culture and architecture was radically different from our own.

What I like about Ryoko's work is that his levels look like they could be real, and that they'd been designed by an alien architect.

That's not to say that Ryoko is alien... maybe he is... maybe not....

Anyway, that's beside the point that these are gorgeous levels, very playable, don't immediately reveal their secrets so they're fun to explore, and nicely spread the carnage all over their rooms, instead of focusing it all in one place. These are good for hunting, sniping, all weapons, and warfare styles.

They do slow down a bit on older/less powerful CPUs because they are complex, but that is the price we pay for great environments.

  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Great for all

Phortiphy on Sep 26th, 2007, Version 1.0

And by all, I mean any number of people.

I played through this entire pack with two other people, and even Downfall of Paradise, which is much bigger than the other two, was still awesomely fun. Even though I never ended up seeing the whole map, there was action every second. Excellent flow! I like the other two for different reasons, mostly because they are small but BEAUTIFUL. I especially like the detail that went into Serpant's Kiss (the jjaaro one, i think). The other map (lava one) was very beautiful too, especially in the parts where the walls are broken. I love how in all of these, there is an invisibility powerup, and while the only reason to get it at all on Downfall of Paradise is to cloak against motion sensors, the shadow plays in the lava map and especially serpant's kiss (which are easy to hide in WITHOUT invisibility) make the use of invisibility more strategic than just sneaking up behind somebody. I also like how there are health rechargers in serpant's kiss and the lava map. Health rechargers don't really belong on big maps, where unless you put it in the middle of an arena or something similar, it would be freebe health to anybody, if it's tucked into a corner (CTF maps are arguable here, though); but in small maps the recharger can be used, but only if the placement is exceptional, and it is. In serpants kiss, I only felt comfortable enough to stand there long enough to fill only half a bar, before dropping down the side to hide against anybody who might have seen me, and in the lava map, I made sure that there wasn't anybody in the middle before i started recharging. This is the way it should be; making you brave enough to reach the charger but cautious enough to not stand there for long. In short, great maps! I can not wait for more!

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treellama on Sep 24th, 2007, Version 1.0

Yet another must have net pack!

This fine triptych is the beginning of a worthy successor to Red Spectrum.

16 Screenshots

The Serpent's Kiss

Screenshot titled "The Serpent's Kiss"

The Downfall of Paradise

Screenshot titled "The Downfall of Paradise"

Paradigm Shift

Screenshot titled "Paradigm Shift"


Screenshot titled "Hourglass"

Hydro City

Screenshot titled "Hydro City"

Fatal Tragedy

Screenshot titled "Fatal Tragedy"


Screenshot titled "Polaris"


Screenshot titled "Biohazard"

Killer Instinct

Screenshot titled "Killer Instinct"

Versus Marx

Screenshot titled "Versus Marx"


Screenshot titled "Winterfell"

Freedom of Speech

Screenshot titled "Freedom of Speech"

X Syndrome

Screenshot titled "X Syndrome"

Landing Zone

Screenshot titled "Landing Zone"

Satellite of Love

Screenshot titled "Satellite of Love"

A Clash of Kings

Screenshot titled "A Clash of Kings"